10 Lines on Love

Love is a beautiful feeling which emerges from the core of our heart. Nobody can find any kind of theory or logic as how love generates, when it is generated etc. It is a feeling which is unconditional, be it the relationship of child with his parents, friends, relatives and other people.

We can feel that love is present everywhere. The love we receive from nature and the love and affection we receive from the animals is unconditional. Love has many relations and many dimensions but there is one condition that everybody must give respect in order to receive love.

Ten Lines on Love in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Love in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It will also be very helpful to write few lines, some sentences, facts about Love, etc.

10 Lines on Love

1) Care is the best way to show the unconditional love.

2) It can only be felt but not expressed in words.

3) Love can be for a person, thing, pets, Mother Nature, etc.

4) It has the power to bind the world together.

5) Everybody in this world craves love.

6) The feeling of love makes us happy.

7) Love makes us lively and hopeful in our life.

8) Life without love is of no purpose.

9) Parents are the first love of any individual.

10) We must spread the fragrance of love everywhere.

10 Lines and Sentences on Love

1) Love is the care and mutual affection.

2) The whole world revolves around the feeling of love.

3) There is no space for anger, possession, and jealousy in love.

4) Love binds people together in harmony.

5) Trust is an important factor in love.

6) Love is not begged but is earned.

7) Love is an emotion that makes us feel good.

8) It is essential in every relationship that we have.

9) The love of parents for their children is unconditional.

10) Love in life makes us physically and mentally fit.

10 Lines on Love

5 Lines on Love

1) Love is compassion and trust for someone.

2) Love is the strongest relationship.

3) It should exist in every connection.

4) Love brings joy.

5) We should share the love with everyone.

20 Lines on Love

1) Love is a kind of emotional expression which everybody desires for.

2) Love is the basis of every relationship as it makes a place peaceful and beautiful.

3) Relations which have love and affection along with trust are considered best relations.

4) Right from the day we are born in this world we expect one thing i.e. love.

5) Infants who born doesn’t understand anything other than love and affection.

6) The mother-child relationship is considered one of the stronger relationships of all time.

7) The parent-child bond is also considered pious as it is pure love without any condition.

8) As we grow up, we meet other people like friends, teachers, our relatives etc and get attached with them with their love.

9) One precondition for love and getting love is mutual respect and understanding.

10) We have been taught in childhood to pay respect to our elders and seek their blessings.

11) Love is an essential component to take care of and continuing any sort of relationship within the family and outside.

12) Whether it is parent-child relationship, friendship, relationship between siblings, romantic relationship, there is only one factor called love.

13)  Love is beautiful and has glorifying emotions which binds two people together in a single thread of affection.

14) In the parent-child relationship a child receives love and affection from his parents and their love towards their children is selfless.

15) Those siblings who love each other are seen that they take care of each other; their love gives them a sense of security.

16) Friendship is the next best level of love and bonding after family relations and we consider our friend just like our brother.

17) Another kind of relationship is romantic relationship which propagates between a boy and a girl which may be either temporary or permanent.

18) A special type of love is with nature, animals and birds where a person loves trees, vegetation with all animals and birds.

19) Another kind is between devotee and his deity called as devotion where deity is considered as supreme and everything to the devotee.

20) Our country India is also a symbol of love as every religion teaches us to love and support each other as well as love our motherland.

We can see in today’s world that love is getting faded away slowly and has been replaced by money. People, in order to earn money, have started comparing every relationship in monetary terms and think that is it profitable for them to establish relationships with a particular person. Time has come to show our children the right path of love, co-operation as well as affection with generosity with every living being. Love also means sacrifice which is done for the person we love.

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