10 Lines on Unemployment

Unemployment is the situation of a person who neither has any job nor is he self-employed and he is actively searching for job. Unemployment is one of the biggest issues which India is facing for many years. Government launches many schemes but still they are unable to fulfill the increasing demands of the youths of the country.

Providing jobs and guaranteeing employment to youths were the steps to be taken for abolishing poverty but neither poverty was abolished nor the youths became employed. It is very important for the country to provide employment to the people for its overall development and equal distribution of wealth.

Ten Lines on Unemployment in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on unemployment in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. This will also help you to write essay on unemployment, speech on unemployment, few lines on unemployment or few sentences on unemployment for class 1, 2, 3 and 4.

10 Lines of Unemployment

1) Unemployment is a curse to the society which slows the economic growth of a country.

2) It not only affects individual but also affects society and the nation.

3) Unemployment is a situation when a person does not have a paid job and seeking one.

4) Unemployment mostly occurs to a certain age group of 15-18 or 60-65 years.

5) Rapid growth of population is one of the leading factors of unemployment.

6) Slow economic growth also leads a country towards unemployment.

7) Slow growth in industrial sector is also one of the factors responsible for unemployment.

8) Unemployment leads to increase in poverty and hampers economic growth.

9) Due to unemployment the misguided youth might also indulge themselves in criminal activities.

10) Many employers also take undue advantage of labor force due to scarcity of jobs in country.

10 Lines and Sentences on Unemployment

1) Unemployment in India is one of the major crises which is affecting the lives of several people and their families.

2) The problem of unemployment must be considered as very serious and government must resolve this burning issue.

3) The education system in India provides ineffective and age old conventional education to youths which does not prepare students industry-ready.

4) Fall down in major sectors in India has also led to the result of less job creation and employment opportunities to youth.

5) Migration of people from rural to urban areas in search of jobs is also a reason since the jobs are less but demand is more.

6) Unemployment might also cause tensed situation and depression in youths which can prove troublesome for them.

7) Unemployment misguides youth and they might also become addicted to drugs and involve in criminal activities.

8) Government and societies must focus on population control so that better living conditions can be provided to people.

9) The need of hour says that education system of India must be improved with a stress on employment and research-based education.

10) Development of each corner of the country should be the prime focus of India as it will remove regional disparity and migration.

5 Lines of Unemployment

1) It means lack of jobs for skilled people.

2) It harms the development of the country.

3) It is due to many reasons.

4) It is also harmful to individuals.

5) Unemployment is high in India.

20 Lines of Unemployment

1) Unemployment refers to a situation when able people can’t find a suitable job to sustain their lives.

2) Over population is one of the main factors for unemployment as it leads to less jobs, more applicants.

3) Illiteracy is also one main factor behind unemployment, as illiterate person fails to acquire skills.

4) Industrialization, projects are some of the remedies by which unemployment can be controlled.

5) There is a need to generate new job opportunities in both government and private sectors.

6) Government should provide tax rebates, subsidies to private employers, to encourage hiring.

7) Necessary skills must be taught to the unemployed, to increase their employability.

8) People should be trained and financially supported in a particular trade to start their own business.

9) Unemployment causes poor social and financial growth of a nation, and must be dealt with strictly.

10) Unemployment also forces people towards criminal activities like theft, robbery and illegal trades.

11) Unemployment means an inability to earn livelihood to sustain one’s needs and family.

12) Unemployment isn’t only faced by poor, but also by educated persons unable to secure a job.

13) An unemployed person leads a socially deplorable life and is seen by others as a liability or a burden.

14) Unemployment is said to be a curse because it implies a sorry state of inability to meet bare needs.

15) Governments must be instrumental in promoting and generating new employment opportunities.

16) Employment opportunities must be generated also for those who never had any formal education.

17) Those without any formal education must be trained in crafts, agriculture and other skills.

18) Unemployment may lead to homelessness as the person is unable to pay the rent.

19) Unemployment also causes poor health and diseases not only for the sufferer but the family as well.

20) Unemployment also causes poor living standard and social status for the unemployed and his family.

Unemployment is a curse on India as a nation as well as on society. Many youths are wandering without any job and aim. They feel that their studies, education and qualifications all have gone in vein. Unemployment leads to many types of issues and troubles like suicides, crimes, drug addiction etc.

Government needs to address this at a war level and also must do efforts for job creation, simplifying the rule and laws and promoting self-employment.

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