10 Lines on Artificial Intelligence

Use of computers for that kind of tasks, which are normally done by human beings, was the concept of Artificial Intelligence. According to the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, it is a science of programming intelligent computer programme. It is a method of introducing such kind of computers, computer controlled Robots, or software that can think like human beings intellectually.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence first came into existence in 1956. It has become more popular now-a-days with the increased processing speed and memory capacity. Some programmes have touched their excellent levels competing with the human being, performing special tasks. It helps in error reduction therefore the possibility of accuracy develops.

The use of AL can helps to take fast decision and quick action. It is used in hazardous places where there is a risk for human life- like mining and fuel exploration process.

It is also used in daily applications and digital assistance. It doesn't need rest and can do repetitive tasks which are boring for humans.

Ten Lines on Artificial Intelligence in English

In given 10 points, valuable for school students, here we will learn about the use of artificial Intelligence in our daily life. What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence? These lines will be useful for our knowledge as well as for the students to complete their assignments and to apply in their future. Also we know the advantage and disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day life.

10 Lines on Artificial Intelligence - Set 1

1) Artificial Intelligence is a procedure of making computers, robots, or software that can think intellectually like human brain.

2) At first it is introduced by John McCarthy in1956. It is a stimulation in which machines are manufactured that can perform their tasks like human intelligence.

3) It is used in health care, education, business, manufacturing industry, finance etc.

4) There are many methods to learn in Artificial Intelligence. Out of these Trial and error is a simple one.

5) In Artificial Intelligence, problem solving can be marked as an organised series of searches to reach the pre-destined objective or problem.

6) Artificial Intelligence gives proper reference with reasoning and classifies the references or stimulates.

7) Artificial Intelligence helps in reducing errors and the possibility of accuracy increases.

8) By the use of artificial Intelligence, one can get assistance in quick decision making and instant action.

9) A device with Artificial intelligence can be sent anywhere in hazardous places without the risk of life. Pilotless drones are the best examples of this.

10) Since they are complex machines, therefore a heavy investment is required in manufacturing. Its maintenance cost is also expensive.

Here we are providing you ten easy points on Artificial Intelligence that will be useful for developing children up to class 8. They may use these facts in making notes, completing assignments, writing essays and in many other ways. Here we will know about the pros and cons of the Artificial Intelligence too and why is it necessary now-a-days.

10 Lines on Artificial Intelligence - Set 2

1) Artificial Intelligence is an implementation in machines so that they can learn, think, advice demonstrate, and explain like human beings.

2) It is a technique in which information are kept in such an organised way that can be used effectively in future.

3) The word Artificial Intelligence was first coined in a workshop in Dartmouth College in 1956 by John McCarthy.

4) Presently, it is widely used successfully in manufacturing industry, banking sector, health, space innovation programmes.

5) It saves time; don’t get bored by the similar stipulated assignments without exhaustion.

6) Artificial Intelligence is used in manufacturing machines like robots, drones, and other devices which can reach to unsafe places reducing the risk of human life.

7) It is supportive in visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, language translation, knowledge, and reasoning ability.

8) It makes the computers and machines capable to work on their own, shows goal- oriented behaviour, ability to interact with humans and other stimuli, and ability to learn.

9) Due artificial intelligence the computerized machines can think and work  like a human brain and can perform the assigned tasks accurately in a very short period of time in comparison to humans.

10) They are expensive and handling and maintenance of these machines is also expensive.

Artificial Intelligence is a stimulus to machines that can perform their task like human beings. They can think and interpret like human brain. They save time and complete the task accurately without getting bored or exhausted. They can reach in hazardous places where the entry of human is impossible. In present time this technology is used successfully in many aspects of human life making it comfortable and luxurious.