10 Lines on World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March to raise public awareness about the benefits of water, one of the essential elements of our ecosystem. It inspires people around the world to share ideas about water-related issues and take some concrete action in terms of preservation and conservation of water resources. On World Water Day, people around the world, government and non-government organizations, CSR organizations, youths, and the general public come together and celebrate the occasion. The aim of the celebration is to create awareness of water and its resources which are crucial for the survival of living beings on earth.

Ten Lines on World Water Day

10 Lines on World Water Day – Set 1

1) World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March to increase public awareness of the importance of freshwater.

2) World Water Day highlights the importance of sustainable management of water resources.

3) In December 1992, the United Nations adopted a resolution to celebrate 22nd March as World Water Day.

4) Every year government, NGO’s and civil communities jointly hold an awareness programme on the benefits of water on the occasion of World Water Day.

5) Water provides habitat for many species in the form of the ocean thereby helping in preserving the biologically diverse ecosystem.

6) Safe water is the necessity of every household, school, workplace, farm, and factory.

7) Every year the World Water Day is celebrated around the globe with a theme in order to focus the attention of the public about the value of freshwater in human life.

8) World Water Day 2019 theme was “Leaving no one behind”.

9) 2019 World Water Day theme aimed at providing water to all by the year 2030.

10) Nations around the globe organize various events like lectures, discussions, seminars, nature talks to celebrate World Water Day.

10 Lines on World Water Day – Set 2

1) Water plays a crucial role in various parts of life like agriculture, health, trade, and balancing the ecological system.

2) World Water Day provides a platform to achieve the UN’s sustainable goal of universal access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

3) United Nation along with the state members organizes campaigns through print and electronic media for global water conservation.

4) The adverse climate change, pollution, and over-exploitation of water resources have led to a severe water crisis.

5) Encroachment of water bodies like ponds, rivers, lakes, etc has increased due to the burgeoning population in urban areas.

6) Photography exhibition, community walk, interviews, and talk shows on radio and television are organized on a national level on World Water Day.

7)  Theatrical, art, musical and educational events are planned as a part of the World Water Day celebration across the world on 22nd March every year.

8) Campaigns are organized by NGOs to collect the money for water projects in order to rejuvenate and replenish water bodies.

9) Schools organize various competitions like painting competitions, documentary screening, essay writing, and a quiz competition on the occasion of World Water Day.

10) The school students, conservationists, academicians, scientists participate in the event being organized at various places in India to celebrate World Water Day.

10 Lines on World Water Day – Set 3

1) The United Nations started celebrating ‘World Water Day’ on 22nd March in its 1992 session.

2) The international initiative of ‘World Water Day’ was held at the ‘United Nations Conference on Environment and Development’ in 1992 in ‘Rio de Janeiro’.

3) On which the first work was done to spread awareness on the conservation and maintenance of water on the occasion of ‘Water Day’ across the world for the first time on March 22nd, 1993.

4) It was first officially added to the 21st schedule of the United Nations Conference for Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

5) Its main objective is to inspire people all over the world to learn more about water-related issues and to improve them.

6) World Water Day is celebrated by India, the U. S. A., Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, Ghana, Bangladesh, Germany, Nigeria, Egypt, and United Nations member countries around the world.

7) Speech and essay competitions are held on World Water Day in many schools and colleges across India.

8) Various competitions related to water and its conservation are usually organized in these competitions.

9) The United Nations selects a theme of World Water Day for each year.

10) On this auspicious day, all of us should take a pledge that we have to save water from getting polluted in any way and also take care of our environment.

10 Lines on World Water Day – Set 4

1) World Water Day is celebrated every year throughout the world on 22nd March.

2) The United Nations decided to celebrate this day as an annual event through the General Assembly in the year 1993.

3) World Water Day highlights the importance of water and its conservation.

4) World Water Day is celebrated by the United Nations, including the member nations, to promote the real activities of global water conservation.

5) Right from the beginning of this program, the United Nations has all the responsibility of celebrating World Water Day.

6) It also decides the theme on World Water Day every year to spread the global message.

7) The theme of World Water Day for the year 2019 has been declared “Leaving no one behind”.

8) It is celebrated by organizing a variety of events and activities, such as photo exhibitions, stage and musical festivals related to water conservation.

9) Debates and discussions are organized on T.V. channels on water management and safety at the local, national and international levels.

10) The government should also focus on problems related to water and more efforts should be taken to encourage people and officials to understand their duties.

5 Lines on World Water Day

1) 22nd March is World Water Day.

2) It highlights the importance of water.

3) This day is celebrated on a specific theme.

4) Public lectures, debates, rallies, etc are held.

5) It promotes sustainable management of water resources.

World Water Day is celebrated every year to create awareness among the public about the values and benefits of preserving water which is a very integral part of our ecosystem. The awareness campaign promotes the proper use of water and its resources. As cities are growing the demand for land has increased manifold which has led to the encroachment of the water bodies.

The situation in urban areas is pretty alarming as the majority of lakes and aquatic bodies are filled with toxins. The government, civil communities, and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to preserve the valuable freshwater without which no living being can survive on our planet.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World Water Day

Q.1 What are some of the global water-related challenges?

Ans. Some of the global water-related challenges include water scarcity, water pollution, and inadequate access to safe drinking water.

Q.2 How can individuals contribute to World Water Day?

Ans. Individuals can contribute to World Water Day by conserving water in their daily lives, reducing their water footprint, and advocating for better water management policies.

Q.3 What is the World Water Day symbol?

Ans. The World Water Day symbol is a blue water drop.

Q.4 What are some of the sustainable solutions for water management?

Ans. Some of the sustainable solutions for water management include rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, and desalination.

Q.5 How does water scarcity affect the environment?

Ans. Water scarcity affects the environment by causing soil erosion, water pollution, and lower crop yields.

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