10 Lines on World Population Day

The world is currently facing many major issues like pollution, epidemics, pandemics, illiteracy, unemployment etc. Among all these, population growth is the biggest problem. There is a World Population Day to stop the problem of population, which the whole world celebrates together. Let’s learn about it in detail through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on World Population Day in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on World Population Day for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on World Population Day

1) World Population Day falls on July 11 every year.

2) The first World Population Day had fallen on 11th April 1989 at United Nations.

3) The world population crossed 5 billion marks in the year 1987 marking this day as ‘Five Billion Day’.

4) The objective of the day is to focus the world on the problem arising from overpopulation.

5) This day also envisages about the reproductive health of the people, especially women.

6) Population issues are related to family planning, right to health, knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, gender equality etc.

7) This day also aims at empowering the youth and women.

8) The day spreads the importance of safe family planning methods, especially in the rural region.

9) 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the International Conference on Human Rights related to the focus of family planning, held in the year 1968.

10) The world population is increasing at a very rapid rate, so the time has come when we have to take this issue seriously.

10 Lines and Sentences on World Population Day

1) It comes every year to throw light on the concern of rising population and its aftermaths.

2) Growing population hampers the social and economic growth and development of a country.

3) This day raises awareness on not only population explosion but also other issues as reproductive health, gender discrimination, family planning etc.

4) According to the UN report 2017, the current world population is 7.6 billion and will become 8.6 billion in 2030.

5) China is the world’s most populated country with 1.4 billion population, followed by India having a population of 1.3 billion people.

6) We all should work to remove gender discrimination and imbalance.

7) We have to promote the effective use of family planning methods such as contraceptives for couples and spread awareness on the same.

8) Sex education in schools is the call of the time to fight the population explosion.

9) Several seminars, educational camps, roadside plays, door to door awareness campaigns, morning procession and rallies can help for mass education.

10) ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is an initiative to educate and protect the girl child and to improve child sex ratio in India.

5 Lines on World Population Day

1) It is observed on 11 July.

2) It raises concern about the increasing population.

3) Population also affects the nation’s growth.

4) It aware peoples of the effect of overpopulation.

5) Many events are organized on this day.

20 Lines on World Population Day

1) World Population Day is to spread awareness among people regarding the increasing population.

2) The problem of overpopulation is the biggest problem that needs an urgent solution.

3) The celebration of the day concerns at reproductive health problem and death of pregnant women.

4) Empowering the youth and spreading awareness among them is the part of the celebration.

5) Many events like seminar, marathon and exhibition programme on the day.

6) We must understand that overpopulation is the main reason behind all other problems.

7) The world population day comes with different themes each year.

8) The government of every nation is concerned about the problem of population.

9) Good education and proper awareness can help in reducing the problem of population.

10) All the programmes organized on the day concerns about the harms due to the population.

11) The Governing body of the United Nations Development Programme started the World Population Day in 1989.

12) The goal of the day is to teach people the benefits of family planning and gender equality.

13) On the day, effective family planning programmes reach people without any discrimination.

14) Early marriage and early pregnancy are two causes of overpopulation that youths should take seriously.

15) The day comes to the whole world to raise awareness about the problem of population.

16) The population increases problems like poverty, unemployment, malnutrition etc.

17) The problem with the population is not only overpopulation but is it also of under population.

18) The world population day has an objective of teaching people the benefits of a controlled population.

19) The advantage of celebrating the day is to grab the attention of people together on the serious issue.

20) The problem of the population needs the attention of all, but it starts from our attention so remember your duties.

‘World Population Day’ is the day organised on every level, from blocks to districts and from states to countries. Though the population is a valuable resource for every country, excess of this is not good for the balanced growth and development resulting in poverty, hunger, drought, death due to starvation etc. World Population Day alerts us regarding the problems associated with the rising population of the world.

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