10 Lines on Racism

Racism is such a word that has spread in almost every part of the world. We can clearly see its impact in India. For getting more information about it, you can read some sets of 10 lines on Racism below. So let’s not waste much time.

Ten Lines on Racism

Set – 1

1) Racism is differentiating people on the basis of their physical appearance.

2) It has taken over the entire world.

3) In most western cultures, racism depends upon the complexion of a person.

4) According to international human rights, the practice of racism is illegal.

5) Racism brings a huge social difference among people.

6) Racism is a threat to the power of the nation.

7) Racism can cause a domestic or internal war.

8) Racism put the people of lower standard away from the advantages and benefits.

9) Racism has never benefitted society in any way.

10) We should pledge for never practicing racism.

Set – 2

1) Racism is judging the ability of people on the basis of their physical differences.

2) Racism exists in the history of the world for a long time.

3) In ancient Indian society, racism was based on the castes one had born.

4) Many philanthropists and social activists consider racism anti-human.

5) Racism is the root of differences among the people.

6) In most western countries, people with white complexion are given more advantages than those of black complexion.

7) Racism is injustice with talent and skill.

8) A form of racism in Indian society was based on the work of the people.

9) Racism has never let people display their true potential.

10) Racism is a curse, and we can never ignore it.

Set – 3

1) Racism creates a difference among the people of a society.

2) It can be based on the difference of colour, profession, body structure, or any other.

3) Most known issue of racism is the difference between white people and dark people.

4) Any kind of racism is considered to be illegal.

5) Racism can create social or political conflicts.

6) The violence and terrorism may be a consequence of racism.

7) The victim of racism lives in fear and shame throughout his life.

8) Because of racism, many people fail to get the deserving job.

9) Those that perform racism are called racists.

10) Racism is a curse for the society and the nation.

Set – 4

1) Racism is the cause of discrimination in a nation.

2) Because of racism, people don’t get a chance to show their skills.

3) It is declared illegal in many countries.

4) The facing racism experience ignorance.

5) It defines the negative attitude of a person.

6) Racism still exists in our educated society.

7) In many companies, female employees are paid less than male employees.

8) Racism is a psychological term, defined as prejudice and discrimination.

9) Because of it, people even don’t attain their fundamental rights.

10) It also exists in India in different forms.

Clearly, we can see that there is no positive side to Racism. It has always harmed society and will keep as well. Before it harms us, we should finish it. In modern times when a man has become educated, the practice of racism has quite decreased. We should work towards improving it.

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