10 Lines on Importance of Trees

Trees are the lifeline of our planet. They are the main source of the gas of life, Oxygen. They not only cleanse the air but also regulate the temperature of the earth. Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and other harmful gases and release oxygen in return and hence they are also termed as the lungs of our planet.

Trees provide a natural habitat to birds, animals, and other microorganisms and play a crucial role in supporting biodiversity on earth. They improve the air quality by absorbing the toxins, prevent soil erosion, conserve water and improve the climatic condition at a given place. Trees also play an important role for economic growth and a major source of livelihood for many tribal communities residing in forests.

Ten Lines on Importance of Trees

Set 1

1) Trees are one of the most important components of the earth’s ecosystem.

2) They help in providing an unlimited supply of oxygen, the gas for life.

3) A mature green tree could suffice the need of oxygen required by 10 people in a year.

4) Trees help in maintaining the natural biodiversity of earth acting as a natural habitat for animals and birds.

5) They also absorb pollutants present in the air like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, etc.

6) They also filter the harmful radiation of the sun and keep the land cool in summers.

7) Trees help in fighting Global Warming as they absorb carbon dioxide, the major gas responsible for it.

8) They also act as a sound barrier and help in reducing noise pollution, especially in urban areas.

9) Trees also have importance in rituals and customs especially in Hinduism where most of the rituals are carried out under ‘Pipal’ or ‘Banyan’ tree.

10) Trees are also an important source of raw materials that add up to the economic growth of a country.

Set 2

1) Trees provide selfless service to the mankind and do not take anything in return.

2) Apart from ecological benefits, trees are also the source of medicines, fruits, timber, spices etc.

3) More than 121 prescribed drugs used in the world are derived from plant sources.

4) Forests across the world represent the richness of plant as well as animal species which are essential for the well being of the human race.

5) A single rain forest could hold hundreds of species of plants, trees and animals enhancing the biodiversity.

6) Trees bind the soil and do not let it flow by wind or water thereby preventing soil erosion.

7) They also regulate the earth’s temperature by evaporation and transpiration process.

8) Trees also combat against climate change as they fight against global warming, the main culprit of climate change.

9) The greenery of trees and forests provides peace of mind and also reduces stress along with other health benefits.

10) The importance and trees and nature is not only essential for ecosystem but it is also crucial for the survival of the human race.

Set 3

1) Trees are a precious gift of nature to mankind.

2) They are our life’s companions, they make us live by absorbing carbon dioxide and provide oxygen.

3) Trees are true warriors those fight against pollution and give us a clean and beautiful environment.

4) They provide us shade, fruits and timber, etc.

5) In India, trees are worshiped; they are given as much respect as any human being.

6) Where there are a number of trees, there is also very little noise pollution because the density of the trees does not allow the noise to spread.

7) Where there is a lot of trees, there is no erosion of the land and with the help of these, the acidity of the land also decreases.

8) Our wildlife wealth is safe today due to trees in forests.

9) We get organic manure from the dry leaves of trees, which make the land fertile.

10) We get flowers, fruits, rubber, lacquer, silk, paper, matchmaking, wood, herbs and other mineral substances from trees.

Set 4

1) Trees are an integral part of our lives and it is our responsibility to protect them.

2) As long as trees exist on the earth, only human civilization exists, so we have to protect trees.

3) Trees also have great importance in the life of wildlife animals because the forest is their home.

4) Birds build their nests on trees and use their small branches to make nests.

5) Trees help reduce air, water and noise pollution.

6) Due to trees, the environment of the earth is able to function systematically.

7) Trees prevent soil erosion and prevent flooding.

8) Trees provide cool shade to us during summer, due to which we feel less hot.

9) Dry wood is obtained from trees, by which we can get energy by burning fire and we can make doors, windows, beds, tables, chairs, etc.

10) Due to trees, there is a good amount of rainfall, which swells the rivers, ponds, and groundwater, and we get clean and sweet water for drinking.

Trees and forests are the lungs of our ecosystem as they are essential components for sustaining life on our planet and without them, it would be very difficult to imagine life on earth. They safeguard the living beings on earth from various threats and are also responsible for rainfalls.

They are the source of food, shelter, livelihood, and fuel, etc for a variety of species including human beings. Trees also play an important role in religions and Hinduism has always given importance to the trees as most of the rituals and customs are performed under trees.

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