10 Lines on Deforestation

Deforestation is a malpractice in which forests are damaged by cutting the trees on a large scale and not replanted in lieu of those trees thereafter changing that land into non forest use, ex- factories, farm house, ranches and residential areas. Most of the deforestation is done in tropical rainforest region. Approximately 31 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with forests. It is not a problem which persists locally or nationally, it is a worldwide problem.

The very common cause of having large number of deforestation is to obtain food, wood and fuel. This thing snatches the natural habitat and dwelling place of the animals, thus creating a tussle between humans and animals.

Ten Lines on Deforestation in English

Below we are providing 10 lines on deforestation in English, after going through this you will understand about deforestation in a better way. Further, you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph for getting good marks in examination as well as getting applauses in literary events.

10 Lines on Deforestation – Set 1

1) Deforestation occurs when lots of trees are cut inside the forest in order to create human dwellings.

2) Due to deforestation a number of forests became extinct leaving the animals homeless as they were living in the forest.

3) It is done mainly to clear the forest land for non-forest use such as to construct factories, farms, ranches, residential areas.

4) When number of people increases, then there is a need to clear the forest in order to provide them house.

5) It shows the whims and wishes of human beings to make cities bigger in area, to build more houses, to create good infrastructure in the cities etc.

6) Deforestation has created ecological imbalance resulting in the loss of natural habitat of animals that were living in jungle.

7) Deforestation brings desertification of a large part of an area, as before deforestation there was greenery and but nothing remains after deforestation.

8)  Forests reduce global warming but deforestation increases the chance of global warming due to destruction of trees.

9) Forests also control the greenhouse gases such as carbon di-oxide but deforestation causes an increase in their concentration.

10) Deforestation increases the chance of harmful floods, as forests have the ability to stop the water from flowing rapidly.

We are providing another set of 10 lines on deforestation, after going through these lines you will be able to get well acquainted with the harmful effects of deforestation. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your speech and presentation in the public speaking competitions and seminars on the occasion of “world environment day” on 5th June.

10 Lines on Deforestation – Set 2

1) Deforestation is a big contributor in global warming and climate change.

2) It affects the water cycle resulting in drought in some areas and floods in some places.

3) Forests reduce soil erosion but deforestation helps increase this problem because floods come and take away the soil.

4) Deforestation finishes the biodiversity of an area; it just snatches the natural habitat of animals which were living in forests.

5) Forests help maintain oxygen and carbon di-oxide level but deforestation brings an imbalance in their atmospheric concentration.

6) A survey report says that deforestation will further reduce the living standards of poor and will bring the economy down to 7 percent worldwide.

7) To get short term gains, people have converted the forests into plains and over use of forest and wood products have led them to future insecurity.

8) As the human population grows, the need of houses and cities are felt desperately, in order to provide better standard of living to everyone.

9) European Union is the largest importer of forest and wood products which came out of deforestation; illegally.

10) After deforestation, forest animals started coming regularly in the houses of the people and creating havoc in their society.

10 Lines on Deforestation

There is a yet a lot to know about deforestation that is the reason we have brought the 3rd set of 10 lines on deforestation for you. The topic is very important and the set holds the information like what deforestation is and how it affects our world. The set is full of useful facts and would definitely give you some amazing ideas to add in your projects to make them quite attractive. Instead of talking much about it, let’s see the set first.

10 Lines on Deforestation – Set 3

1) Deforestation is a process of removing forest by cutting down its trees and bushes.

2) Forests satisfy us in many ways and destroying them completely is not ethical.

3) The major reason behind deforestation is making land available for habitation of human.

4) To get the costly item like oil from Palm tree is another big reason for deforestation.

5) Deforestation is done by cutting down every single tree but process is very slow.

6) The faster process of deforestation includes the burning of trees.

7) Deforestation helps in increasing the Green House Gases like CO2 which are hazardous.

8) Trees reduce the soil erosion to almost zero level which increases after deforestation.

9) Deforest forces the wild animals like lion, tiger and panther to run towards the villages and towns.

10) Deforestation has increased rapidly in past few decades and its effect can be clearly seen.

Another set of 10 lines on Deforestation is prepared by us and we assure you that the 4th set will definitely provide you some new and very useful information on the topic. Environment is the topic that needs attention of all of us and we can never live a healthy life after damaging it. Deforestation is a very serious issue so the set is equally useful for the reader if lower and higher classes. Let’s read the set now.

10 Lines on Deforestation – Set 4

1) Deforestation is being practiced in every part of the world.

2) The deforestation is done because of vast use of timber like paper and furniture.

3) Agricultural Expansion may be regarded as another big reason for deforestation.

4) Deforestation is also done for obtaining vast land for infrastructural development.

5) Deforestation adversely affects the climate and is responsible for climate change.

6) Deforestation makes homeless to the uncountable species living in the forest.

7) Trees help in maintaining water cycle which is negatively affected by deforestation.

8) The effects of deforestation can be reduced only by massive plantation.

9) Preserving the wildlife from being extinct needs forests to cover enough of the world.

10) Vanishing the forests is not less than destroying our own life.

Forests are boon of the nature on the other hand deforestation is a bane on the nature, it not only damages the natural vegetation, but also gives the side effects like global warming, rise in the greenhouse and other obnoxious gases, loss of bio diversity, increase in the chance of floods and droughts in the country, an irregular weather pattern. If we have to save this world then we have to reduce deforestation and if it is needed to cut a tree, then in return we must plant a tree in order to maintain ecological balance of the earth.

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