10 Lines on World Population Day

World Population Day is celebrated on 11th July every year in order to spread awareness regarding global population issues. In 1989 the governing council of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) unanimously declared 11th July as World Population Day as global population already crossed 5 billion marks in the year 1987 causing great concern among the people.

As we know that growing population might result in population explosion. This explosion results in depletion of resources and unequitable distribution of the same. This results in various problems which hampers growth and development of a country.

Ten Lines on World Population Day in English

Below we have provided a set of 10 lines on World Population Day. After reading this you can understand about the effects of growing population and the need to control it. Also you can use these lines in your essays and speeches to make it more effective and inspirational on the occasion of World Population Day.

10 Lines on World Population Day – Set 1

1) World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 every year in order to spread awareness among people regarding increasing population.

2) The first World Population Day was celebrated on 11th April 1989 at United Nations.

3) The world population crossed 5 billion mark in the year 1987 marking this day as ‘Five Billion Day’ and making it necessary to spread awareness on population.

4) ‘Family planning is a human right’ is the theme of World Population Day 2018 which emphasises on controlling human population.

5) Nearly 800 women die by giving birth to baby; this day also envisages about the reproductive health of the people, especially women.

6) Population issues are related to family planning, right to health, knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, gender equality etc.

7) This day is also dedicated to empower the youth and women.

8) The day also spreads the importance of safe family planning methods especially in rural region.

9) 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the International Conference on Human Rights related to the focus of family planning, held in the year 1968.

10) The world population is increasing at a very rapid rate so the time has come when we have to take this issue seriously else it will lead to a very unfortunate consequence.

We have also provided another set of ten lines on World Population Day. By going through these lines you can understand as what was the need to celebrate this day. You can add these lines in your debate and discussion as well as in your speeches and presentations on the occasion of this day whether in your school or other seminars.

10 Lines on World Population Day – Set 2

1) It is observed on 11th July every year to throw a light on the concern of rising population and its aftermaths.

2) Growing population hampers the social and economic growth and development of a country.

3) This day not only raises awareness on population explosion but also on other issues viz, reproductive health, gender discrimination, family planning etc.

4) According to the UN report 2017, the current world population is 7.6 billion and will become 8.6 billion in 2030.

5) China is the world’s most populated country with 1.4 billion population followed by India having population of 1.3 billion people.

6) Efforts should be made to remove gender discrimination and imbalance as many people want a male child and not the girl child.

7) We have to promote effective use of family planning methods such as contraceptives for couples and spread awareness on the same.

8) Sex education in schools is the call of the time to fight the population explosion.

9) Several seminars, educational camps, roadside plays, door to door awareness campaigns, morning procession and rallies are organised for mass education.

10) ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is an initiative launched in October 2014, to educate and protect girl child and to improve child sex ratio in India.

The 3rd set of 10 lines on World Population Day is created by us and is very informative for the reader. The topic is very important and it also seeks the awareness of people especially of the youth on the issue of population. The language of the set is kept easy and adaptive to maintain the interest of the reader. The facts provided below are related to the topic and will do much to enhance your knowledge. Let’s read the set now.

10 Lines on World Population Day – Set 3

1) World Population Day is celebrated on 11th July of every year in the whole world.

2) It is celebrated to raise awareness among people about the issue of rising population.

3) The celebration of the day is concerned at reproductive health problem and death of pregnant women.

4) Empowering the youth and spreading awareness among them is the part of celebration.

5) Many events like seminar, marathon and exhibition are programmed on the day.

6) We must understand that the overpopulation is the main reason behind all other problems.

7) The world population day is celebrated with different themes each year.

8) The government of every nation is concerned about the problem of population.

9) A good education and proper awareness can help in reducing the problem of population.

10) All the programmes organised on the day are concerned about the harms due to the population.

The 4th set of 10 lines on World Population Day with lots of other useful information is a great idea and it is provided below. The set puts forth some very important points that everyone should know. Certainly everybody knows that population is a global issue and getting rid of it has become a very difficult but the most important task. The set will give you some ideas to prepare your own essay, speech or any other project on the topic and also you can add few or all of these lines to make them more convincing.

10 Lines on World Population Day – Set 4

1) The Governing body of United Nations Development Programme started the World Population Day in 1989.

2) The goal of the day is to teach people the benefits of family planning and gender equality etc.

3) On the day, effective family planning programmes are introduced to the people without any discrimination.

4) Early marriage and early pregnancy are two causes of overpopulation that youths should take seriously.

5) The day is celebrated in the whole world to raise awareness about problem of population.

6) The population increases the problems like poverty, unemployment, malnutrition etc.

7) The problem with population is not only overpopulation but is it also of under population.

8) The world population day has an objective of teaching people the benefits of controlled population.

9) The advantage of celebrating the day is to grab the attention of people together on the serious issue.

10) The problem of population needs the attention of all but it starts from our attention so remember your duties.

‘World Population Day’ is the day which is organised on every level, from blocks to districts and from states to countries. Though population is a valuable resource for every country, but excess of this is not good for the balanced growth and development resulting in poverty, hunger, drought, death due to starvation etc. World Population Day alerts us regarding the problems associated with the rising population of the world.

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