10 Lines on Youth - the Endless Energy

Youths are "Muscles of iron" and "Nerves of steel". Young men and women with new ideas, energy, strength, and enthusiasm have the power to challenge the injustice and corruption as well as the courage to make certain changes in the society, the nation and the world.

It was the power of the youth which had presented the the ideals, sacrifices, abdications in 20th century which had supported Congress (Indian freedom struggle) to bring consciousness and run movements during the freedom struggle. A nation can prosper if the youth of that nation have been directed positively.

But due to decreasing values and a downfall in education the behaviour of youth now-a-days is decreasing. It is true that their underdeveloped brain and a passion to do anything bring them into unfavorable circumstance, but if they are taught positively, guided accordingly, and given a chance, they will prove themselves worthy for the nation.

It is true that youth is highly sensitive to the external influences. But it doesn't mean that youth are merely destructive, and believe in terrorism and murder. The truth behind this is that youth are frustrated by the system either it is social or government organisations. In last two decades they have opportunities and they proved themselves in their respective endeavors.

Ten Lines on Youth - the Endless Energy in English

In the following ten points we will see the endless power of youth, their power, energy, and enthusiasm about their work and environment. How can a country will get its maximum progress, how it become prosperous if only it employs its youth in a positive way. This will be useful for students to write short notes, essays, articles, and other school assignments.

10 Lines on Youth - The Endless Energy - Set 1

1) The Youth are filled with great creative energy and the positive potential and have a power to accept any challenge with a collective consciousness.

2) We need to educate the Youth from mother's lap till the end of their education. A positive Youth brings happiness and prosperity to their family, society and the nation.

3) There is a need to teach them the three essential P's - Purity, Patience, and perseverance.

4) Purity of thought, Patience in the dynamic form and focus on the area of improvement, perseverance to perform on usual time will make the youth power for the nation.

5) It is the stage of life full of vigour, enthusiasm, spirit, and feeling. They must be educated so that they can employ their knowledge in the right direction in the upliftment of the upcoming generations.

6) The only qualification for the youngsters to fill them with the ability to 'feel'. If they feel good in their life they will never deviate from their path and they will work for the society and nation.

7) There is a need to channelize the energy of youth in an appropriate direction; otherwise they easily get deviated from their path.

8) The youth must be encouraged in quest of justice for common advantage.

9) Youth have their own behaviour and are easily attracted to unfair practices; therefore, love, care and proper guidance are required for their better future.

10) Youth power can be used to end poverty, inequalities, and climate change in global level turning the collective power of the Youth towards these causes.

Here we are providing you another ten Lines on the Youth-the endless energy in very simple words. These important points may helpful for making notes, writing essays, articles for the junior classes in their given assignments.

10 Lines on Youth - The Endless Energy - Set 2

1) Youth are able to do any work with their maximum strength, willingness, and enthusiasm.

2) There are many examples of the past in which the youth played a significant role in the changes in the society and the world.

3) An old generation person tries to find the solution of a problem traditionally, whereas if it is given to a youth, he tries to find the solution in a new innovative way.

4) It is a duty of present generation to prepare their youth to able to face the difficulties by the providing better education and health.

5) Nation should take a collective measure to ensure that the youth gets proper education along with the inheritance culture during their studies.

6) They should be taught the love towards their country as well as the respect towards the elders and the society.

7) Their energy should be engaged in such a way that they had to think for their own development with the prosperity of the people and the society.

8) The energy of youth should be employed in the service, security, honour and development; to make the nation powerful and developed.

9) The Youth may become aggressive and violent if they are not taught good lessons and can be prove to be a waste and a problem for the society and the nation.

10) The government should be responsible to give them good academics and opportunities of employment to make them useful to the nation.

As we see above the role of Youth is very important for a society as well as the nation. If they are handled carefully with affection; with their vigour, enthusiasm, and endurance, they will play a vital role in the development of the country. The unlimited energy if used in a positive way may bring happiness and prosperity.