10 Lines on Leadership

Some people are born leaders i.e. they have those qualities inbuilt, which make them a leader. Some people try to learn those qualities for becoming a true leader. A manager says to its employees and subordinates ‘to go’ but a leader tells them ‘let’s go’. Leadership tells a leader to become responsible for himself and then for his followers.

For starting any task, it is the leader who starts that thing and his followers follow his style and path of doing that work. For becoming a leader and have an excellent leadership, a person must have some clear-cut goals. A leader has that type of charisma in which the goal which he sets becomes the dream of his followers and if the leader is enthusiastic, followers will achieve that goal at any cost.

Ten Lines on Leadership in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on leadership in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what is leadership; what qualities does a leader possesses; how leaders are made; what are the qualities of a leader; what is attentive listening; what is good working knowledge; how hard work is related with leaders; how leaders can communicate; how leaders should work in a workplace; why leaders don’t fear taking decisions and what is work consistency in leadership.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition on topics like – leadership qualities, qualities of a leader etc. You can also inculcate these lines in the essay for your favourite leader. It will also enhance your knowledge on leadership and qualities of a leader, the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘leadership’ or can be used in the assembly discussions.

10 Lines on Leadership

1) Leadership is a quality which gives you superiority from others; leaders guide and inspire the people for a cause.

2) A great leader possesses numerous qualities which make him different as well as popular with people.

3) Some leaders have inborn leadership qualities while some take time to inculcate.

4) In order to have leadership qualities one should listen attentively to his followers and respond to their queries.

5) Leaders should be thorough with their work i.e. they must have good knowledge regarding their work.

6) As hard work is the key to success, leaders should follow this principle and tell their followers to practice the same.

7) A leader must maintain two- way communication while s/he and her/his followers are having talks on any issue.

8) A leader must follow and pass the principle of ‘talk less and work more’ when s/he and her/his followers are working for something.

9) Leaders are also humans they can take wrong decision sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they should stop taking decisions.

10) The leaders and his followers should be consistent towards their work; they should maintain regularity in their work.

10 Lines and Sentences on Leadership

1) Leadership is that kind of approach where acts of a single person inspires and encourages other to follow the same.

2) Example of leadership is emperor “Chandragupta Maurya” who was not only a king but also a leader of common people.

3) How we can forget Indian freedom struggle which gave so many leaders who achieved independence for India.

4) Leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, and Bhagat Singh etc gathered whole India to make independence a mass revolution.

5) There are some traits of leadership; these are cognitive, self-confidence, determination, integrity and sociability.

6) Cognitive trait means a person should have excellent verbal and reasoning skills which can guide his/her followers.

7) Self-confidence trait means that in order to lead one has to be confident of; his/her own conduct and capabilities.

8) Determination trait is very important for a leader as one should not get diverted of his goal under any circumstances.

9) Successful leaders are those who have integrity trait where he and his team have the equal voice on an issue.

10) Leaders should have sociability trait, he should have personal touch with his followers and an attitude of care and concern.

5 Lines on Leadership

1) It is a quality of a person.

2) It helps in attaining success.

3) A good leader is a good motivator.

4) Leadership makes you superior.

5) Leadership is important in every field.

20 Lines on Leadership

1) Leadership is the great quality of a human being.

2) Whoever possesses it; is fortunate and touches the heights of success in life.

3) A leader guides people, gives them the right path and motivates them to always move forward in life.

4) A good leader is a good speaker as well as a good listener.

5) People are very impressed by listening to a good leader.

6) A good leader is disciplined; he also keeps himself in discipline and keeps his team members in discipline as well.

7) The word “leadership” has its origin in the word ‘Lead’ which means ‘to guide’.

8) Honesty is a key to leadership.

9) The success or failure of an organization depends largely on the type of leadership.

10) Leadership depends on three things: leader, follower and situation.

11) Leadership is one of the tools used in every organization to motivate employees for work.

12) Leadership has its own special place in the management world.

13) Effective leadership is the foundation for the success and development of an enterprise.

14) In general, leadership refers to the quality of a particular person through which he guides other persons.

15) Leadership is the power through which work is done voluntarily and without coercion from a group of subordinates or employees.

16) It can be also said that good leadership is a power that awakens the latent capabilities of the organization and employees.

17) The leadership facilitates the officer class by removing the obstacles in conducting operations.

18) Leadership is an inborn quality that cannot be taught to anyone.

19) Leadership directs the behavior of the followers in a particular direction.

20) Leadership is a special practice that combines dominance, suggestion and solicitation.

Leadership is a quality, as everybody cannot become a leader, either he has some inborn qualities or he has to learn those qualities. To become a leader is also not an easy task as you have to become a path finder and path breaker for your followers. Your followers consider you as their god and what you will say to them your followers will consider as your command.

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