10 Lines on Importance of Pen

Pen is the most important weapon that a literate person keeps with him/her. It is an instrument which makes it possible to write down the thoughts on paper. In ancient times, reed pens, quill pens, and dip pens were used. In modern times, people use modern type of pens such as fountain pens, ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, and ceramic tip pens. Some technical pens are also available in markets that are Rapidographs.

“Pen is mightier than sword” is not only an idiom but in many cases it is seen that pen proved to be more powerful in place of power. It means that a person can overcome from his obstacles with only using his mind instead of power.

Ten Lines on Importance of Pen in English

Pens are the devices which make us able to express our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and innovations on a sheet of paper.

It doesn’t matter how expensive the pen is or how ii looks.

Here in few given points we are providing here the importance of pen in life. Why it is called more powerful than sword.

10 Lines on Importance of Pen - Set 1

1) Our past manuscripts and epics are handwritten documents written centuries ago by those limited resources available on that time and preserved.

2) Only pen was used for writing anything (pencils and paint brushes are the other form of writing devices) before the invention of printers and other printing devices.

3) All people have different uses of pen. A doctor prescribes medicines whereas a judge punishes a culprit by imposing punishment to him.

4) A journalist raises questions against a government or any political leader by writing articles in the newspapers.

5) A narrator, writer, or a poet expresses her/his imagination in paper by using pens for the people to get aware about her/his creativity.

6) Everything can’t be done verbally. Therefore, it is needed to keep the records in writing. Hence pens are an integral part of human life.

7) In past people used to write letters to their kin and kith with pens. Think how they might have awaited these letters. Their feelings came alive when they found these letters.

8) It is called the tongue of a mind. Whatever is in our mind we can express it to the whole world by writing our thoughts on a sheet of paper.

9) Martin Luther King said that if you want to change the world pick your pen and write down your ideas.

10) Writing is simply expressing through pen. It is the painting of voice. All the famous writers believe on this and produce their ideas for the readers and innovators.

In the following ten points we are going to write another ten lines on importance of pen. Pens are used by every educated persons to express their thoughts, keep records of the past, sharing their views with their near and dear ones, as well to write down everything what they have in their mind.

10 Lines on Importance of Pen - Set 2

1) A pen transmits the inner voice of a human being. A person can record his ideas, thoughts, and beliefs with the help of a pen.

2) More than 70% of the users conveyed that pen is an extremely important part of their daily life and activity.

3) There are varied uses of pen by different people.

4) Pens are essential during taking exams, filling a form, or presented as a gift.

5) The answer sheet evaluated by a teacher determines the future of a student.

6) The medicines recommended by a doctor saves the life of his patient.

7) The verdict given by a judge punishes the culprits whereas releases the fair people.

8) Pen is said to be more powerful than a sword because decisions of wars are written by pens.

9) Every commoner as well as politician have to make signatures while joining for her/his office first. It confirms her/his service.

10) Carrying a laptop or a printer is not possible everywhere but pens are small objects and can be carried everywhere.

Hence we observed why and how pens are extremely important object in our daily life since centuries. It is well said that one pen and one book can change the whole world. It is considered to be an important tool for literates. A person can be judged by his narratives which s/he writes down using a pen.