10 Lines on Unity is Strength

‘Unity is strength’ signifies the importance of unity and how it helps in fighting much bigger issues and problems in life. The importance of unity can be seen in every walk of life. The Indian freedom struggle was a great example of unity is strength. It was the unity of the freedom fighter which helped them to fight a much powerful and bigger British government.

If seen from a perspective of a country then unity in any country is very essential for its proper growth and development. Unity in family is also very important which holds the family together during their good and bad times.

Ten Lines on Unity is Strength in English

Have a look on these 10 points on Unity is Strength to know its value and power:

10 Lines on Unity is Strength - Set 1

1) When people from different walks of life come together for a cause we call it unity.

2) Unity is always important for family, society and country.

3) It is easy to break a single stick but not a bunch of sticks.

4) Unity gives us the strength to face difficult situations without becoming weaker, mentally or physically.

5) Trust plays a vital role in forming unity; it is the element which helps to believe in others and hold their hands for a cause.

6) National festivals are the occasions when people from all sections of society unite together under the blanket of nationalism.

7) It is the team work of the players which help them to win matches and bring pride to their country.

8) Individual players do not win matches; it is the unity of the players which helps them to defeat stronger teams.

9) Unity of a country is very much essential for its socio-economic development.

10) Countries or families which are not united eventually become weaker and lead to disintegration.

Here is another set of 10 lines on 'Unity is Strength' for your easiness and help you better understand the meaning and importance of this proverb. You can easily understand and learn these lines on Unity is Strength for your exam, school assignment, summative and formative assessments or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Unity is Strength – Set 2

1) ‘Unity is strength’ showcases the importance of togetherness in the real world.

2) Battles are not fought alone it requires an army of thousands to fight and win battles.

3) It is always easy to complete a task with few more resources than a single one.

4) It was the strength of the freedom fighter’s unity which shook the foundation of the British government during Indian freedom struggle.

5) Britishers were so anxious by the Indian’s unity that they brought the divide and rule policy to break their unity.

6) A unified approach always leads to success.

7) If people unite together, against any social evil it becomes easy to uproot it.

8) If there is no bonding in family then the family disintegrates slowly.

9) The power of unity can only be built by mutual trust and faith.

10) Unity has that strength which could make impossible things to happen.

Unity is very much important to make us integrated and bonded. Unified steps taken for anything will always lead to great change. Let us unite together forgetting our rivalry and work towards the development of our society and country.

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