10 Lines on Save Girl Child

Save girl child is one of the most important issues India is facing nowadays. This campaign was started as a concern over the declining sex ratio of the girl child. The problem is not just of a single state but it has become a problem of whole nation.

Governments of centre and state have taken steps to control the sex ratio of boys and girls as well as to punish those who are killing girl child, as well as punishment is also being given to those who are committing crimes against women. Save girl child is a campaign where the government along with different trusts, societies and non-government organizations are spreading awareness among masses against female foeticide.

Ten Lines on Save Girl Child in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on save girl child in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also help you while writing save girl child essay, importance of girl child essay, article on save girl child or speech on save girl child etc.

10 Lines on Save Girl Child

1) Women are the most important part of the society and have equal rights as of men.

2) Women equally participate in the process of life existence on earth.

3) Rapid decrease in gender ratio of girls has posed a question on the survival of our generation.

4) Save girl child is a campaign which is launched for safe birth of a girl child.

5) Save girl child also focuses to stop crime against girl child like female foeticide.

6) Another aspect of save girl child campaign is to bring gender equality in the country.

7) It is necessary for every person to come forward and stop the crime against woman.

8) Government of India has taken many positive steps in order to promote save girl child campaign.

9) It has also framed many laws for every crime and atrocities against the women.

10) Parallel to central government different state governments have also passed laws to protect women.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Girl Child

1) Girls are the important part of a family as without them it is impossible to imagine the existence of life on the earth.

2) It is the girl who plays various roles in the family like daughter, mother, sister which proves that there are many phases in a girl’s life.

3) Many people think that girls are the burden and curse on the family and due to this are killed in the womb itself.

4) In some states like Punjab and Haryana female foeticide has highly affected the sex ratio.

5) People need to open their eyes and have to take some tasks in their own hands so that the life of girl child could be saved.

6) Government has taken some steps to reduce the killings of girl child and punishing those people who are allegedly involved in this crime.

7) PCPNDT (Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques) act 1994 is an act which was made to stop female foeticide and control declining sex ratio.

8) Several other states like Haryana has introduced “Ladli” scheme, aiming to control female foeticide and improve gender equality.

9) “Sabla” scheme was launched by ministry of women and child welfare which aims to empower adolescent girls through education.

10) “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” scheme was launched in 2015 for the welfare of the women and restricting the female foeticide.

10 Lines on Save Girl Child

5 Lines on Save Girl Child

1) It is a campaign to stop female foeticide.

2) A girl can be a daughter, wife, or, mother.

3) They play important role in society.

4) Women support the family.

5) Many schemes are launched to save every girl child.

20 Lines on Save Girl Child

1) It is impossible to expand this world without women, so it is necessary to save the girl child.

2) Even in today’s modern and educated era, female feticide is happening in most places in India.

3) It is a matter of great sorrow for our country and the world.

4) Due to female feticide, the ratio of girls in our society is being decreased.

5) Everybody must know that girls are the same as boys in every field of life.

6) Boys and girls should never be discriminated against by thinking differently in the name of ability.

7) We should understand the importance of girls and give them a good respect in the world.

8) A woman plays the role of a mother, wife, daughter, sister in one of her life, for which we should do our best for the women.

9) We should give girls the same opportunities as boys so that they can move forward in life and leave a different mark in the world.

10) We should stop female feticide and at the same time raise our voice against it.

11) To maintain the existence of mankind on this earth, it is very important to have both men and women.

12) There is no doubt that a woman has a lot of importance in a man’s life because a woman gives birth to an infant after suffering lot of problems.

13) We should respect women and they should be given equal opportunities to move forward in life.

14) But in India, in the desire of a son, people kill daughters in the womb, after some kind of secret tests, which is a matter of shame for the whole society.

15) Only males are not responsible for this feticide but females are also the culprits.

16) Without the approval of female, man cannot do it alone; hence females are guiltier than man.

17) The main reason behind female feticide is ignorance, poverty, fear of dowry, feeling of insecurity and other social and economical reasons.

18) Female feticide is a very big legal crime since 1961, which has a provision to punish the person who commits it.

19) Now there is a need of some new amendments and to implement the provisions strictly to stop this evil practice.

20) Government of India is also contributing for the prosperity of girl children through its different plans like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and by providing many basic facilities.

Saving the girl child is very much essential aspect of our nation. The birth of new life will cease if one of the two components i.e. man and woman will not be present on earth, so thinking about having only male child will only make the issue bigger.

Government has taken various steps in order to curb the female foeticide and punish the culprits who are involved in female foeticide. But the actual change needs to be made in the minds of the people then only we can make the world a safer place for girl child.

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