10 Lines on Plants

Plants are very important for the ecological system of earth. They not only provide oxygen but also support variety of herbivorous animals that depend on plants for their food. They also act as the main source of vegetarian food for mankind. The food we eat, be it bread, rice, pulses, vegetables etc. they all come from plants. They also hold an ecosystem within them.

Many organism, species, animals etc depend on plants for their survival. They also help in pollination, a process which helps in sustaining many plant species.

Ten Lines on Plants in English

Below are the 10 lines on plants which provide you a crisp and compact knowledge on the topic.

10 Lines on Plants - Set 1

1) Plants play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem of our planet.

2) They are the main source of food for majority of species including humans.

3) Photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce their own food in presence of sunlight.

4) Plants are also used as medicine especially in Ayurvedic treatment.

5) Plants host a large amount of parasites and organisms on them.

6) There are more than 300 thousand species of plants on earth.

7) Plants play a major role in oxygen supply and around 20% of earth’s oxygen is generated from Amazon forests.

8) Chlorophyll is the pigment present in the leaves which makes it look green.

9) Banana plant is considered as the largest growing herb.

10) Study of plants comes under Botany.

Here is another set of 10 lines on plants for your easiness and help you better understand the importance of plants. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exams, school assignments, paragraph recitation in the class or other purposes:

10 Lines on Plants – Set 2

1) Plants are very important for maintaining the suitable conditions for the survival of species.

2) They help in maintaining the atmosphere and producing oxygen.

3) Plants in oceans are very important for the survival of the aquatic species that depends on them for food.

4) They help in absorbing harmful gases and keep the environment clean.

5) Plants are the major source of nutrients which are very much essential for human survival.

6) Plants help in absorbing carbon dioxide thus fight global warming.

7) They also provide habitat to many species and organisms.

8) Leaf is the part of the plant which helps them in respiration.

9) Bamboo is considered as the tallest grass on earth.

10) Branch of Botany which studies the plants fossil and its evolution is called as Paleobotany.

Below we are providing a 3rd set on Plant for your knowledge. After going through these points you will know various things about plants, their uses and significance etc. You can use these few lines during a debate or common discussions.

10 Lines on Plants – Set 3

1) Plant is a living organism growing in a permanent site, with help of water.

2) There are many different varieties of plants found on planet earth.

3) Many plants provide food and some too have medicinal uses.

4) Some plants are a good source of water for the humans who consume them.

5)  Plants have a well developed metabolic system of their own.

6) Plants raise the oxygen level of a place and reduce the carbon dioxide level.

7) Plants keep the temperature of urban areas under control.

8) Plants have leaves through which the process of photosynthesis takes place.

9) A plant usually has a very high percentage of water, around 95%.

10) A plant dies in absence of soil and water.

Please find below a 4th set of 10 Lines on Plant for your information. You can use these points during your school competition and other activities, to earn applause of your parents and teachers.

10 Lines on Plants – Set 4

1) Water, soil and sunlight are essential for plants to survive.

2) Plants like Chinese evergreen and Dumb cane could live inside in water.

3) Some plants like snake plant and ponytail palm require much less water to grow.

4) Plants take energy from the sun through a process called photosynthesis.

5) Plants are fixed into the soil through their roots.

6) Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.

7) Some species of plants are carnivorous i.e. they eat insects and small animals.

8) Almost all of earth’s land area is covered with plants of various species.

9) Plants have waxy layer on their surface which prevents them from drying out.

10) Plants are mainly classified under two groups – vascular and non vascular.

Plants are very important for every species alive on earth. It helps them providing shelter, food, and habitat. It also helps in fighting pollution and global warming and helps in maintaining the global temperature and save us from scorching heat.