10 Lines on Importance of Pen

We all use the pen for our day to day activities. Have you ever thought about its importance for you? It has great importance for us. We have discussed it through some sets of 10 lines on the Importance of Pen below. You can read them, and I am sure that they will amaze and please you.

Ten Lines on Importance of Pen

Set – 1

1) The available manuscripts depicting the history of mankind were written with the pen of those days.

2) With the help of a pen, we can write important information to read them later.

3) Pen provided us with written scripts to pass useful information.

4) Journalism is the most serious occupation but useless without a pen.

5) In Hindu scriptures, even God needed a pen to write the epics.

6) All the available religious scriptures in the World are written with some kind of pen.

7) Your verbal opinion can be heard by only people around you, but written opinion can be read across the world.

8) All the public and private sectors use the pen.

9) The pen has been the need for humans for a long time.

10) Still, the foreign treaties between the two countries are signed with a pen.

Set – 2

1) It is a pen that helps us in expressing our thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

2) Before print media, pens were the only source to get information.

3) With the help of a pen, a man writes autobiography to read it later after his death.

4) The pen helps in every occupation whether a writer, an engineer, a doctor or other.

5) Even the most powerful person in the world can’t deny the use of the pen for daily work.

6) A pen is called the ‘Sword of a writer’.

7) Literature is the greatest source of past human activities which also used a pen.

8) While visiting a tourist place, pen helps in noting down some important information about the place.

9) A pen was, is and will always remain the prime need of human beings.

10) In the modern digital world, there are many activities that need a pen to be completed.

These are some points telling us why we need a pen. I hope that you might have gone through all the points. For your comfort, we provided the set in very easy language. Surely these sets didn’t contain any new information, but they might have made you see a pen from a different perspective.