10 Lines on World Earth Day

World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April to raise public awareness about environmental issues like climate change, pollution, global warming and greenhouse gas omission at a global platforms. World Earth Day inspires millions of people around the world to share the ideas about environmental issues and to take some concrete action to protect the environment. The aim is to create awareness on nature and its resources which are crucial for survival of living beings on earth.

Ten Lines on World Earth Day

Set 1

1) World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April to increase public awareness towards the earth’s sustainable environment.

2) World Earth Day highlights the importance of environmental protection for the survival of humanity.

3) World Earth Day which is being celebrated in 193 countries worldwide was founded by the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.

4) Every year government, NGO’s and civil societies jointly hold events for garnering support to environment protection on the occasion.

5) Earth provides habitat for many species in the form of ocean and land thereby helping in preserving the biologically diverse ecosystem.

6) World Earth Day celebration is the perfect reminder for us to think about our own actions which can damage our planet.

7) Every year, World Earth Day is celebrated around the globe with a theme in order to focus the attention of the public about the various environmental issues.

8) World Earth Day 2019 theme is “Protect our Species”.

9) 2019 World Earth Day theme aims at protecting the wildlife on planet earth.

10) Nations around the globe organize various events like lectures, discussions, seminars, nature talks to celebrate World Earth Day.

Set 2

1) Photography exhibition, community walk, interviews and talk shows on radio and television are being organized at the national level on World Earth Day.

2) Schools organize various competitions like painting competition, documentary screening, essay writing and a quiz competition on the occasion of World Earth Day.

3) United Nation along with the state members organizes campaigns through print and electronic media for environmental protection.

4) The adverse climate change, pollution, and over-exploitation of natural resources have put the existence of humanity at stake.

5) World Earth Day is the day of political significance with people marching on the street, signing petitions, conducting official meetings, planting trees, cleaning cities and roads.

6) The day celebration motivates people to use more environment-friendly products which can be recycled and reused again.

7)  In December 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was negotiated by 196 countries with an aim to cut down global carbon emission for protecting the environment.

8) Campaigns are organized by NGO’s to collect the money for environmental projects in order to rejuvenate and replenish natural resources.

9) World Earth Day provides a platform to achieve the UN’s sustainable universal goal of preserving and conserving the natural environment.

10) The school students, conservationists, and scientists participate in the event organized at various places in India to celebrate World Earth Day.

World Earth Day is celebrated every year to create awareness among the public about protecting the earth’s environment and acknowledging the role of earth in sustaining and supporting life. The awareness campaign promotes the proper use of natural resources and motivates people to take environmental protection initiatives. The government, civil communities, and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to preserve the natural environment without which no living being can survive on earth.