10 Lines on Importance of Education

Since our childhood, we have heard many times that “The human is the most different of all the creatures”. But what makes us different from the others? Yes, Education is that factor which creates a difference between a human and an animal. Education plays a very important role in our lives and is equally important for every individual belonging to any cast, religion, country, gender or society. It serves everyone in the same way without any condition and regulation.

Ten Lines on Importance of Education

Set 1

1) Education is stated as an act of attaining knowledge.

2) It inculcates in us the ability to understand, read and write.

3) It helps in making our life better.

4) It had been a reason for the transformation of the early man era to the scientific era.

5) Education helps in enhancing our knowledge.

6) Educated and skilled people can easily get employed.

7) Good jobs provide us with good earnings for leading a good life.

8) The rate of unemployment also decreases with an increase in education.

9) Education is a tool for getting rid of the social evils in society.

10) It also results in the progress and development of society and nation.

Set 2

1) Education is a systematic method of learning.

2) It is attained by going to schools and colleges.

3) It gives us knowledge about everything happening around us.

4) This knowledge can be used by us to make use of resources in nature.

5) It makes us intelligent and enhances our decision-making power.

6) Education is a continuous process and has no age bar.

7) It is not only that we read and learn in the books.

8) Education means the application of the knowledge attained in the real life.

9) It also inculcates moral values and good behavior in us.

10) Education is necessary for eradicating poverty and illiteracy.

11) It is an important tool for the development of science and technology.

Set 3

1) Education is very important for us to earn our daily livelihood like food, cloths and other basic requirements.

2) Education enables us to live a healthy and active life by telling us what to consume when to consume and how much to consume.

3) It plays a very important role in making us have the best use of natural resources we are provided with.

4) It provides us the capacity to make our nation much better and healthier.

5) With the help of education, we live a disciplined life that leads us to success and glory.

6) Education has made it possible for humans to explore the universe and bring information for us.

7) Education is the only tool that can wash out all the overwhelming myths and superstitions.

8) Education expands our vision and enhances our social awareness.

9) It changes our living standards and creates a much better career option for us.

10) Education has made it possible to detect and diagnose the diseases which were considered to be epidemic a few years ago.

Set 4

1) Education works as a foundation for one’s nature and personality.

2) Education is very important to understand our rights and fight against its violation.

3) Only education has the power to minimize or remove the effect of natural and non-natural calamities like volcanic eruption, earthquake, flood, land-slides, etc.

4) If you are educated then you have very little chance of being crooked as compared to those who are not educated.

5) In the world of digitization, only education can make you able to use the technologies efficiently and without any hesitation.

6) Our social status is measured by our education level, the more we educate ourselves the more we get respects from society.

7) Education helps us to communicate with others in a better way like we need a proper education to communicate over e-mails.

8) Education makes the children understand what is right and what is wrong and thus they can create a better future for themselves and for their nation.

9) Education and confidence are co-related. An educated person becomes confident and performs better in society.

10) Population and Unemployment are the biggest problems in India that can be eradicated only with the help of proper education.

Educating yourself is a life-long process that never ends. Indian girls have always struggled for their education but in modern India, they have successfully proved that women are not a single inch behind the men through their power of education. Education was the tool that minimized open defecation in India which was being practiced for many years in India and was almost impossible to be removed.

Education helped in abolishing ‘Sati-Pratha’, ‘Bal-Vivah’, ‘Parda-Pratha’, ‘Triple-Talaak’ and many other bad-customs. Benjamin Franklin, the king of England had said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

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