10 Lines on Vocational Education

Vocational education is a course of study which trains and prepares students for employment in various sectors and fields. Sometimes vocational education is also called as professional course as after pursuing this course, a person enters into a profession. With the rapid growth and development of economy, there is a lot of demand of the skilled people in each and every sector as there are lots of companies functioning in these fields.

With the starting of ‘Make in India’ campaign as well as opening the economy of India for the world, there is an upsurge in the demand of professionals.

Ten Lines on Vocational Education in English

We are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Vocational Education in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. So, let’s start reading and getting the one best for you:

10 Lines on Vocational Education

1) Vocational education is the education which prepares students to work in various fields.

2) Few years ago, vocational education and training was limited within a few sectors.

3) With the rapid growth of economy, lots of jobs have been created in various sectors.

4) With the increase in opportunities, the demand for skilled employees has also increased.

5) Vocational education is sometimes called as ‘career education’ or ‘technical education’.

6) It helps the student to apply the knowledge and learnings practically in various industries.

7) Vocational course also helps people who were unable to complete their regular studies.

8) Most of the vocational courses were conducted in a classroom or on a job site.

9) People prefer online mode of training which is less costly over classroom training.

10) Every service sector is searching skilled, competent and technically educated employees, and vocational education helps in this.

10 Lines and Sentences on Vocational Education

1) Vocational education aims to train and prepare students for a particular profession whether technical or non-technical.

2) The vocational courses are framed to be industry specific which serves the requirements of the industries related to the course.

3) Giving employment to the youths of India is a challenging task where only 25 percent of graduate from all streams get jobs.

4) In today’s fast and competitive world, there is a crunch of job and vocational courses help a student to get a job.

5) Vocational education is of short duration and hence less costly in comparison to the regular and conventional programs.

6) With the advent of ‘Make in India’ to make the country as manufacturing hub, the demand of people with vocational skills is rising.

7) Vocational education gives you an edge over those students who have earned conventional degrees but lack technical knowledge.

8) Vocational education gives you practical training and experience so that you can learn everything in an easy way.

9) There are lots of vocational training institute which are giving vocational education like ITIs, NIFTs, IITs, IIMs, engineering and medical colleges etc.

10) After knowing the importance, several universities and colleges have also started vocational education with campus placements to students.

5 Lines on Vocational Education

1) It helps students to develop different skills.

2) It aims to develop practical experience.

3) It is helpful for job purposes.

4) It is additional to academic studies.

5) It usually provides training to students.

20 Lines on Vocational Education

1) Family Planning Programme was introduced by the government of India.

2) This programme was initiated in the nation in 1952.

3) It is executed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

4) Its vision was to reduce the growing rate of population.

5) There have been several modifications in the policies of the program till date.

6) People were advised to bring contraceptive methods into their use.

7) This could greatly help in stabilizing the population in India.

8) The programme now has some more goals other than to achieve population stabilization.

9) Family Planning programme promotes reproductive health at present.

10) It also focuses on a reduction in maternal, infant and child mortality rates.

11) Vocational education gives employment opportunities to someone who is illiterate or primary educated.

12) Children and adults from low income families are the most benefited from vocational education.

13) However, some argue that vocational education has more cons than pros.

14) Vocational education provides hope to those who don’t succeed in academics.

15) Later the vocational education became more career and growth oriented.

16) Post 2000 vocational education started to make students, college and university ready.

17) Finally academic curriculum was slowly getting infused into vocational education.

18) In some places vocational school students perform well than conventional schools.

19) Vocational education today combines school curriculum with practical exposure and training.

20) Every year vocational education institutes generate thousands of graduates, ready to support the economy of the nation.

In today’s ever changing complex environment, vocational training helps us to acquire niche skill set which in turn beat the competition in the market and lead us to the path of success. There are number of people who have received vocational education. In order to make every youth skillful, government of India started “Skill India Mission” where students will be given vocational training with practical exposure so that they could get job in their respective industry.

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