10 Lines on Qualitative Education

Qualitative Education means an educational system that is useful for everybody. It ought to be helpful in the holistic development of each and every individual. There is a difference in learning of every person. In this education problems are put before a child so that he/she can develop life skills to solve them that will become fruitful for rest of his/her life. Where they can feel emotionally safe and where there is a possibility to express their creativity.

In the healthy atmosphere of classrooms they have to select their choice and a teacher is deputed there to explain it in an easy way. They are allotted work and learn to do it by different activities, sports and games, and the projects.

They don’t fear to ask questions and taking help. This may build a sentimental aid especially for the girl children.

In other words, an education system that develops boldness, feeling of security, and self-confidence is a Qualitative Education System.

Ten Lines on Qualitative Education in English

Everybody born on earth has right to education. Many remain unemployed, argue without intelligence, and easily frightened by facing a simple problem in life. But if they are given Qualitative education they could come out of any situation using their wit and skills.

10 Lines on Qualitative Education - Set 1

1) Qualitative Education means that kind of education which is useful for the holistic development of each and every child.

2) It should be based on different activities, games, and project works, giving a chance to each and every student to learn and also for skill development.

3) By debates and discussion on various topics they will learn deeply and develop their skills. The instructor’s attitude must be flexible with the students.

4) There should be an atmosphere in which the child feels emotionally safe and there should be an opportunity for every student to demonstrate his creativity in a positive way.

5) It should provide opportunities to the girl child to stop the discrimination against the female gender. They have right to education too.

6) Students must be given the prospect to tell their thoughts in full confidence without hesitation. Here the center of learning is the child; the teacher plays a role of guide only.

7) With the advancement in technology, students are taught through electronic gadgets that make them able to learn by both audio and visual way.

8) It is totally based on learning. In other words quality of learning is preferred instead of quantity. It should be enjoyed by the learner.

9) This kind of learning produces skillful personalities those have a capacity to shape their future along with the institution where they work for a living.

10) Children are the future of a nation. By producing learned and skilled persons a nation may get to its peak in a limited period of time.

Below we are providing second set of 10 Lines on Qualitative Education. After going through the points you will know – what is Qualitative Education, how important is qualitative education etc.

10 Lines on Qualitative Education - Set 2

1) There is a need to put quality in education. No one can develop without getting proper education in her/his life.

2) Accumulating degrees without knowledge is a waste. Knowledge and skill is essential for a person to do achieve success in his/her life.

3) In Qualitative Education the focus is given on skillful learning with help of various activities, projects, and games.

4) A person learns to express her/his ideas in a free atmosphere where teachers are friendly guide, who helps the learner to develop her/his abilities skillfully.

5) Here the female students learn to step out from emotional fear and hesitation and can perform better in their life.

6) Learners get full freedom to discuss their ideas and views on the given topic along with their teachers and to develop new ideas.

7) By this their concept on that topic is cleared at the same time, and they grow into a skillful person and can perform their tasks without losing confidence.

8) The main purpose of Qualitative Education is to prepare learned and skilled people who are helpful to achieve the nation’s goal.

9) In this system, such kind of atmosphere is created in which there is a scope of development for all. A group may get the advantages of others thoughts and can put their opinion.

10) By providing Qualitative Education a nation can prepare skillful educated persons who prove to be beneficial to the country in many ways.

We have seen in above lines that improving the quality of education is essential for humans.  On putting quality in teaching methods, better citizens will be produced. They are able to think on a problem positively and become valuable for the society as well as the nation. By nurturing them with thoughts, planning and explanation we can prepare our future, capable to perform their duties in a better way.