10 Lines on Kirti Chakra

To decorate a soldier or a fighting warrior with national respect is a very commendable step of any Government. The Kirti Chakra is such a kind of respect. The word ‘Kirti’ in Kirti Chakra is taken from the Hindi language which refers to fame or eminence and so does Kirti Chakra. It is a gallantry award in India and literally it is delivered for an act of gallantry. The Kirti Chakra represents the people who have faced an individual enemy or their group with great courage and proved that they alone are sufficient to throw them away.

Ten Lines on Kirti Chakra

Set 1

1) The Kirti Chakra, together with other Chakra Awards, was inaugurated on 4th January 1952.

2) It is the second-highest peacetime gallantry award in India.

3) Kirti Chakra was the first time awarded in the year 1952, its year of inauguration.

4) It is awarded for one’s unusual gallantry in the face of the enemy or otherwise.

5) Army personnel as well as civilians, both have the privilege to be honored with Kirti Chakra.

6) The medal of Kirti Chakra is made of standard silver and is having a circular shape.

7) The medal is supported by a green ribbon and two vertical thin orange lines separate it in green part three equal parts.

8) The Kirti Chakra is presented every year by the President of India.

9) With the medal, the recipient is also provided some monetary support on a monthly basis.

10) Kirti Chakra recognizes the worthy even after their death.

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Set 2

1) The Kirti Chakra is the 2nd highest military award equivalent to the Maha-Vir Chakra.

2) The award is presented to persons from the Indian Army, Navy and Air-Force, other territorial army and also the other lawfully created forces.

3) The Kirti Chakra was initially named Class 2 which literally changed to Kirti Chakra after a few times.

4) Rashtrapati Bhavan is the place where the President of India presents this award.

5) The front side of the medal has embossed Ashok Chakra in the middle which is surrounded by beautiful decoration.

6) The reverse side of the medal contains the word ‘Ashok Chakra’ in English as well as in the Devanagari script in the circular form.

7) This medal is compulsory to be worn on the left shoulder.

8) Colonel N. J. Nair is the only soldier to be awarded both Kirti Chakra and Ashok Chakra.

9) The Kirti Chakra can be awarded to one person multiple times based on his act of bravery.

10) The Kirti Chakra is abbreviated as “KC” in short for convenience.


1) Kirti Chakra is categorized as a military decoration in India.

2) This award is given for exceptional deeds of bravery and courage.

3) The bravery addressed does not include the bravery on battlefields.

4) It also includes the acts of self-sacrifice.

5) Kirti Chakra was introduced on 4th January in the year 1952.

6) The military people and civilians both are eligible for this award.

7) This peacetime honor is similar to the Maha Vir Chakra.

8) 496 people have received this honor till 2021.

9) Kirti Chakra is also given to people after death.

10) 198 people have been posthumously honored with Kirti Chakra till date.


1) Kirti Chakra is a peacetime honor in India.

2) This award has been in existence for 69 years.

3) This award was initially called Ashoka Chakra class-II.

4) Kirti Chakra was the new name given to it on 27th January 1967.

5) The award includes a circular silver medal hanged on a ribbon.

6) An image of Ashoka Chakra is carved on the front side of the medal.

7) A garland of the lotus flowers is drawn around the Ashoka Chakra.

8) The opposite side of the medal has Kirti Chakra written on it.

9) This is written in both Hindi and English languages.

10) Two lotus flowers are carved that separate the English and Hindi versions.

The Kirti Chakra Award is a mark of excellence. Since the date of its institution to the present, it had been awarded to many fighting soldiers whether alive or posthumously. Definitely a monetary grant cannot replace those warriors but at least can soothe their dependents from the pain of losing them. By contributing the award, we pay huge respect to their sacrifices and record their name in the history of glory to be remembered forever.

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