10 Lines on Girl Education

Education is the most powerful tool if we want to change the world morally. It helps us at every stage of life and is equally important for every human being without any discrimination. We have always been serious towards educating our boys, but why do we forget the same to make available for girls? Is it not a biased decision? Girl Education is a very important topic about which we are going to read through the sets of 10 lines below. You can check them if you are interested in it.

Ten Lines on Girl Education in English

I have provided below some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Girl Education for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also, I have given video and text images on Girl Education to help you more on the topic. You can read and select the one that is best for you:

10 Lines on Girl Education

1) Girl education is very important for the empowerment of women.

2) It reduces the infant mortality rate since a learned mother will always take good care of her child.

3) Half of the population is of women and educating them will help to attain a socio-economic development of a country.

4) Girl education also helps to eradicate the social evil of child marriage.

5) Educating a girl child can also help her to contribute to the country’s economic development.

6) An educated girl will be more concerned about hygiene and health.

7) Education gives the authority to a girl child to choose her career and support her family.

8) An educated girl will involve in the political process to be a part of decision making and raise her voice for women rights.

9) An educated woman will never fall prey to domestic violence and can raise her voice against it.

10) Girl education is very important for the uniform development of a country.

10 Lines and Sentences on Girl Education

1) Girl education brings equality in society by bridging the gap of gender inequality.

2) Education can make girls self-reliant which the society used to think a burden.

3) Educating a girl helps her to share the responsibility of her family and reduce the burden of the head of the family.

4) Girl education can also help uproot social evils like child marriage, honour killing, dowry, domestic violence etc.

5) As per UNESCO, around 66 million girls do not attend school globally.

6) Malala Yousafzai, an education activist and the youngest Noble Prize laureate, survived a deadly attack of the terrorist group fighting for girl education in Pakistan.

7) An educated mother more likely sends her children to schools to increase the literacy rate of a country.

8) An educated woman always receives dignity and respect and remains a source of inspiration for other women.

9) Education improves the overall quality of a woman’s life with critical thinking and enhanced learning.

10) Education helps to empower women and fight for gender discrimination.

10 Lines on Girl Education

5 Lines on Girl Education

1) It is important for the development of women.

2) It will help to eradicate social norms.

3) It will help women to make better decisions in life.

4) Educated women can better take care of their families.

5) It will help in the development of the country.

20 Lines on Girl Education

1) Girl Education is the initial step towards empowering females in society.

2) Girl Education is the most demanding factor in the present era.

3) Girl Education is the need of society to maintain a balanced growth.

4) Our society has never taken education for Girls as much seriously as for boys.

5) An educated Girl/Woman can educate her whole family alone.

6) Only a quality education with a safe environment can make women contribute to the development of the nation.

7) An educated girl is less likely to be a victim of domestic or sexual harassment.

8) The educated girl tends to make a healthier environment for their people and the next generation.

9) The Indian government has launched many schemes to promote Girl Education like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.

10) Now, educated girls are proving themselves in every field like Engineering, Science, Medical, Defence and many others.

11) Girl Education about being concerned towards the education of the girls.

12) Educating a girl is indirectly educating the present and future generations.

13) Girl Education is the strategic development of the country.

14) Girl Education has been facing barriers of poverty, violence, social and cultural norms for a long time.

15) Girls play an equal role in the economic and social growth of a country/society.

16) There is no place for Girl Education in most of the rural areas in India.

17) Education makes Girls independent and earns their livelihood by themselves.

18) Only educating a girl can save her from being abused or exploited by society.

19) The level of Girl Education represents the mental development of the people in that society.

20) Girls and Boys should have equal opportunities in education.

The female population has faced gender inequality in almost every society in the world. Education is an instrument to fight with this inequality and bring women in the mainstream, so that, they also can contribute to the country’s social, political and economic development.

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