10 Lines on Say No to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have become an integral part of everyone’s life as it is very handy to carry our stuff in plastic bags. But one thing we all forget that every convenience comes with some or the other drawbacks. Plastic bags have become a threat to our ecosystem and it has also started affecting the biodiversity of our planet.

We all know that plastic bags are non-biodegradable i.e. it could not be decomposed easily and takes hundreds of years to decompose, eventually leaving its trail of toxicity. Plastic bags have become a serious threat to wild animals and aquatic species as becoming a major reason for their unnatural deaths.

Ten Lines on Say No to Plastic Bags

Set 1

1) Plastic bags look very useful and convenient but act as a hazard to the ecosystem.

2) They are non-biodegradable items that stay in our ecosystem destructing biodiversity.

3) Plastic bags are a major cause of waterlogging in cities during rainfalls disrupting lives.

4) They mix with the soil and do not let water pass through them making the land infertile.

5) Wild animals often eat them mistaking it as food items resulting in their deaths.

6) Thousands of whales and turtles are killed by eating plastic bags mistaking it as a jellyfish.

7) ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’ is the best way to avoid these situations and save our environment.

8) It is always better to carry cotton or jute bags before going shopping which will reduce the use of plastic bags.

9) Synthetic bags should be disposed of properly and littering should be completely avoided.

10) The government should act to completely ban the production and circulation of plastic bags to save the ecosystem.

Additional set of 10 lines on Say No to Plastic Bags is also provided below which will mainly focus on how to stop the use of plastic bags in our daily lives. It will also emphasize how you can bring a positive change in the ecosystem by saying no to plastic bags.

Set 2

1) Plastic bags kill around 100,000 marine animals and birds every year.

2) The increasing debris of plastic bags is making the environment toxic.

3) Replacing synthetic bags with eco-friendly and biodegradable items is the best way to stop plastic pollution.

4) Youths should come forward and spread awareness about the effects of plastic pollution.

5) A proper recycling and reuse solution should be used to control the littering of plastic bags.

6) The government should plant a plastic bag disposal system in cities and rural areas so that it is not littered everywhere.

7) Use of paper or canvas bags, cans, paper boxes, etc should be encouraged instead of plastic-based materials.

8) Always pick up plastic litter in your vicinity and dispose of in the bins provided so that it does not get eaten by stray animals.

9) The government has to take stringent steps in improving plastic waste management so that it doesn’t toxicate the ecosystem.

10) Say No to Plastic Bags initiative helps to reduce the usage of plastic bags and improving our ecosystem.

10 Lines on Say No to Plastic Bags

Set 3

1) Plastic bags are used for various purposes and the most common use of these bags is for carrying grocery items.

2) These are easily available in the market and thus are used extensively.

3) However, disposing of these bags is a major issue as they are non-biodegradable.

4) They have become a major cause of land pollution.

5) Plastic bags are causing more harm to our environment than anything else.

6) The use of these bags should be banned to protect the environment from their harmful effects.

7) The government has banned the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use them as they are still available in the market.

8) Each of us should take responsibility to stop using them.

9) A common awareness campaign should be run by the government at regular intervals through media and roadshows to make people aware of its harm.

10) Understanding the disastrous effect of plastic we must swear to stop using it.

Set 4

1) Plastic bags should be banned completely as it is a threat to the environment.

2) Plastic bags are thrown after use prove to be a major environmental hazard.

3) They pollute the soil and affect vegetative growth.

4) They lead to infertile soil.

5) Every year a large number of animals and sea creatures die due to the consumption of plastic bags.

6) Plastic bags have been banned in many countries around the world.

7) It is the time that the people of our country should understand that plastic bags are banned for our good.

8) Although plastic bags have become an integral part of our everyday lives, it should not be said that it is not as difficult to stop using it, as it seems.

9) We should have to go for other alternatives of the plastic bags and use paper bags or cloth bags when we go shopping.

10) To save the environment and protect life on earth, we should stop using plastic bags otherwise no days are left when we have to pay the cost.

Plastic has become a serious ecological threat in the world and various governments have already started banning them in their countries. It is the call of the hour that the production of plastic bags should be completely banned in India.

Although banning of plastic less than 50 microns has been done in many states of India but it has not made any major impact on our ecosystem. It lies in the hands of people to say complete no to plastic bags so that we could save our ecosystem and biodiversity of our planet.

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