10 Lines on Dirty Politics

Dirty Politics is a very frequently used term in India, and also in other developing countries. You must have broad information about it but not all information. For helping you with the concept, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Dirty Politics and provided below. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Dirty Politics in English

Set – 1

1) Dirty Politics refers to the use of political power for illegal means.

2) The term ‘Dirty Politics’ is used when a politician thinks about his benefit rather than social welfare.

3) Not all political activities fall under dirty politics.

4) Dirty politics is a part of the political system operated by some people only.

5) The lack of proper education is the result of dirty politics.

6) Dirty Politics can be seen in all those countries where democracy is practiced.

7) One of the main reasons for dirty politics is unawareness among people.

8) In India, people elect their representatives on the basis of their castes, not their eligibilities.

9) Interfere of religious matters in politics has made it dirty.

10) The spread of rumour and false news is also a part of dirty politics.

Set – 2

1) Dirty Politics is like cancer for a nation.

2) Dirty Politics is related to the profit of a political personality.

3) Because of Dirty Politics, a large mass of population falls in backwardness.

4) It is also a cause of blocking the flow of money in the economy.

5) It brings a lack of advancement and leads to inflation.

6) It is a major cause of the fraction among the people of different religions and communities.

7) It is also a cause of the destruction of the power of a nation.

8) There can be no social peace and harmony among people until there exists dirty politics.

9) Dirty politics arises from a dirty mind.

10) A nation can’t grow till there is dirty politics in India.


1) Politics is necessary for the formation of government in the nation.

2) Corruption in politics has become very common at present.

3) The greed for money and power makes it dirty politics.

4) Corrupt politicians make misuse of their power.

5) They also carry out illegal activities to earn more money.

6) They apply all the corrupt measures to win the election.

7) They thereafter work for their selfish motives.

8) They never try to do anything for the welfare of the nation.

9) Every politician is not involved in the game of dirty politics.

10) Politicians willing to work sincerely for the people of the nation are very less in number.


1) Politics has become a dirty game in many of the nations of the world.

2) It is because of the corrupt politicians and their illegal works.

3) These politicians apply every measure to win the elections.

4) They forget all their duties after coming in power.

5) Dirty politics is a hindrance to the development of the nation.

6) India is a nation that is suffering from this illness.

7) Many corrupt politicians have made politics a business.

8) They utilize the government-granted funds for their own welfare.

9) This can never improve the condition of people and the nation.

10) Education and wise decisions of people can be a way of getting rid of dirty politics.

It is obvious that dirty politics can never help a nation in its development. It is very important to eradicate it completely from our political activities so that we can achieve complete public welfare. Politics is for people, but dirty politics is against people. For ending it, we will need to encourage education for everyone.

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