10 Lines on Malgudi Days

Malgudi days is a famous book which was written by R.K. Narayan, a famous cartoonist, and author of this book. The stories of Malgudi days are based on an imaginary village known as Malgudi. All the stories which are based on each and every aspect of life can be clearly read in Malgudi days. The book is a mixture of good, bad, hilarious moments that can entertain any reader. Malgudi days is a complete entertainment package based on life’s experiences.

With the huge success and popularity among all the sections of society, a television serial was also made with the name “Malgudi Days”, directed by Shankar Nag and Kavitha Lankesh.

Ten Lines on Malgudi Days

Set 1

1) Malgudi Days is a written collection of entertaining short stories of an Indian village.

2) Malgudi Days is written by the noted author and cartoonist R.K. Narayan in 1943.

3) The Stories of Malgudi Days are based upon the people of an imaginary town Malgudi.

4) Malgudi Days a book consists of 32 stories, all of them are concentrated in Malgudi.

5) In 1986 a television serial was also made with a similar name as ‘Malgudi Days’.

6) In 2014 google dedicated its doodle to R.K. Narayan, the author of Malgudi Days.

7) The first story of Malgudi Days starts with the title named “An Astrologer’s Day”.

8) The second story of Malgudi Days is told with the title of “The Missing Mail”.

9) The third story of Malgudi Days is told with the name “The Doctor’s Word”.

10) The fourth story of Malgudi Days mentioned with the name “Gateman’s Gift”.

Set 2

1) Malgudi days is a famous book which has a collection of short stories which is based on the people of the fictitious place known as Malgudi.

2) Malgudi days is written by the noted author and cartoonist R.K. Narayan, Malgudi days was written and published in 1943 and was republished in 1982.

3) Television serial was also made with the name “Malgudi days”, the first 39 episodes were directed by “Shankar Nag” and 15 episodes by “Kavitha Lankesh”.

4) The book Malgudi days contains 32 stories, all are written depicting an imaginary town called Malgudi located somewhere in south India.

5) The first story of Malgudi days starts with “the astrologer’s day”, it is a story about an astrologer who knows nothing about astrology but fools the people.

6) The second story of Malgudi days is named as “the missing mail”, it is a story of Thannappa and his confusion as to tell the death news of the relative or not.

7) The third story of Malgudi days is named as “the doctor’s word”, it is a story about doctor Raman who has the firm belief that good words can’t save a life.

8) The fourth story of Malgudi days is named as “gateman’s gift”, a story about Govind Singh who throughout his life served as a gatekeeper and security guard.

9) The fifth story of Malgudi days is termed as “the blind dog”, it is a story about a blind beggar who takes a dog that can guide him on the streets.

10) The sixth story of Malgudi days is known as “fellow feeling”, it is a story of Rajaram Iyer who is travelling in a train and fight with his fellow passenger.

Set 3

1) Along the bank of Imaginary River ‘Sarayu’ is the imaginary town ‘Malgudi’ situated.

2) Every location, structure and monument in Malgudi Days is the product of the creative mind of R.K. Narayan.

3) Every sketch in Malgudi days is created by R.K. Laxman, the younger brother of R.K. Narayan.

4) The town of Malgudi was first introduced in the novel ‘Swami and his friends’.

5) The legendry R.K. Narayan had complete name as Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami.

6) Malgudi Days was admired by the great writers like Graham Greene and V.S. Naipul.

7) The kid playing the role of Swami in Malgudi Days only knew Kannad and used to memorize all his dialogues.

8) All the characters of Malgudi Days were Kannad actors who worked together for a hindi series of Malgudi Days.

9) Total 54 episodes of Malgudi Days have been released.

10) Most of the series of Malgudi Days were shot in Karnataka.

Set 4

1) The novel ‘Swami and his friends’ were rejected by many publishers which later became the iconic creation.

2) Malgudi Days’ writer R.K. Narayan has been compared with many legendry writers like Anton Chekov, O. Henry and Guy De Maupassant.

3) Malgudi Days provided R.K. Narayan the Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan award.

4) The new series of Malgudi Days was telecast on Doordarshan on 26th April 2006.

5) The second series was directed by ‘Kavitha Lankesh’.

6) The ‘Arasalu Station’ in Shimoga district was renamed as ‘Malgudi Railway Station’ by Indian Railway.

7) ‘Swami’ was the most loved character of Malgudi Days.

8) Malgudi Days was not only praised in India but in other countries as well.

9) The book of Malgudi Days with 32 stories was much liked by the kids.

10) All episodes of Malgudi Days are being streamed on Amazon Prime once again.

Malgudi days are written in such a way that it can cater to the interests of each and every section of society. Everybody who is reading the book can feel a connection with its stories. The stories in this book are also effectively and vividly supported by the cartoons of R.K. Narayan. A television serial with the same name, Malgudi days was also produced, it was an attempt to showcase the story with the drama and acting, Malgudi days serial was an also a super hit.

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