10 Lines on Save Trees

Trees are very important element on the earth. It can be said that trees are the lifeline of every living being because every living being, be it human, animals, reptiles or any other organisms; everyone is dependent on the trees.

But nowadays, lots of trees are cut down and numbers of jungles are being cleaned just for the sake of fulfilling the greed of human beings. As a result there have been various threats which have affected the ecosystem and environment of earth.

By observing all these issues and problems, a campaign to save trees is started which involves taking out processions, rallies and door to door campaign for spreading the importance of saving trees.

Ten Lines on Save Trees in English

We have provided ten lines on save trees in English. After reading these lines you will know that why trees are important to us, what will happen without trees, what are the functions of trees, how trees help us, what is save trees, what activities are done in save trees campaign, what people do in save trees campaign etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competitions. This will also be very useful while writing save tree essay, speech on save trees, few sentences on save trees or best lines on save trees for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 or class 5.

10 Lines on Save Trees – Set 1

1) ‘Save Trees’ is a slogan used to motivate people to protect trees in their area.

2) Trees are very important to us just like food and water are for life.

3) No trees on earth will lead to no life on earth hence saving trees is very important for us.

4) Trees give us life by giving us Oxygen and absorbing Carbon Dioxide.

5) Trees also help to have better rainfall and prevent soil erosion against floods.

6) Trees also give us woods, medicines, habitat to birds, and shelter to animals etc.

7) They also contain a whole ecosystem within them and support various forms of life.

8) Save trees campaign spreads awareness regarding the importance of trees in our life.

9) Campaigns, processions and rallies are organised to promote reforestation and tree planting.

10) Huge number of people gather and support save trees campaigns and request people to plant trees in their surroundings.

We have provided another set of ten lines on save trees. After going through these lines you will know that what is green gold, how trees purify air, how trees help humans, what are the other benefits of trees, how cutting of trees affects earth, what steps can be taken to save trees etc.

10 Lines on Save Trees – Set 2

1) Trees are one of the precious gifts which have been given by Mother Nature to every living being and are also called as “green gold”.

2) Trees give us life by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon di-oxide which is very essential for the existence of any kind of life.

3) Trees also act as a source of livelihood for many people as they get wood, leaves, fruits, herbal medicines and many more things.

4) Trees are the source of rainfall on the earth and also prevent soil erosion during floods.

5) Continuous deforestation and cutting of trees is making the environment of earth toxic and leading to various ecological threats.

6) Absence of trees will highly impact the rain condition giving rise to floods at some places and drought at another.

7) Climatic Change, Global Warming and pollution are highly affecting the environment of earth which are the side effects of deforestation.

8) In order to save trees we must plant more trees and people who cut trees should be heavily fined.

9) No unnecessary construction should be allowed which requires cutting of trees.

10) Illegal cutting of trees should be immediately reported the concerned authority.

We have provided below a third set of 10 Lines on Save Trees for your knowledge. These points have been written in simple language for easy memorization. You can use these special lines during your school function, where you are asked to speak few lines on save trees.

10 Lines on Save Trees – Set 3

1) Trees are very essential for the health of the environment and must be saves at any cost.

2) What lungs are to human body, trees are to the earth.

3) Trees shelter variety of flora and fauna, which would have otherwise become extinct.

4) Trees play an essential role in preventing floods and other natural calamities.

5) Save trees because they provide oxygen which is essential for our survival.

6) Trees play a significant role in keeping the earth’s temperature moderate and livable.

7) Trees act as natural filters by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.

8) Always buy recycled products to save trees.

9) To save trees, minimize the use of paper, or recycle it, if at all you have to use it.

10) Keep your surroundings clean if you want to save the trees from destruction.

10 Lines on Save Trees

Below, we have provided a 4th set on Save Trees, for your information and knowledge. You can easily memorize these points and recite it in front of the audience, if the situation arises, and earn the applause from teachers and classmates.

10 Lines on Save Trees – Set 4

1) Trees are our lifeline and most essential for survival of all living beings on earth.

2) Trees are our best weapons in fighting with global warming and climate change.

3) Billions of people rely directly on trees for food and shelter.

4) Switching to digital technology is a significant way to save paper, thus saving trees.

5) If you are unable to save a tree, plant two in exchange.

6) No trees should be cut down for building factories and other commercial activities.

7) General awareness of people for saving trees must be raised through various programs.

8) Trees must be protected from fire and other manmade disasters.

9) Trees support local population and economy by providing fruits and medicines.

10) Trees make our surroundings green and beautiful as well as lively with animals and birds.

The 5th set of 10 lines on Save Trees is provided below. The set comes with some additional facts on the topic which can provided some more points to add in essays or speeches for the students. Since it is a very important topic for the reader of all age that’s why we have created in very easy language so that no one bothers anywhere while reading the set. Take a look on it.

10 Lines on Save Trees – Set 5

1) ‘Save Trees’ can be often heard when people are talking about pollution.

2) Trees must be saved as they are a very important natural resource.

3)  ‘Save Trees’ means don’t make a land survive without Trees.

4) Trees are an important resource of Oxygen for human so they must be saved.

5) Saving Trees is all about making nature beautiful and attractive.

6) Trees are asked to be saved because they purify the air, provide oxygen and save the land from erosion.

7) Saving Trees means not cutting the trees in a huge number.

8) There have been many movements launched in the whole world to protect the Trees.

9) Many NGOs work for saving Trees and one can join them very easily.

10) Saving the Trees is indirectly saving the human from calamities.

With the increasing population, deforestation has increased since the last decade leading to various ecological threats. There is a famous saying that nature fulfills human needs but not human greed. The greed of the human race has given rise to many issues and the effects have been already felt in recent times.

Time has come to stop deforestation and it can be best done through campaigns like save trees with mass involvement then only we can make our earth clean and green.

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