10 Lines on Importance of Adult Education

Adult education is one of the most important tasks which should be performed by the government. Apart from youths, adults also constitutes majority of the population in this country. Though India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population, majority of people don’t have access to even primary education.

In order to make our nation a developed one, education for all should be a prime motto of government. Adult education highlights the importance of education for all, as it is the education which empowers the people as well as a nation in the world.

Ten Lines on Importance of Adult Education in English

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10 Lines on Importance of Adult Education

1) Adult education is the practice of imparting education to those who did not get opportunity to study during childhood.

2) A series of initiatives like vocational training, professional development programmes have been started to promote adult education.

3) If a country wants to progress then adults of the nation need to be educated.

4) An educated adult can take care of his family more efficiently and wisely.

5) In India, majority of adult population didn’t get the opportunity to study in childhood.

6) There might be a number of reasons due to which they were deprived of education.

7) Poverty is one of the reasons due to which adults preferred earning than education since childhood.

8) Poor people engaged their children in earning so that they could bear the family expenses.

9) Indian government has taken an initiative of imparting education to adults also.

10) Night schools and distance learning programs have been started to teach adults.

10 Lines and Sentences on Importance of Adult Education

1) Adult education is the education aimed system which provides opportunity to adults who under any situation became illiterate.

2) To reduce the illiteracy rate in the population of India especially among the adults, adult education program was launched.

3) Many adults have enrolled themselves to study and make their future better.

4) To showcase the importance of education to their next generations, present generation is required to get proper education.

5) Various programs are started to educate adults, one is National Literacy Mission (NLM), started in 1988 to promote adult education.

6) Adult education helps to increase literacy rate in India especially of the age group of 15-35 years.

7) Adult education helps in gaining confidence among adults and makes them strong for giving potential to do innovative works.

8) Adult education helps adult people to brush up their knowledge and skills which they had learnt during their school.

9) It has brought a revolution among the adults and especially in women and became a tool of women empowerment.

10) Along with government, different private companies, different NGOs and members of civil society are imparting adult education.

5 Lines on Importance of Adult Education

1) Adults may study part-time while working.

2) It helps the elder to gain an education.

3) It develops skills in older people.

4) It is a boon for those who never studied.

5) Adult education will make a better society.

20 Lines on Importance of Adult Education

1) Adult education gives a chance to adults to learn, progress and prosper, leaving the past behind.

2) Unlike the bookish education, adult education involves skill development, values and knowledge.

3) Adult education imparts a lifelong skill and a desire to learn, in the learner.

4) Adult education makes people aware of the developments around them and also the livelihood opportunities. 

5) Adult education is broadly classified into three types – formal, non formal and Informal education.

6) Formal adult education usually takes place in institutions and has a definite curriculum.

7) Non formal education is provided outside classroom, i.e. at work place by civil societies etc.

8) Informal adult education involves everyday works related to family, hygiene, cooking etc.

9) Adult education prepares the workers by imparting skills based on future prospects.

10) Adult education is more practical and realistic than the bookish concept of learning.

11) Adult education opens up new opportunities for those who want to learn new things and skills.

12) Adult education is like a ray of hope for those who didn’t had the opportunity of schooling in their childhood.

13) Adult education guides the youths towards a more constructive and promising future.

14) Adult education provides the adults of a country with an opportunity to eliminate their illiteracy.

15) Adult education involves learning by adults beyond the conventional concept of books and classrooms.

16) Adult education involves everything from learning basic concepts to obtaining a certificate or degree.

17) Adult education imparts confidence and skills in the adult men and women.

18) Adult education plays a significant role in the overall economical and social development of a nation.

19) Educated adults know the value of education in life and ensure that the children too are educated.

20) Adult education gives an opportunity to learn anytime and at a place of choice.

Once, the literacy rate in India was very low and the initiative of adult education program improved the life as well as situation of education in India. Most of the people got the benefits of education and became literate.

India is the most populous country after China and could act as a source of talent pool to large service and manufacturing industry if the education system is properly taken care of. Government must focus on imparting education to all through various programs and initiatives in rural areas too as majority of India’s population lives in villages.

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