10 Lines on Freedom of Speech

Our Indian Constitution has granted us many fundamental rights. These fundamental rights are available for every citizen of India irrespective to the difference of their caste, religion, culture, language or any other. One of these fundamental rights is the ‘freedom of speech’, about which we are going to read in detail through the sets of 10 lines below. Check them.

Ten Lines on Freedom of Speech in English

Below are given 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Freedom of Speech for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also, people who want to know some facts on Freedom of Speech in short as well as in less time can read these lines. So, let’s start:

10 Lines on Freedom of Speech

1) Expression of thoughts, opinion and ideas without any fear and censorship is the freedom of speech.

2) Freedom of speech is one of the basic elements of a democracy.

3) It helps in the proper functioning of the democratic government.

4) In India, freedom of speech and expression is a part of the fundamental rights.

5) It gives us the power to speak against government policies without any fear.

6) Press, electronic media, social media are a few examples of freedom of expression platforms.

7) The exceptions for the freedom of speech prohibit any expression or attempt to challenge national integrity and security.

8) Freedom of speech helps the formation of public opinion on political and social issues.

9) It is a way by which we can put our non-acceptance and denial against the government policies and decisions.

10) It is the instrument which helps us to challenge the working of the political structure, thus helping to sustain democracy.

10 Lines and Sentences on Freedom of Speech

1) Freedom of speech is the right to speak freely on any political, social or economic issue.

2) It is a part of international human rights law.

3) It is a way to voice our opinion on the workings of the elected government.

4) Freedom of speech is an instrument to avoid turning of democracy into dictatorship.

5) It also helps to protect other fundamental rights by raising voice against any violation.

6) It gives us the authority for the silent protests against any violation or discrimination.

7) It gives power to Press and electronic media to raise voice against the harsh policies of the government.

8) Voices against national integrity and security are the misuse of freedom of speech.

9) Freedom of speech does not give any authority to anyone to express his opinion by anti-national slogans.

10) Freedom of speech should always go hand in hand with our fundamental duties.

5 Lines on Freedom of Speech

1) Freedom of Speech is our fundamental right.

2) We are free to express our views and thoughts.

3) Mass media is an example of a freedom of speech platform.

4) Through this right, we can raise our voices.

5) It helps in the proper functioning of government.

20 Lines on Freedom of Speech

1) Freedom of Speech is the freedom to express your thought and opinion on any matter.

2) Freedom of Speech is the fundamental right of every Indian described in Indian Constitution.

3) The Freedom of Speech falls under the fundamental rights in the Indian Constitution.

4) The Freedom of Press is an example of Freedom of Speech.

5) Freedom of Speech does not work in some cases like The Security of the State, Contempt of Court, Incitement to an offence etc.

6) According to the Constitution Act 1951, the government can restrict Freedom of Speech if it badly impacts the friendly relations of India with other countries.

7) Freedom of Speech also does not allow you to defame the personality of someone else.

8) Freedom of Speech provides the liberty to express one’s thoughts and ideas.

9) The power of speech can greatly impact society, and that is possible only through the Freedom of Speech.

10) The Right to Information (RTI) is an important part of Freedom of Speech.

11) Freedom of Speech is equal for every citizen in India.

12) Freedom of Speech is a basic right of the human being as declared globally.

13) The features of Freedom of Speech, in the Indian Constitution, are available for Indians only.

14) Freedom of Speech is also the Freedom of Expression.

15) The Freedom of Speech in India is not absolute, and the government can debar it in some special cases.

16) Provoking people to spread terror and enmity is beyond the Freedom of Speech.

17) Freedom of Press is a part of Freedom of Speech, allowing Indian media to be neutral to the political parties.

18) Freedom of Speech is available in ‘Article 19 (1) (a)’ of the Indian Constitution.

19) With the Freedom of Speech, every individual can play a role in forming an ideal government.

20) Freedom of Speech and Expression, if used reasonably, becomes the power of the individual.

Freedom of speech is a great medium to voice our opinions and decisions. It gives us the power to speak on any topic freely and without any limitation unless and until it is in favour of our society and country. Freedom of speech is not to be misused, and there should always be a sense of respect towards others, especially to the integrity and unity of our country.

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