10 Lines on Youth – the Endless Energy

‘Youth – The Endless Energy’ is a very popular phrase that you must have heard often by many people. Today we are going to read some information related to it. For it, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Youth – The Endless Energy. You can find them below.

Ten Lines on Youth – The Endless Energy in English


1) Youth is the most crucial stage of life.

2) It is stated as the most vibrant phase of everyone’s life.

3) Youth have the capability of doing effort with sincerity.

4) They possess an immense curiosity to know about everything.

5) They are often involved in disputes because of their argumentative behavior.

6) Youth has always been a part of revolt and reforms in any of the nation.

7) They do not stick to the old customs and traditions.

8) They work after analyzing things in their own way.

9) Youth is denoted as the symbol of extreme courage and bravery.

10) They are the future of any of the nations in the world.


1) Youth is the greatest strength of a nation.

2) They are fearless and full of potential.

3) They are the basis for the development of society and nation.

4) India is the country having the world’s largest youth population.

5) More than 30% of the total population in India constitutes youth.

6) Youth must utilize their power in a positive manner.

7) This can bring a significant and positive change to the nation.

8) Youth requires proper guidance and care from their elders.

9) Education is very essential for the youth.

10) This will make them shine bright in the future.

Set – 3

1) Youth is the age group after childhood and after adulthood.

2) Youth is considered to be the most energetic age group.

3) It is the age when the physical strength remains on the peak.

4) It is the time when our mind works with full effort.

5) Education earned as a youth helps us always in our life.

6) Youth has the potential to learn new things faster.

7) If filled with positivity, they have the potential to change the world.

8) Youth can easily learn and practice the power of spirituality.

9) Youth should always be encouraged to work for the spirit of nationalism.

10) The best thing about youth is that they don’t accept failure easily.

Set – 4

1) Youth is always filled with excitement to gain more knowledge.

2) Youth doesn’t need outer energy but motivation.

3) Youth can put all its energy into whatever it is doing.

4) With proper guidance, they can create a new and better world.

5) Misleading youth can be disastrous for a nation as well as for the entire world.

6) The word represents Vibrancy, joy, excitement, and passion.

7) Youth can’t use its power without good knowledge.

8) A country with more youth power can achieve growth faster.

9) A well-nurtured youth has always made the world feel proud of it.

10) The best example of youth power is Swami Vivekanand.

As we see above the role of Youth is very important for society as well as the nation. If they are handled carefully with affection; with their vigour, enthusiasm, and endurance, they will play a vital role in the development of the country. The unlimited energy, if used positively, may bring happiness and prosperity.

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