10 Lines on Peacock

Peacocks are very beautiful birds of this world. They are mostly found in the jungle, zoo, or in any agricultural land. They have a long tail that consists of lots of beautiful feathers. Their tail consisting of feathers is big in comparison to their body size. Generally, in many species, the females are considered to be pretty but in peacocks, the male bird is beautiful in comparison to female peacocks as the latter looks ugly. This is because the male peacocks have feathers on their tail which is very beautiful and bright in color.

Peacock cannot fly very high and it is not a sky flying bird, they can fly a little up to some branches of a tree. Peacocks look attractive when they dance by spreading their feather during rainfall.

Ten Lines on Peacock in English

We have provided ten lines on peacock in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is a peacock; in which colour peacocks appears; where peacocks are found; which part makes peacock attractive; why peacock cannot fly high; what peacocks do at night; what a female peacock is called and what is the lifespan of peacock.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. The lines will be especially helpful for kids of 1 to 5 standards. It will also enhance your knowledge on peacocks, the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘peacocks’ or can be used in the assembly discussions.

10 Lines on Peacock – Set 1

1) Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds of the earth.

2) Peacock usually has blue colour and its feathers having mixture of blue, green, golden colours.

3) Peacocks are found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Africa etc.

4) Peacocks look attractive due to their colourful feathers.

5) Peacocks looks beautiful when it dances in rain by spreading its feathers.

6) Peacocks can fly up to some heights of branches but cannot fly in the sky.

7) The big tail of peacocks and less body weight prevent them to fly high.

8) In night peacocks go on the tree to save themselves from attackers.

9) The male bird is called as peacock and female bird is called as peahen.

10) Generally, the life of a peacock is up to 10 to 25 years.

We have provided another set of ten lines on peacock in English. After going through these lines, you will know that in which countries peacocks are found, where peacocks are found in India, when peacock was declared as national bird of India, how peacock is described in mythology and what are the behaviours of peacock etc.

You can use these lines in your speeches and extempore in the school competitions. These lines will also increase your knowledge on peacock and it will also be very useful in your talent search exams as well as in your GK quiz competitions.

10 Lines on Peacock – Set 2

1) Peacock is a very beautiful bird which is found in very few countries like India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, African continent.

2) In India peacocks are found in greater number in Jammu- Kashmir, Assam, Mizoram and parts of eastern Indian peninsula.

3) The colourful tail of peacock makes it very beautiful especially when it dances in the rain, the peacock looks very attractive.

4) Peacock is declared as national bird of India in the year 1963 and also it is protected under wildlife protection act 1972.

5) Peacock is also mentioned in mythology and is considered as the vehicle of lord “Karthikeya”. Lord Krishna wore peacock’s feather on his head.

6) Peacock is considered very sacred in Hindu religion as people use to hang peacock feathers to bring prosperity in their homes.

7) The feather of peacock is also used in some design and decoration, earrings; ornaments made with peacock feather are also quite popular.

8) Peacocks are said be shy in nature they avoid people and try to hide in bushes and in other places from the people who are looking to it.

9) There are some species of peacock which look totally white in colour along with their feathers.

10) Peacocks are very alert in nature, on feeling any kind of danger they start shouting to alert other members of their peacock family.

10 Lines on Peacock

10 Lines on Peacock – Set 3

1) Peacock is a magnificent bird commonly called Peafowl.

2) It mainly inhabits the region of south-east Asia and Central Africa.

3) There are three species of peacock found in the world.

4) The Indian peafowl and green peafowl species are mainly found in south-east Asia.

5) The Congo peafowl species of peacock is only found in Africa.

6) The male bird is a peacock while the female bird is called a peahen.

7) Peacock is an omnivorous bird that feeds on a variety of plants and insects.

8) It sings or produces sounds for attracting peahens before the mating process.

9) The peahen chooses its partner for mating after accessing the peacock's plumage.

10) Peahen reproduces by laying eggs and provides good parental care to its offspring.

10 Lines on Peacock – Set 4

1) Peacocks are iconic creation of god on this earth.

2) It is referred to as the national bird of India since 1963.

3) The beautiful plumage and crown on its head makes it an elegant bird.

4) The beautiful feathers in male peafowl are called 'train'.

5) The peacocks are larger in weight and size than peahens.

6) Peacocks tend to live in groups that consist of 4-5 females and a male.

7) The blue peacock species are kept as pets by human beings.

8) A peacock has a lifespan of 10-15 years age.

9) Peacock performs dance by spreading its colorful feathers and attract peahens.

10) The bird peacock is the symbol of royalty and is depicted in different cultures.

Peacock is a very beautiful bird amongst other birds in India, they are considered very sacred in some communities in Rajasthan, they try to prevent other people to hunt peacocks. As a result, peacocks are protected under the wildlife protection act 1972. They are very helpful to nature as they eat snakes and protect the people from them. People use to keep peacock feathers in their homes in order to bring prosperity to their homes and drive out the negative energy out of their homes.

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