10 Lines on World Forestry Day

World Forestry Day is celebrated every year on March 21st to raise public awareness about the importance of forests in human life. Forests provide clean air, food, natural resources, green cover and are a source of livelihood for many. People around the world come together to celebrate the occasion with an aim to create awareness about protecting the forests for our sustainable future. The celebration plays a crucial role in conservation and preservation of forests and trees by raising the awareness among public through various means like organizing events, campaigns etc.

Ten Lines on World Forestry Day

Set 1

1) World Forestry Day is celebrated every year on March 21st to promote the importance of forests in our life.

2) In November 1971, states members in the 16th session of the Conference of Food and Agriculture Organization decided to observe 21st March as World Forestry Day.

3) It is celebrated to create awareness about the importance of trees and forests for humanity and the planet.

4) World Forestry Day is celebrated to highlight the contribution of trees and forests in the life of millions and the weather cycle.

5) Every year, government, NGOs and civil communities jointly hold awareness programme on the benefits of forests on the occasion of World Forestry Day.

6) Forests help in preserving and balancing the biologically diverse ecosystem by providing stability to various natural processes of nature.

7) World Forestry Day celebration aims at protecting millions of endangered species present on the land.

8) Every year the World Forestry Day is celebrated around the globe with a theme in order to focus the attention of the public about the value of trees and forests.

9) World Forestry Day theme of 2019 is “Forests and Education”.

10) Nations organize various events like lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, seminars, etc to celebrate World Forestry Day.

Set 2

1) The celebration of World Forestry Day recognizes the contribution of forest which provides us food, medicines and environmental benefits.

2) Schools organize various competitions like painting competition, film screening, essay writing and a quiz competition on the occasion of World Forestry Day.

3) Photography exhibitions, art competitions, short film festivals are organized at the international level on the occasion.

4) The day gives an opportunity to create awareness among people about the protection, preservation, and recreation of forests.

5) Forests are crucial for us as they provide clean air needed for the survival of living beings.

6) Deforestation has increased due to the burgeoning population in urban areas causing havoc to the environment.

7) World Forestry Day celebration stresses the urgency to fight against deforestation and human encroachment.

8) Tree plantation campaigning is being organized on the occasion of World Forestry Day by governments and community organizations.

9) United Nations organizes workshops to deal with issues like encroachment and habitat loss through deforestation on the occasion.

10) The school students, conservationists, and environmentalists participate in the event organized at various places in India to celebrate World Forestry Day.

Set 3

1) World Forestry Day is celebrated every year on 21st March.

2) The Forest Festival in India has been celebrated since July 1950.

2) The World Forest Day was first celebrated in 1971 in India.

3) It was started by the then Home Minister of India, Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi, in India.

4) The only purpose behind celebrating this to understand how important the soil and the forests are.

5) The forests absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release oxygen that we breathe.

6) Many things used in our daily life are obtained from trees; therefore we should take care of trees.

7) From 2012 onwards, every year a tree planting campaign is organized to prevent deforestation and create awareness among the people towards it.

8) Deforestation is a major cause of a decrease in forest cover affecting everyone not only on an individual level but also on a global level.

9) The day serves as a platform for various civic groups of the society to come forward and raise this issue.

10) International Forest Day sets an important stage for educating the importance of forests in our ecosystem and the youth of the world.

Set 4

1) In order to give importance to forests in different countries of the world, on March 21st every year, ‘World Forest Day’ is celebrated.

2) This day is celebrated as the importance of forests and forestry and their contribution to society.

3) An area where the density of trees is extremely high is called a forest.

4) Forests cover about 9.4% of the Earth and about 30% of the total land area.

5) Forests were once spread over 50% of the total land area.

6) Forests, habitats for animals, affect the water cycle and are useful for soil conservation; hence it is called an important part of the Earth’s biosphere.

7) World Forestry Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1971.

8) The forests play an important role in our lives, the life of all human beings depends on the forests, but due to the frequent cutting of forests, their number is decreasing.

9) The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people understand the importance of forests and to conserve them.

10) This year, the United Nations has taken some decisions regarding “forests and permanent cities” that have been marked as the theme of International Forest Day.

World Forestry Day is celebrated every year to create awareness among the public about the values and benefits of preserving forests which are a very crucial part of our ecosystem. The awareness campaign promotes the protection of forests and trees. As cities are growing, the demand for land has increased manifold which has led to deforestation at a speedy rate. The government and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to preserve the forests, plants, and trees which are essential for the survival of mankind on planet earth.

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