10 Lines on World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2nd to raise the public awareness about the advantages of wetlands as one of the integral part of our ecosystem. Wetlands help in absorbing flood water, replenish clean water, filter waste pollutants, provide green spaces and are source of livelihood to many.

People around the world, government and non government organisations, researchers, scholars, school children, youths etc come together to observe the day with an aim to create awareness on wetlands as vital link to humanity.

Theme for 2018 World Wetlands Day was “Wetlands for a sustainable urban future.”

The theme highlighted the importance of urban wetlands in making cities sustainable for future living.

Ten Lines on World Wetlands Day in English

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10 Lines on World Wetlands Day – Set 1

1) World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year to mark the anniversary of Ramsar convention on wetlands on February 2nd, 1971.

2) It is celebrated to create awareness about the importance of wetlands for humanity and planet.

3) Wetlands refer to the areas saturated by surface or ground water generally favourable for prevalence of vegetation in saturated soil conditions.

4) Every year, government, NGO’s and civil communities jointly hold awareness programs on wetlands benefits on this day.

5) Wetlands provide habitat for many species thereby helping in preserving the biologically diverse ecosystem.

6) Wetlands absorb flood waters during storms and naturally filter the harmful pollutants.

7) Every year, the World Wetlands Day is celebrated around the globe with a theme in order to focus attention of public about the value of wetlands.

8) World Wetlands Day 2019 theme was “Wetlands and Climate Change”.

9) Nations around the globe organize various events like lectures, discussions, seminars, nature walks to celebrate the day.

10) Schools organize various competitions like painting, film screening, essay writing and quiz competitions on the occasion.

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10 Lines on World Wetlands Day – Set 2

1) World Wetlands Day is observed on 02nd February to show the importance of wetlands in producing clean water, fisheries, wild life resources and paddy fields.

2) World Wetlands Day youth photo contest is organised every year for connecting youths and making them aware about value of wetlands.

3) Ramsar Secretariat in coordination with Danone Group has produced various online materials like logos, posters etc to celebrate the day.

4) More than 60% of world’s wetlands have been lost since 1991 and this day helps to save our wetlands.

5) Photography exhibition, community clean up drive, interviews and talk shows on radio and television are organized at national level on World Wetlands Day.

6) The day also aims at reducing encroachment on wetlands due to burgeoning population in urban areas.

7) Ameenpur Utsav is celebrated yearly by Telangana government by organising a series of competitions like quiz, painting, singing, dancing etc to mark the day.

8) Manipur also observes the world wetland day at Sendra, Bishanpur district where more than 100 students participates in various competitions.

9) Children visit the wetlands to know more about the wetlands and their role in our ecosystem on the occasion.

10) School students, conservationists, academicians, scientists participate in the event being organized at various places in India to celebrate World Wetlands Day.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year to create awareness among public about the values and benefits of preserving wetlands which are very crucial element of our ecosystem. The awareness campaign promotes the proper use of wetlands and its resources. As cities are growing, the demand for land has increased manifold which has led to the encroachment of the wetlands.

The situation in urban areas is pretty alarming as majority of lakes and aquatic bodies are filled with toxins. The government, civil communities and NGO’s should work in collaboration in order to preserve the valuable wetland which provide habitat to majority of mammals and birds species.

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