10 Lines on ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Nowadays, the whole world was facing the fever of cricket world cup 2019 that was played in England as wales. As we all of us know that the cricket world cup is played after the gap every four years. Before 2019, world cup was played in 2015, in Australia and New Zealand. This time the apex body of cricket, the international cricket council (ICC) decided to reduce the number of teams from 14 to 10 and organize the game in a round-robin format.

The most thrilling and exciting part of every world cup tournament including this world cup is the India-Pakistan clash, which is called the clash of two arch-rivals.

Ten Lines on ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Set 1

1) ICC cricket world cup 2019 was the 12th edition of cricket played internationally.

2) In 2019, cricket world cup was hosted by England and Wales.

3) It was fifth time that the world cup was held in England and Wales.

4) The schedule of the ICC cricket world cup 2019 is between 30th May to 14th July.

5) This world cup was a 50 overs tournament with a single group including 10 teams.

6) A total of 48 matches were played including two semi-finals and a final match.

7) This world cup was a ‘round-robin’ tournament where every team clashed all others.

8) The world cup tournament was started with hosts England beat South Africa by 104 runs.

9) Team India has not lost any game, only a match with New Zealand was washed off.

10) India defeated its arch-rival Pakistan by 89 runs in the match played on 16th June.

Set 2

1) ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is regarded as the 12 Cricket world cup.

2) It was a One Day International that is held after every four years.

3) The men’s national cricket teams participated in the tournament.

4) It was conducted by International Cricket Council.

5) ICC Cricket world cup 2019 was organized from 30th May to 14th July.

6) It was held at ten places in England and one place in Wales.

7) England was hosting the cricket world cup for the 5th time.

8) Wales was hosting the cricket world cup for the third time.

9) Ten teams had participated in the first-round tournament.

10) The number of contesting teams was 14 in earlier world cup matches.

Set 3

1) ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was organized in England and Wales.

2) It was referred to as the 12th Cricket World Cup tournament.

3) ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was initiated on 30th May 2019.

4) The tournament was played in Round-robin and Knockout format.

5) Ten National teams were finalized for the first round.

6) They were England, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Afghanistan, and West Indies.

7) Four national teams namely India, Australia, England, and New Zealand were selected for the semi-finals.

8) The final match was played between England and New Zealand.

9) It was played in Lord’s Cricket ground in London.

10) The team of England was the winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Set 4

1) ICC cricket world cup 2019 was an international cricket tournament of men’s national teams that was conducted by International Cricket Council (ICC).

2) It was 12th edition of the cricket world cup being hosted by England and Wales, the last was the 11th edition hosted by Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

3) England and Wales hosted the cricket world cup fifth time in 2019, previously they have hosted 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 world cups.

4) The world cup 2019 was scheduled from 30th May to 14th July, in this edition of the world cup, 10 cricket playing nation were headed with each other.

5) In world cup 2019, total 48 matches were played with 45 league matches, 2 semi-finals and a final, the warm-up matches was scheduled from 24th to 28th may.

6) As there were only 10 teams participating in this world cup, it was a round-robin tournament where every team competed with other 9 teams.

7) New Zealand was the first who announced their world cup squad, “Imran Tahir” of South Africa who was 40 years old and “Mujeeb-ur-Rehman” of Afghanistan, 18 years old.

8) World cup 2019 started with the match between the hosts England and South Africa, where England won by 104 runs with man of match “Ben Stokes”.

9) India so far has not lost its any game including the match with arch-rivals Pakistan; they defeated Pakistan with 89 runs with man of the match “Rohit Sharma”.

10) In this tournament, player who scored most runs was “David Warner” of Australia and player who took most wickets was “Mitchell Starc” of Australia.

Word cup 2019 had lots of twists and turns which were in the way when the game moved on. Previously we can see that those teams which were considered as minnows have defeated strong teams like West Indies defeated Pakistan in their first game; Sri Lanka defeated England by 20 runs. This world cup will also be remembered due to heavy rainfall in England which either has interrupted the game for a few minutes or has abandoned the game totally.

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