10 Lines on 20-20 Cricket Match

Cricket is one of the most loved outdoor games in the world. It is played between two teams each containing 11 players. In this game, a bowler of a team A throws the ball towards the batsman of team B and the batsman hits the ball to score the highest run while the other members of team A try to stop the ball as soon as possible. A set of 6 consecutive deliveries of the ball is called an over. The Cricket is categorized in 3 formats according to the number of over viz. one day (50 over) cricket match, Test Cricket Match (unlimited over) and 20-20 Cricket Match (20 over).

Ten Lines on 20-20 Cricket Match

Set 1

1) 20-20 Cricket Match is also abbreviated as Twenty20 cricket and T20.

2) It has limited deliveries of 20 over for each of both teams playing against each other.

3) A typical T20 Cricket Match takes about 3 hours to completely finish both innings.

4) Each of the bowlers of a team gets 4 over to bowl against the other team.

5) There is a gap of 15 minutes between both of the innings.

6) Both teams are directed to play for only 1 hour and 15 minutes each.

7) On delivery of ‘No Ball’ by the bowler, the Batsman is awarded a ‘free hit’.

8) After one batsman is out, the next one has to be on the pitch within a time-limit of 1.5 minutes.

9) The fielding team cannot arrange more than 5 fielders on the leg side at a time.

10) If the match ends with equal runs scored by both the teams, again each team will be assigned 1 extra over to get the result.

An extra set of 10 points on 20-20 Cricket Match is being provided here to improve your knowledge. This set is containing the history of 20-20 Cricket Match, few records, its authority, and other information. The language of the set is very easy and suitable for the students of lower classes also.

Set 2

1) The first official 20-20 match was played in 2003 between the territories of England.

2) The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) directs and regulates the 20-20 Cricket Match.

3) The 20-20 format is especially used in IPL (Indian Premier League) Matches.

4) The first 20-20 International Cricket Match was played between England and New Zealand women cricket teams on 5th August 2004 in which New Zealand was the winner.

5) India played its first 20-20 match on 1st December 2006 in Johannesburg against South Africa and was the winner.

6) 20-20 Cricket Match is popular in both; men’s cricket teams as well as women’s cricket teams.

7) 25 Countries who plays in test format also have played 20-20 Cricket Match till the date.

8) India has played 125 international matches in 20-20 format and has won 70 out of them.

9) Indian Cricket Player Rohit Sharma holds the record of making most runs (2331) in 20-20 cricket matches till 2018.

10) West Indies Cricket Player Chris Gayle has the record of hitting most sixes (105) in 20-20 Cricket Match till 2019.

The people’s love for Cricket has made it popular worldwide. The famous IPL is also based on the 20-20 cricket format. The 20-20 cricket format has provided a full pack of entertainment in very less time and therefore it became famous very rapidly and is also being followed worldwide.

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