10 Lines on Plastic Pollution

Plastic wastes find their ways from our houses and offices to the landfills and water bodies resulting in plastic pollution. There is an urgent need to dispose of such plastic waste properly and to cut down their widespread use for the sake of health and environment.

Ten Lines on Plastic Pollution in English

Get here some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Plastic Pollution for children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I am sure, these lines will really help them in their studies:

10 Lines on Plastic Pollution

1) Plastic is a non-bio-degradable synthetic material.

2) We indiscriminately use it in almost all the items of daily usage.

3) Plastic accumulation results in environmental pollution.

4) Its accumulation afflicts land, waterways and oceans.

5) On burning, it releases toxic gases like Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide.

6) It also results in the depletion of Wild Life and marine life.

7) Instead of Plastic, we should use biodegradable materials.

8) Use of advanced incinerators for effective waste disposal is compulsory.

9) The government of all countries should ban the sale and the use of plastic.

10) The people must be aware of the hazards of plastic pollution.

10 Lines and Sentences on Plastic Pollution

1) Plastic contains toxins which are very dangerous for us.

2) The gases, released in the process of decomposition, can affect our atmosphere.

3) The cows and other animals east these plastic bags in the garbage and die.

4) The plastic in the oceans can cause plastic ingestion to marine animals and make them extinct.

5) Plastic containers react with hot food items and contaminate the food.

6) The plastic debris in the river can contaminate the river and groundwater.

7) Plastic consumed at any level in the food chain affects every factor of the chain.

8) Too much of toxic chemicals in our blood and tissues can cause cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity etc.

9) Chlorinated plastics release harmful chemicals in the soil, which seep into groundwater and cause us harm.

10) We should avoid using plastic and use only the natural biodegradable material if we want to save our Mother Nature.

5 Lines on Plastic Pollution

1) Plastic pollution is the pollution caused by plastics.

2) Plastic pollution is harmful to wildlife and increasing day by day.

3) Burning plastic releases toxic gases.

4) Only few plastics can be recycled.

5) Plastic pollution affects the ecosystem hugely.

20 Lines on Plastic Pollution

1) Release of many dangerous chemicals during the manufacturing of plastic causes terrible diseases in living beings.

2) Ethylene oxide, xylene, and benzene are some of the chemical toxins present in plastics.

3) Increasing population is also a reason for increasing plastic pollution.

4) Plastic Pollution is not a problem for one or two countries but the whole world.

5) Plastic Pollution in the ocean is a reason for the extinction of many important marine species.

6) Accumulation of Plastic let mosquitoes and other harmful insects grow around us.

7) Plastic products and containers are worsening the condition of drinking water day by day.

8) Plastic burning is one of the causes of air pollution.

9) Labourers in plastic manufacturing industries remain exposed to skin and respiratory problems.

10) Plastic pollution is the biggest threat to the environment.

11) According to a 2018 report, India releases 18,000 tons of plastic waste every day.

12) Oceans contain about 70% of the plastic wastes in the world.

13) The use of many toxic chemicals in making plastic gives a gradual rise to diseases and pollution.

14) Water in the plastic bottles contains many harmful chemicals of plastic.

15) The toxic substances of plastic slowly spoil the health of all living beings.

16) Use of single-use plastic is the biggest reason for plastic pollution.

17) It flows along with water into rivers, and then into the ocean causing marine pollution.

18) Plastic remains in the soil for 1000 years, making it increasingly more poisonous.

19) Plastic is also a reason for the extinction of many species of animals and birds.

20) Plastic through the garbage blocks the small water canals and creates many diseases.

We must take immediate responsibility for the wellness of our planet and all its living forms, and take a pledge to not to use plastic products in any form which is not necessary like plastic bags, cups plates etc. We must pledge to use other sustainable alternatives such as bags made of paper or other biodegradable materials and to dispose properly of any plastic waste so in a way that it does not harm the environment or Humans.

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