10 Lines on Gardening

In cities and towns where people have their independent houses, we can see a garden either small or big in size. A garden is the place full of plants having flowers, fruits and vegetables. People feel the fragrance and aroma of flowers and fruits. The scenic beauty of the garden gives us positivity and a spiritual kind of happiness.

Garden is a boon for nature lovers and for those who have the passion of growing flowers and plants. As the cities are shrinking due to large population, people are making gardens on the roof top of their houses or they are keeping plants in earthen pots.

Ten Lines on Gardening in English

We are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Gardening in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. So, let’s start reading and getting the one best for you:

10 Lines on Gardening

1) Gardening is an activity of cultivating and growing different types of plants and flowers.

2) Plants and trees are an essential component of our life.

3) Nature lovers grow various kinds of plants and flowers in their garden. 

4) Without plants we cannot perform any activity like eating, drinking, breathing etc.

5) In gardening, people grow different types of plants, shrubs, bushes where flowers blossom.

6) Gardening allows you to grow fruits and vegetables by your own in your garden.

7) When you grow fruits and vegetables in garden you get a fresh and healthy food items.

8) Some nature lovers have a hobby of gardening because they love nature’s scenic beauty.

9) People feel pride to show their collection of different plants and flowers in their garden.

10) Gardening is also a kind of recreation and a best activity to release your stress and tension.

10 Lines and Sentences on Gardening

1) Gardening is the type of hobby of an individual similar to other hobbies like drawing, painting and singing.

 2) It is a hobby which requires some manual labour as the person himself places all the plants either in soil or in earthen pots.

3) Gardening not only provides beautiful plants and blossoming flowers which give us fragrance, but it also provides fruits and vegetables.

4) Gardening has health benefits since it is a physical activity and helps in maintaining our cholesterol level and cares our heart.

5) When a person wakes up in the morning and goes to the garden, by the fragrance of flowers and fruits, his mind becomes fresh and active.

6) Though overpopulation has damaged the environment but through gardening we can reduce it to some extent.

7) If you have a house which is well maintained and if it has a garden along with it, then the value of your whole property increases.

8) Gardening can bring you money where you can sell your plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in remarkable prices.

9) Creating and developing a nursery is an allied activity of gardening where people grow and keep a number of plants for selling.

10) Putting hanging nests for birds and making some space for animals makes the garden truly nature friendly.

5 Lines on Gardening

1) It is the process of growing plants.

2) It beautifies the surrounding.

3) It helps to clean the environment.

4) Many people love gardening.

5) Gardening can be done on balconies or backyards.

20 Lines on Gardening

1) Gardening/Horticulture is defined as the activity of cultivating and growing aesthetically the various plants, herbs and shrubs.

2) While many plants grow in the wild, people cultivate and grow some plants, bushes and shrubs in their homes or yard.

3) While this may appear as a hobby for some, the fact is that gardening is actually quite beneficial and therefore, important to us.

4) Gardening is a considerable physical activity; therefore, it becomes an excellent addition to exercise routine for a human being.

5) This includes weeding, watering, mowing, and harvesting; all of which require manual labour from the gardener.

6) This allows you to grow your own vegetables and fruits and ensures that you have a healthy meal on the table.

7) Ornamental gardening delights in beauty of the garden and liked by everyone.

8) Watching something live, grow and thrive because of your efforts can be a very satisfying experience.

9) One can feel a sense of accomplishment by finding the right kind of plants for her/his garden.

10) Gardening allows a person to connect with her/his environment and nature closely.

11) Gardening is often seen as an activity in a modern fast paced world.

12) Studies have shown that gardening helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces stress and depression.

13) Gardening is a big hobby for everyone from working professionals to retired personals. 

14) It evokes feelings of peace and tranquility and can be very therapeutic overall.

15) The effort takes time and energy on your part, but the end result is beautiful for the senses.

16) Time spent in garden gives beautiful results that make the mind happy and satisfied, reduce stress and allows the mind to relax.

17) In a fast-paced, frantic and stressful life, garden becomes an oasis of calmness and peace.

18) Studies show that just looking at a garden is enough to affect blood pressure, electrical activity in the heart, muscles, and even the brain.

19) Gardening gives children an opportunity to study nature as well.

20) They practically find many kinds of flowers and fruits, butterflies, honeybees and bumblebees in the garden what they read in books.

Garden shows a glimpse of our life, it shows our nature and our inner will. A person who has habit of cultivating garden at the backyard of the house would definitely be the true nature lover. Garden adds beauty to the home and spreads the enchanting smell and fragrance of flowers and fruits. Garden gives positivity and ray of hope as when we see the blooming flower, our heart also blossoms.

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