10 Lines on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most preferred technology in modern days. Even Smartphone with AI gets a higher sale rate than that without AI. In such a situation, it becomes very important to have some basic information about AI. For it, we have provided some sets of 10 lines on Artificial Intelligence below. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Artificial Intelligence

Set – 1

1) The intelligence exhibited by machines is termed Artificial Intelligence (AI).

2) It induces the capability to think and learn in the machines.

3) It refers that the machine will exhibit human intelligence.

4) Artificial intelligence came into existence in the year 1955.

5) John McCarthy is regarded as the father of Artificial intelligence.

6) He was a Computer scientist in the United States of America.

7) AI aims to make the life of human beings more convenient.

8) There are very few chances of occurrence of error by using AI.

9) They work according to the commands given in form of programs.

10) Python programming language is widely used for AI at present.

Set – 2

1) Artificial Intelligence is a great invention of the human mind.

2) It is also stated as Machine learning in computer sciences.

3) AI refers to make machines and computers work in a smart way.

4) This is artificially developed intelligence in computers and machines.

5) It helps the machines to perform all the tasks like human beings.

6) Google Assistant and Google maps in our smart phones are examples of AI.

7) Siri in Apple iPhones and ipads exhibits Artificial Intelligence.

8) This application helps us in performing various tasks without typing.

9) The manufacturing sector has been greatly benefitted from AI.

10) It minimizes the workload by doing the work in a fast and efficient manner.

Set – 3

1) Artificial Intelligence is a system that enables a machine to think and act like a human.

2) The first Artificial Intelligence was designed in 1955 by Simon and Newell.

3) A machine with artificial intelligence can determine the cause of action.

4) It can also react accordingly or as commanded by the user.

5) Early Artificial Intelligence was based on the concept of reasoning.

6) It has served in many industries including aviation, production, marketing, and electronics, etc.

7) The artificial intelligence available in our day to day gadgets is weak AI.

8) Weak AI has a limited field of work and ability.

9) Self Driving Cars and Robots use strong artificial intelligence.

10) The artificial intelligence-enabled device has a very low risk of error.

Set – 4

1) An American computer scientist John McCarthy first used the word Artificial Intelligence.

2) In short, Artificial Intelligence is demonstrated as ‘AI’.

3) Of the two types of AI, strong AI is also known as Artificial General Intelligence.

4) Machine Learning and Deep Learning the base of weak or narrow AI.

5) Machine with Artificial General Intelligence can perform most of the tasks like a human.

6) Artificial Intelligence is faster and smarter than humans in many cases.

7) AI developed for some destructive purpose can bring major harm to the human being.

8) Artificial Intelligence provides the result with incredible accuracy.

9) Modern Robots are the best example of the power of AI.

10) AI has taken over in most of the devices of the present time.

We can see many devices and platforms using the service of Artificial Intelligence. Siri, Alexa, Tesla, Cogito, Pandora, and Nest are some of the best examples of narrow AI. Even Google has launched an automatic car that runs using AI. It does not need a driver. We hope to shift towards the AGI (Artificial general intelligence) soon.

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