10 Lines on Ashok Chakra

India has been the land of fighting warriors for many years or even centuries. These warriors have made proud their nation many times with their bloods and sacrifices. The Gallantry awards are made to recognize their sacrifice and pay them respect, even after their martyrdom. Ashok Chakra is one of such gallantry awards.

Ten Lines on Ashok Chakra Award

Set 1

1) The Ashok Chakra Award was instituted on 4th January 1952.

2) It is the highest-ranking peacetime gallantry award in India.

3) The first Ashok Chakra was awarded in 1952.

4) It is awarded for bravery and fearlessness at the face of the enemy in wartime or peacetime.

5) Ashok Chakra can be awarded to Army personnel as well as Civilian Personal too.

6) The Ashok Chakra medal is made up of gilded gold and is circular in shape.

7) The medal is supported by a green ribbon that has a thin orange line in the middle dividing the ribbon vertically into two equal parts.

8) The award has also a provision of presenting awardees posthumously.

9) The Ashok Chakra is presented every year by The President of India.

10) With the medal, the recipient is also provided some monthly cash allowance.

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10 Lines on Ashok Chakra - Set 2

1) The Ashok Chakra has been awarded to 83 people till now (2019).

2) All the ranks serving in Indian Armed Forces, Reserve Forces or Territorial Army are eligible to be awarded Ashok Chakra, irrespective of their gender.

3) The front side of the medal bears an Ashok Chakra in the middle with some beautiful decoration all around it.

4) The other side of the medal has the word ‘Ashok Chakra’ written in English as well as in Devanagari script in the circular form.

5) The Ashok Chakra was initially called the Class 1 award for being the highest peacetime military award.

6) The first person to be awarded Ashok Chakra was Lieutenant Suhas Biswas of Indian Air-Force.

7) It has more posthumous recipient as 58 of its awardees are posthumous.

8) It is equivalent to the War-Time Gallantry Award Param Vir Chakra.

9) The medal of the Ashok Chakra is worn on the left shoulder.

10) The President of India has the right to cancel the award if he feels so.

Military Awards are classified into two categories viz. Wartime Military Awards and Peacetime Military Awards. Ashok Chakra is a peacetime Military Award. It is equivalent to Wartime Military Award ‘Param Vir Chakra’. Since it is the highest-ranking Peacetime Military Award so being recognized with it is a feeling of immense glory and courage. I wish this award keep decorating the Indian Warriors many years like now.