10 Lines on International Day of Education

Education plays an important role in shaping the future of our society. Education starts at home and it continues throughout life as the process of learning is infinite. With an aim to provide better education to all, on 3rd December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution with consensus and observed 24th January 2019 as International Day of Education. The International Day of Education demonstrates the political will of the international community for comprehensive, fair and quality education for all.

Ten Lines on International Day of Education

Set 1

1) United Nations observed 24th January 2019 as International Day of Education to celebrate the role of education for development.

2) On December 3rd, 2018, the UN assembly adopted a resolution to celebrate every year 24th January as International Day of Education.

3) The decision of celebrating the International Day of Education shows the political will of many nations for providing education to all by the year 2030.

4) International Day of Education celebration aims at improving the quality of education universally.

5) Many private and public sector companies celebrate the day internationally by promoting education as a fundamental right.

6) The International Day of Education celebration stresses the importance of education in eradicating poverty and employment generation.

7) Social activists, civil societies, education institutes, volunteers and professionals celebrate International Day of Education in their respective capacities.

8) Promoting education, raising the standards of education and ensuring education for all are some of the objectives of celebrating the day.

9) The day also stresses the importance of adapting the modernized academic programs as the world has become more globalized.

10) It highlights the role of quality and relevant education for peace and development worldwide.

Set 2

1) The International Day of Education unites opinions of the governments, civil society, teachers and youths to make education a global priority.

2) Many countries like Ireland, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, and the United States conduct seminars and workshops in order to celebrate the occasion.

3) The day also focuses on developing an individual’s skills, productivity and employability among students.

4) Observance of this day gives India a unique opportunity to coordinate with the international community for improving the quality of education.

5) The NGO’s and civil society can organize various campaigns through print media or electronic media for raising awareness about the importance of education.

6) UNESCO the specialized agency of the UN celebrates the day to promote education as one of the critical aspects of sustainable development.

7) Developing nations also invite diplomats from the United Nations on the occasion for comprehensive dialogues related to education.

8) Diplomatic dialogues help to increase in-depth knowledge of government organizations and educational institutions on the occasion.

9) India can utilize the platform by coordinating with UNESCO and UNICEF to create awareness about education at the grass-root level.

10) International Day of Education highlights the importance of education in promoting gender equality, environmental sustainability and building peace.

Set 3

1) The first International Day of Education was celebrated on 24th January 2019.

2) Resolution in this regard was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 3rd December 2018.

3) It was done to acknowledge the role of education in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

4) The observance hopes to realize sustainable development goal number 4 of quality education.

5) UNESCO functions as the facilitator to the observance of 24th Jan as the International Day of Education.

6) The fund for the observance is arranged through voluntary contributions.

7) The day stresses education as the key to a nation’s and the world’s social and economic progress.

8) UNESCO calls on all the governments and civil societies to make education the first priority.

9) The day aims to organize a collective and global effort towards more sustainable societies.

10) The day reinstates education as the most basic and fundamental human right.

Set 4

1) International day of Education is a global observance to acknowledge the role of education.

2) The day is observed on 24th January every year, under the facilitation of UNESCO.

3) The global observance plays a vital role in realizing Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

4) The day commemorates the role education plays in global peace and development.

5) Resolution 73/25-International Day of Education was co-authored by Nigeria and 58 Member States.

6) The day calls on world political powers to ensure quality education to all.

7) International Day of Education plays a critical role in realizing Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

8) The resolution was an outcome of a high-level meeting between UN, UNICEF, and UNESCO.

9) It also hopes to bring out the children out of the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

10) On the International Day of Education, UNESCO released a Right to Education handbook.

The International Day of Education is celebrated worldwide with an aim to promote education as a fundamental right. The observance of the day reiterates the importance of education for the social and economic development of the entire globe. The nations together are utilizing the unique platform to spread awareness about the role of education in the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, improving health and sanitation, high living standards, better hygiene, and reduced crime rates.

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