10 Lines on Cricket World Cup Match

Cricket is such a sport that has fetched the worldwide fame and respect making people entertained for a long time. The World Cup in Cricket is the most awaited event. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Cricket World Cup Match for you. You can read all of them below. They are meant to provide you all the valuable information in very less time. So here we go.

Ten Lines on World Cup Match

Set 1

1) The world cup is an international level championship of one day format in cricket.

2) Cricket world cup is played in the gap of every four years in a different country.

3) A separate women world cup is also organized, two years before men’s tournament.

4) The sole body which organizes the world cup is the International Cricket Council (ICC).

5) The first cricket world cup was organized in England from 7th to 21st June 1975.

6) The 2nd and 3rd cricket world cups were also organized in England in 1979 and 1983.

7) In 1999 and 2019 the world cup was organized again in England.

8) In 1987 it was hosted by India, by Pakistan in 1996, and in 2011 included Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

9) In 1992 & 2015 Australia and New Zealand, in 2003 South Africa and in 2007 West Indies have got the chance to host the world cup.

10) In 2023, India is the host country of 13th edition of Men’s Cricket World Cup that is from 5th October to 19th November 2023.

Set 2

1) The cricket competition at the Global level is stated as the Cricket World Cup.

2) It is played as One Day International cricket.

3) The match played between the international teams is of 50 overs.

4) The Cricket world cup is organized by the International Cricket Council.

5) It is stated as the world’s third-largest sporting event.

6) It is organized after every four years interval.

7) The Cricket World Cup was first played in England in 1975.

8) The Women’s Cricket World Cup was started in 1973.

9) The Cricket World Cup is played by all ten test-playing nations.

10) The team of Australia has been an excellent team in the Cricket World Cup.

Set 3

1) The world cup is long series of a tournament in the game of cricket where several teams from different countries contest with each other.

2) Cricket world cup is organized by a single governing body ICC; the game of world cup is played in the gap of every four years and in a different place.

3) Cricket world cup comes up in different formats i.e. one-day internationals, t20 internationals, for men and women both, under 19 world cups is also played.

4) Cricket world cup is open for all members where high ranking teams get automatic entry and rest play world cup qualifier and world cricket league.

5) The inaugural world cup was played in England in 1975 followed by 1979, 1983 and the event returned again in 1999 and presently in 2019.

10) The team of Australia has been an excellent team in the Cricket World Cup.

6) In 1987 the tournament was moved out of England, it was played in the Indian subcontinent, it held again in 1996 and 2011, in 2023 it is getting held in India.

7) In 1992 world cup was conducted in Australia and New Zealand, these countries again got the chance to organize world cup in 2015.

8) The 8th edition of the world cup was played in South Africa and co-joined by Zimbabwe and Kenya in 2003, the 9th edition was played in West Indies in 2007.

9) The winning of most world cup title goes to Australia having won 5 times, they had made a hat-trick also, India and west indies have won world cup two times.

10) In 1992 the scenario of world cup changed due entry of colored jerseys for every team and white ball was introduced; day and night matches were conducted.

Set 4

1) Cricket sport is very popular in the world.

2) Cricket World Cup is the name given to the competition of Cricket at the international level.

3) It is the most loved sport after Soccer’s world cup and Summer Olympics in the world.

4) The international cricket match was played in 1844 for the first time.

5) It was played between Canada and the United States.

6) Triangular Tournament in 1912 was the beginning of the international competition of multi teams.

7) Australia has the honor of winning the Cricket World Cup 5 times.

8) It is stated as the most successful team of cricket in the world.

9) The cup has been bagged by India and West Indies two times.

10) Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won the cricket world cup one times each.

World cup, irrespective of the country it is being played in, always infuses the feeling and excitement to see our country winning every match. When players hit either fours or sixes the excitement level becomes double and the bowler takes wickets, which also gives pleasure. The most exciting thing of every world cup is a clash of two arch-rivals i.e. India and Pakistan. It is considered a game of the games where India has won all the 7 times when these two teams met.

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