10 Lines on Addiction

Addiction of anything is always bad, be it mobile phones, television, alcohol or the most dangerous, Drugs.  Addiction is the state of mind which compels the repetitive behavior in spite of its destructive consequences. Addiction not only affects the health of a person but it also destroys the social status of an individual making him isolated from rest of the world.

Addiction has destroyed many families and left the family members of the addicted in a state of abject poverty. Addiction is a curse to the society and people especially youths should be kept away from this evil.

Ten Lines on Addiction in English

Below are the ten points on Addiction which will focus on addiction and its effects. It will also help you to understand the topic in detail.

10 Lines on Addiction - Set 1

1) Addiction is the psychological or physical behavior compelling to take or practice something despite knowing its harmful consequences.

2) It starts with an initial excitement and gradually the mind becomes habitual of it and demands for more, compelling to repetitive practice.

3) Anyone from any background or age can fall prey to addiction.

4) The very common forms of addiction are alcohol, cigarette, gambling, drugs etc.

5) There are also few new forms of addiction like smart phone, computer games, social media etc. though they are not very harmful but on a long term they can affect our health.

6) Alcohol is the most common form of addiction in which a person starts with a smaller amount but gradually gets dependent on alcohol resulting in uncontrolled drinking.

7) Around 15 people die in India every day due to alcohol abuse.

8) Punjab tops the list of drug addiction, with 4 out of 10 men addicted to drugs.

9) There are many help lines and rehabilitation centers which help in curing addiction and its side effects.

10) With strong determination and focus addiction can be avoided; after all, life is more precious than drugs.

Here is another set of 10 lines on Addiction for your easiness and help you better understand about the topic. You can go through and learn these lines on Addiction for your exam, school assignment or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Addiction - Set 2

1) Addiction is a mental disorder which forces a person to follow a repetitive practice despite it detrimental consequences.

2) The main cause of addiction is the high thrill and excitement resulting from a harmful practice or consumption of a substance.

3) Addiction adversely affects family and isolates the person from the society.

4) Gambling, mobile phone and computer games addiction are called as behavioral addiction.

5) Drugs, alcoholism and cigarette addiction are called as drug addiction.

6) Opium, cocaine, caffeine, tobacco, heroine are few types of highly potentially addictive drugs.

7) The repetitive use of these drugs affects the state of mind and degrades person’s self control and decision making ability.

8) Addiction leads to mood swings, sick feeling, depression, insomnia, violent behavior and even sudden deaths etc.

9) Many rehabilitation centers help in curing the addiction and its ill effects.

10) Spreading awareness about drug and alcohol abuse can help us fight this social evil.

We have prepared the 3rd set of 10 Lines on Addiction. The set is prepared with some additional information so that there must be no important fact left unknown to you anyhow. The set is full of important information and will definitely make you to have some new information that you never knew before. Let’s not make much more delay to read the provided set.

10 Lines on Addiction – Set 3

1) In simple words, Addiction is literally the repetition of a particular habit much frequently.

2) Addiction of anything is always harmful for one’s health.

3) Some people are used too of medicines and it has become a part of their daily life which is also an addiction.

4) Sometimes the person knows that the addiction he is posing is harmful for his health but he finds it difficult to get rid of it.

5) Addiction makes one completely dependent on something and finds it the source of pleasure.

6) Researchers have found that the addiction is somewhat hereditary.

7) Creating a healthy and cheerful environment in family can reduce the risk of addiction in youngsters.

8) Addiction comes with many physical, psychological and personal complications.

9) Addiction can cause psychosis, anxiety, depression and sometimes suicide too.

10) It is never too late to let go addiction of whatever you have.

There is another set of 10 Lines on Addiction is provided below. The set is prepared with some additional information on the topic. There is a lot to know about addiction and its harmful consequences. The points on addiction would be fun to read together it will also tell us the negative side of addictions and will motivate us live a balanced life rather than an addicted life. So let’s start.

10 Lines on Addiction – Set 4

1) Everyone has addiction of something in some forms in his life.

2) One’s dependency on Alcohol or any other chemical substance is called Addiction.

3) Addiction is also the habit of doing something repeatedly like Gambling, eating, using phones etc.

4) Inability to get rid of the addiction indicates the intensity of addiction that one possesses.

5) The reason behind addiction is that one find pleasure in doing that no matter how many times one does that.

6) Addiction is sometimes used to fresh one’s mind and feel relaxed and comfort.

7) It is found that the youngsters are the more likely to get an addiction than others.

8) To stop the problem of addiction it is very important to identify the addiction.

9) Addiction greatly impacts the brain and makes several unwanted changes.

10) ‘Yoga’ is a natural and effective way to throw away the addiction of any kind.

Addiction has killed many and destroyed many families. It has also given rise to many criminal activities. It is time to spread the awareness of drug abuse and government should also take drastic steps to curb the drug peddlers’ and drug syndicate. A strong determination and zeal can help cure addiction and curb out this evil from our society.