10 Lines on Save Earth

Earth is the only known planet of the universe which has existence of life. For the existence of life, earth has provided various natural resources. By using these resources all the living beings are able to lead their lives. ‘Save Earth’ is a promotional campaign which shows the importance of our Mother Earth. It tells us that how saving earth is going to help the entire mankind as well as other living beings.

People carry processions, rallies from schools to different places to spread awareness regarding save earth campaign. Save earth campaign is not only a matter of a single person but it’s for the whole human community as we are largest user of the earth’s natural resources. So, we must think about saving it.

Ten Lines on Save Earth in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on save earth in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These set will not only enhance your overall knowledge but it will also help you while writing save earth essay, speech on save earth, few points on save earth, few lines on save earth.

10 Lines on Save Earth

1) Save Earth is a slogan which is raised to create awareness for saving earth’s environment.

2) The slogan save earth tells us that we should save our mother earth else it will pose severe threats in future.

3) Earth is most crucial component of every living beings and necessity for existence of human race.

4) Earth provides us natural resources which are very much essential for our existence.

5) Unfortunately, the natural resources are getting depleted due to misuse by human beings.

6) Time has come to save natural resources and give stress on their optimum utilisation.

7) In order to spread awareness of save earth, several campaigns are conducted in schools and colleges.

8) Processions, rallies are conducted in the schools along with essay writing and speech competition on save earth.

9) In offices and public places, people take pledge for saving planet earth and not degrading it.

10) Planting of small plants and saplings is also done on large scale by the government and charitable societies.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Earth

1) We live on a planet which gives us everything required for leading a good life from its natural resources.

2) Earth is the only known planet which has Oxygen and Water which are the basic requirement for existence of life.

3) In order to utilise the natural resources, we hardly think about the consequences of depletion of these natural resources.

4) Save earth is a multidimensional program which includes many things including save trees and stop deforestation.

5) Another way to save natural vegetation is recycling and reducing wastage.

6) Utilization of natural resources such as coal, petroleum, minerals etc should be reduced and focus should be made on renewable source of energy.

7) Water is the main component of every living being and we should save it and avoid its pollution.

8) Pollution is a very grave situation which is rapidly affecting earth and negatively impacting the life of human being and other animals.

9) Global warming is also one of the dangers which the earth is facing which occurs due to increased temperature leading to melting of glaciers.

10) Climate change is also affecting the lives of people as certain change in temperature results huge loss in agriculture sector.

10 Lines on Save Earth

5 Lines on Save Earth

1) Life is only possible on Earth.

2) It provides all the natural resources.

3) Due to many reasons the Earth is in danger.

4) We can save the earth by saving natural resources.

5) Saving Earth is necessary for saving our existence.

20 Lines on Save Earth

1) Earth is our only place of residence; thus, it must be saved from threats at all costs.

2) Earth provides us food, shelter, protection and other necessary resources.

3) Earth is a privilege given to us by nature and it’s our responsibility to protect her.

4) We can do our bit in saving the earth by not littering garbage, not wasting water etc.

5) Humans’ greed to expand their settlement is posing serious threat to earth.

6) Earth needs to be urgently saved from the effects of global warming and climate change.

7) Saving the earth means saving its biological diversity and ecological balance.

8) Earth must be protected in its pristine form with minimum influence from human activities.

9) If we don’t save the earth from pollution, global warming etc, then we too will perish with it.

10) Even saving electricity contributes towards saving the resources and thus the Earth.

11) Human activities are the main cause behind 90% of forest fires encountered around the world.

12) Humans are also causing an irrevocable loss of biodiversity and it must be stopped immediately.

13) Around 7 million hectares of forested area is being cleared annually for making human settlements.

14) Over population of the humans on earth is also primarily responsible for the damages to the earth.

15) The greener we make the earth, the more safe it will become; start planting trees now.

16) Since the gone four decades, number of birds, fishes and other amphibians has reduced by 60%.

17) It is essential to safeguard the earth and its natural resources against human influence.

18) We can save the earth by saying no to the use of plastic and all plastic based products.

19) Only man has the ability to save the earth and its resources against impending threats.

20) Earth is the only planet suitable for sustaining life; therefore, it is our only and last home.

We all have to understand the value and importance of planet earth because it is one and the only source from where we get resources to survive. Be it a human being or any living being, all are dependent on planet earth, but natural resources of earth are also limited which cannot serve the whole population for a longer period.

As we know that the human being has a tendency of greediness and in order to fulfill his greed he just exploits natural resources. Time has come for optimum utilization of resources so that every living being could live on this earth and save the resources for our future generation.

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