10 Lines on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

For centuries women are suppressed and oppressed by the male members of society. As India is a patriarchal society, the dominance of males is still prevailing leaving women aside with no importance of her decision in any kind of matter or issue. They are bound within the four walls of the house with household duties like taking care of family members and doing household works by obeying their elders and saying yes to all kinds of work.

There are barriers to women empowerment that needs to be addressed, though the current situation has become better for the growth and development of women still it needs to be improved further. Though the situation has changed now in urban areas, still women face challenges in villages and rural areas in India.

Ten Lines on Barriers to Women Empowerment in India in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on the Barriers to Women Empowerment in India in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will be very helpful in writing Barriers to Women Empowerment in India essay, article on Barriers to Women Empowerment in India or delivering a speech on the topic.

10 Lines on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

1) India is a male-dominant nation.

2) Women have always been considered weaker than men in society.

3) They do not enjoy equal rights as men.

4) Women are not free to express their opinion on anything.

5) Women’s empowerment is about improving the status of women in society.

6) It is important for the progress of the nation.

7) This has made women excel in different fields.

8) Women nowadays have become self-dependent.

9) Different barriers become a big problem in the progress of women.

10) Gender discrimination is a big barrier and is common in society

10 Lines and Sentences on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

1) Women empowerment refers to uplifting the position of women in society.

2) Several barriers hinder the progress of women.

3) The discrimination of women in families and societies is a barrier to empowering women.

4) Women are thought to be born for doing household works.

5) Doing a job and earning money by women is not considered good in many families.

6) Many families do not allow their daughters for higher education.

7) The female literacy rate in India to be 65.5% that is very less than the male literacy rate i.e. 82%.

8) Women also face several safety risks in their workplace.

9) This is an important reason that families do not allow them to work.

10) The progress of women along with men can only help in the development of the nation.

10 Lines on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

5 Lines on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

1) The main barrier is people’s mentality.

2) Security is another issue.

3) Gender discrimination also restricts women.

4) Family responsibilities can be a hindrance.

5) Some traditions and customs weaken women.

20 Lines on Barriers to the Women Empowerment in India

1) Women empowerment means giving respect and place to the women in the society.

2) For centuries women were suppressed, ill-treated and oppressed in patriarchal society.

3) The rules and norms of patriarchal society don’t provide women freedom of thoughts or ideas.

4) There are numerous barriers to women empowerment which makes women bound within the four walls of house.

5) One of the barriers is general mindset that women are made for household chores only.

6) Another barrier for women is making them realize that they are less capable compared to men.

7) It is also assumed that if women go outside then they are not good for family.

8) Another barrier is the safety issues as people feel insecure when women go outside.

9) Nowadays women are breaking the boundaries of houses and are proving themselves in all the fields.

10) They are becoming helping hands for men inside as well as outside the house and working equally as their men counterparts.

11) If we talk about Indian society then it is patriarchal which has suppressed and oppressed women since centuries.

12) The culture and tradition of society doesn’t permit a woman to become free from the whims and wishes of men.

13) The customs and traditions of India expect women to do household duties and be responsible towards their family.

14) Female foeticide, where a girl child is killed before its birth inside her mother’s womb is also a major barrier to women empowerment.

15) Another barrier to women empowerment is family responsibilities where women’s duty is to care every person in the family.

16) Sometimes these barriers cross the extent and take the form of domestic violence where women are beaten up and even burnt to death.

17) People also show concern about the safety and security of women and due to this they don’t want to send women outside.

18) Now the scenario has changed with the modern-day world where women are also going outside to prove themselves.

19) Women are performing better in each and every field and now they are not on the mercy as well as wishes of men.

20) Nowadays, males and societies are also coordinating women equally so that they can contribute to the nation in an efficient way.

We know that there are various issues that are creating hindrances to the growth and development of women in India. But nowadays, people, especially males and societies understand the importance of women’s empowerment and they are encouraging women to go outside and prove their worth. Women have become the helping hands of the men and together with men are running their family.

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