10 Lines on Zoo

A zoo is a place where animals are kept in a facility which is surrounded with fences and where they can breed easily. They are also displayed to the people visiting the zoo. There are number of zoos in India where many wild animals are kept. Some zoos keep ferocious flesh eating animals whereas others keep herbivorous animals. Many zoos also keep aquatic animals such as crocodile, fish, sharks etc.

A zoo is a best place where one can see many wild animals which might not be possible as well as feasible for someone to see them in forest.

Ten Lines on Zoo in English

We have provided below 10 lines on Zoo to make your observation better about the zoos. Going through these lines will help you to get extra marks in your exams as well as in essays or paragraph competitions held in your school on the occasion of “World Wildlife Day” on 3rd March. Please go though these lines and use them to earn accolades:

10 Lines on Zoo – 1

1) A zoo is a place where many animals are kept especially the wild ones with enclosed boundaries and are meant for display to the public.

2) People with families especially the children love to come to zoo by purchasing tickets in order to see the animals.

3) Zoo is a short name for ‘Zoological Garden’ or ‘Zoological Park’ which is also often called as ‘Animal Park’.

4) Zoological garden is associated with the term ‘zoology’ which means the study of the animals.

5) ‘Animal Safari’ is one of the most famous activities where visitors can drive inside and can watch and feed the animals with their hands.

6) There are 1000 zoos all over the world and 80 percent of them are located inside the cities.

7) Zoos can look like a jail to the animals but on the other hand they are used as a shelter to them.

8) In order to preserve endangered species, zoos are constructed to provide them shelters so that they can live and breed there.

9) Sanctuaries are the reserve places spread in hectares where animals can live, roam and move freely like their natural habitat.

10) Animals in zoos often show different behaviours which are not common; also their lifespan varies in the zoo.


We have provided another set of 10 lines on Zoo. You can use these lines in your speeches, extempore and presentations on various occasions like National Wildlife Day celebrated on 4th September and win accolades from audience. So go though them and enhance your writing:


10 Lines on Zoo – 2

1) A zoo is an artificial habitat in which animals are kept so that they can be displayed to the visitors coming with their family.

2) It is not necessary that climatic conditions of zoos will be beneficial for the animals.

3) Zoos are established mainly for entertainment and recreational purpose for the children and their families visiting there.

4) In order to preserve the endangered species, zoos are established to keep the animals in a safe custody, away from poachers.

5) Animals are also kept in the zoo for further research and educational purpose.

6) “Animal Theme Park” consists of an amusement park and a zoo which serves as entertainment and commercial purpose.

7) Some critics say that animals should not be captivated because in zoo they are considered as an exhibition item rather than a living being.

8) Large animals can’t breed, grow, move and live properly as there is very limited space available in zoos.

9) We as an audience also have to be patient with the animals i.e. we should not tease or misbehave with them.

10) Zoo authorities should check that no person could enter premises of animals, as this might risk the lives of the audience.

Zoo is made for recreational purpose where a person can go with his family and watch animals and feel the wildlife beauty as it is not possible for everyone to go to the jungle. Nowadays many sanctuaries and animal safaris have also come up. They take you in between those animals and provide the feel of jungle and wildlife. ‘World Wildlife Day’ on 3rd March and ‘National Wildlife Day’ on 4th September are dedicated for preservation and protection of animals.

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