10 Lines on Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight

Oil and Gas Conservation Week is celebrated every year by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The day spreads the message of fuel conservation among the public through campaigns, various seminars, discussions, and training programs for efficient use of fuel and petroleum products for a cleaner environment. Oil and Gas Conservation Week helps in establishing the institutions at national and international levels in the areas of petroleum conservation and environmental protection.

Ten Lines on Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight

Set 1

1) The event Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight was started in 1991.

2) Oil and gas conservation should be practiced in every possible way.

3) Oil and gas conservation remains a problem in many countries around the world.

4) The policies of the government should be more powerful to conserve these scarce resources.

5) Oil and gas should be used in a very organized and well manner to conserve it.

6) It is a major issue because the natural phenomenon of the environment is getting disrupted.

7) Government should monitor unnecessary consumption of oil and gas.

8) The use of Solar Energy and CNG should be promoted from a wide perspective.

9) Every person should take responsibility for conserving fuels.

10) Various schools and institutions should organize more programs and campaigns to promote fuel conservation.

Set 2

1) Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight is celebrated every year to make people aware.

2) ONGC organizes campaigns every year to make people aware of oil and gas.

3) PCRA organizes the “SAKSHAM” program every year for awareness on fuel conservation.

4) The fortnight every year organizes with a theme.

5) The theme of the program “SAKSHAM” 2021 was “Green and Clean Energy”.

6) It was inaugurated by the Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Chairman.

7) This program was based on painting, through which people can be aware of fuel conservation.

8) Not only PCRA but this week is celebrated by all oil industries and by the petroleum and oil gas ministry.

9) In 2021, this fortnight was celebrated between 18th January to 10th February.

10) PCRA stands for “Petroleum Conservation Research Association”.

10 Lines on Oil and Gas Conservation Week and Fortnight

Set 3

1) Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight (OGCF) is the annual event organized by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association in India.

2) The event is organized every year under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

3) It is organized to create awareness on fuel conservation and petroleum products.

4) The week was first started in 1991 and since then it is observed every year in the month of January.

5) The fortnight is observed with a theme and the theme of 2019 was ‘Indian Sanrakshan Ki Jimmedari, Jan Gan ki Bhagidari’.

6) Various oil and gas companies like HPCL, ONGC, and GAIL India also participate in the OGCF program.

7) As a part of the program, various seminars and discussions are held to spread awareness on oil and gas conservation.

8) The campaign of OGCF also includes various other programs like essay writing, speeches, quiz shows, slogan competitions, etc.

9) The week-long program creates awareness among children, youths, gram panchayats, and urban societies regarding fuel conservation activities.

10) OGCF aims for making strategies for the conservation of natural resources, fuel, and petroleum products for sustainable development.

Set 4

1) Oil and Gas Conservation Week/Fortnight promotes research and development activities aimed at oil and gas conservation for environmental protection.

2) Saving electricity can conserve a large amount of water and coal.

3) We can limit the consumption of petroleum by choosing public transport in our daily commute.

4) The government should also conduct serious checks for overexploitation of fuel and petroleum products on a regular basis.

5) Technology helps inefficient use of fuel, thereby conserving them to a larger extent.

6) We should conserve fuel and petroleum products for future generations in our daily life and save our environment.

7) Oil & Gas Conservation Week/Fortnight provides technical training through advisory groups for achieving efficiency in the use of fuel for cleaner and green environments.

8) OGCF prepares to campaign messages for print media and electronic media to spread awareness about oil and gas conservation among the public.

9) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a means of alternative fuel to petrol has been launched as an initiative by the government to conserve petrol.

10) OGCF acts as a think tank of the government of India for devising policies and strategies on the conservation of petroleum products.

In present times, due to industrialization and globalization, India’s demand for petroleum products is increasing at the rate of 3 to 4 percent per annum. We must utilize natural resources cautiously in order to provide a sustainable planet to our future generation. Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight gives the unique opportunity to government, industries, and civil communities to act in collaboration for the preservation and conservation of petroleum products.

There are many ways of conserving renewable and nonrenewable natural resources like planting trees, choosing our means of transportation wisely, avoiding excess use of water and electricity, etc. Every individual should take an oath for conserving and protecting the fuel and natural resources for our future generations.