10 Lines on Life

Everybody who is living on this earth is leading his life, but if we talk about the human beings then their life is not the bed of roses, it has problems and struggles. But the life has some beautiful aspects also which gives him a ray of hope and positivity. We have family, relatives and friends who make our life special and make us feel about the specialty of our life.

We the human beings should take inspiration from great personalities in the society and can make them our role model of our life, in fact we should also try to become like them. Leading life depends on our thinking and if we take things in a positive way the life will seem easy and away from all sorts of negativity and issues.

Ten Lines on Life in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Life in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It will also be very helpful to write few lines, some sentences, facts about Life, etc.

10 Lines on Life

1) There is a lot of stress around us whole day which creates lot of hindrance in our mind.

2) The stress can arise at office, at our home, in some relations or in anything else.

3) People while handling these kinds of stress doesn’t get the chance to see the beauty of life.

4) We forget that there is something more in our life which is valuable and beautiful.

5) God has given us plenty of good things like the beauty of nature in our life.

6) Trees, animals, plants, sunlight etc give us the positivity and happiness in life.

7) Nature teaches us that we should be happy and positive in spite of all odds.

8) Challenges are part of life, without it our life will become boring and uneasy.

9) We must keep ourselves calm and then dealing of the issues will become easy.

10) Whatever the situation may be, we must not deviate from the target and goals of our life.

10 Lines and Sentences on Life

1) Life is a very valuable gift which is given by god to us and we must be thankful to him for giving such a precious gift.

2) Life is not only valuable for the human but it is also equally valuable for other living beings also.

3) We must always appreciate the good things happening in our life.

4) There is a tendency that people always criticize the things which are going around them day and night.

5) Nowadays, it is seen that people are getting indulged in bad habits which is ultimately going to destroy their life.

6) People must observe the fact that there is a positive, beautiful and colourful side of life also which must be adopted.

7) We must know that family is an important part of our life and we should take help of them, and respect them always.

8) Secondly, apart from family, our friends constitute essential part of our life as they help us without any condition.

9) In order to make our life valuable, we must set some goals and try hard and consistently to achieve them.

10) We must do something good very often so that we must receive blessings and good wishes from our elders and friends.

10 Lines on Life

5 Lines on Life

1) God has blessed us with the gift of life.

2) We all face challenges and difficulties in life.

3) Life teaches us many things.

4) Positivity helps to live life happily.

5) We should enjoy every moment of life.

20 Lines on Life

1) Life is a precious and priceless gift given by God.

2) The things that have life are called living things.

3) Apart from humans, plants and animals also have life.

4) Life of humans is different from animals.

5) Life is only possible on the planet Earth.

6) Humans have various stages of life.

7) Today technologies are making human life easier.

8) Life has many ups and downs.

9) Life is full of happiness, sorrow, success, and failure.

10) Having goals in life makes life meaningful.

11) We have only a single life to live.

12) Relationships make life joyful and beautiful.

13) Life is full of surprises.

14) Life is very unpredictable.

15) Each moment of life gives us some experience.

16) Life varies from individual to individual.

17) Life is not a constant journey, it is full of uncertainty.

18) Life of a person should be peaceful, no one loves hectic life.

19) During the journey to life we meet several sorts of people.

20) For a better life, we must do good deeds.

There is no friend other than problems and there is no teacher other than challenges, if this philosophy is adopted by everybody then they will not get irritated or frustrated in their life, rather they will win all the odds of life and make every situation favourable because there is a shiny morning after every dark night.

Troubles and challenges are just few hurdles of life and after completing these hurdles we get the real happiness of our life. Always take the life in a positive way and face the challenges with confidence then only life will be beautiful for you.

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