10 Lines on Terrorism

Terrorism is one the most disgraceful and evil crime on the earth where people belonging to certain group, party or religion try to influence and scare a large number of people in an area. Terrorists kill people, make atrocities on them and commit all types of crime against people to influence the government.

Terrorists do not have any kind of sympathy or kindness with others and they are only concerned about their radical ideologies and thoughts. The issue of terrorism is becoming severe day by day and whole world has started facing the effects of it. Terrorism is against universal brotherhood, peace and humanity and it needs to be controlled at the earliest to save the humanity.

Ten Lines on Terrorism in English

We have provided ten lines on terrorism in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is terrorism, what do the people involved in terrorism do, who supports terrorism, what are the forms of terrorism, what are some examples of terrorism, what terrorists do to influence people etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also be very useful while writing few lines on terrorism, essay on terrorism, few sentences on terrorism etc.

10 Lines on Terrorism – Set 1

1) Terrorism is one of the major concerns of the world which involves mass killing and brutal act of violence.

2) Terrorism is the use of fear and acts of violence against innocent people.

3) People who carry the acts of terrorism are called as terrorists.

4) There are many types of social and political organisations which support terrorism.

5) Terrorism could be of many forms like religious, political, ideological etc.

6) People supporting terrorism consider the terrorists as their fighter.

7) Some examples of terrorist’s groups are ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, LeT etc.

8) Nowadays terrorism is mostly based on religious extremism and which fights against other religion.

9) Terrorists for imposing their ideology on others carry atrocities on innocent people.

10) Terrorists are the real enemy of mankind who try to disrupt the peace and brotherhood among people.

We have provided another set of ten lines on terrorism. After going through these lines you will know that what terrorism means, what are different types of terrorism, who started strategy of terrorism, what is dissent terrorism, what is left and right-wing terrorism, what is religious terrorism, what is criminal terrorism etc.

10 Lines on Terrorism – Set 2

1) Terrorism uses violence as a tool to scare a large group of people for religious or political aim.

2) There are many types of social, religious and political organisation which use terrorism as a weapon to achieve their goals.

3) The foundation of modern terrorism is laid by “Sergey Nechayev” a Russian radical who gave strategies of terrorism.

4) Terrorism has two kinds of supporters one is state sponsored where government patronises terrorism on innocent people.

5) Another form of support is non-state sponsored where the non-state actors like radical groups carry out terrorism in spite of prohibition.

6) Dissent terrorism is the type of terrorism where the rebellions against the government turn out to become terrorists.

7) Another kind of terrorism is left and right terrorism which is ideology-based terrorism started by left-or right-wing thinkers.

8) When people of a particular religion try to impose their religious ideologies on others it is referred as Religious Terrorism.

9) Criminal terrorism starts when a group get involves in terrorism for fulfilling their criminal needs.

10) Terrorism is a threat to humanity and it needs the unison support of the world and people to fight terrorism and make peace prevail in the world.

Another set of Ten Lines on Terrorism has been bestowed below that will provide you the knowledge what terrorism is, who are called terrorists, what their motto are, and its effect on the world. These points will also emphasize on their action plan as well as their purpose to do such kind of thing.

These facts from set of Ten Lines on Terrorism will also help the students to write short note, create a speech that can be delivered on special occasions and in debates and discussions with their classmates and friends to prove their intelligence.

10 Lines on Terrorism – Set 3

1) Terrorism is a great threat to the social, political and economic stability of a country.

2) The purpose of terrorist activities is to spoil the social, economic and political machinery of a country or other countries of the world.

3) Today, the way terrorism is spreading its roots all over the world, and creating fear among the people, it is indeed worrying.

4) The issue of terrorism has become a burning issue all over the world today.

5)  Terrorism is the main motive for illegally persuading the government to make inappropriate talk, or to create fear in the government and general public for political purposes.

6) Terrorists are those who support inhuman, violent activities and intimidate people by their acts.

7) Terrorists have no caste, no religion; neither do they have any country.

8) Terrorists kill innocent children, women, old and young people mercilessly, just to promote violent activities.

9) Terrorist organizations make their hideout in secret places, so that they can secretly prepare to carry out their inhuman acts.

10) Many countries are constantly trying to eradicate terrorism but despite all this, terrorism, like infectious disease, is spreading rapidly all over the world.

The fourth set of Ten Lines on Terrorism is created here for your convenience to understand the problem of terrorist activities in many parts of the world. These lines are important for the readers as this has become a burning problem for the society as well as for nations in the world.

This set of Ten Lines on Terrorism will also be important for students to learn the basic things of terrorism that may affect their life too. These facts may be used in various forms of writings at the academic level.

10 Lines on Terrorism – Set 4

1) The issue of terrorism has become the most serious problem today, due to which the pace of development of the country and the world has slowed down.

2) Terrorists are not only killing many innocent people, but also destroying many parts of the world.

3) Many terrorist organizations promoting terrorism have also become active and are forcing ordinary people to become terrorists as well.

4) Terrorism has a wrong effect on the development and economy of any country.

5) Terrorism causes the most damage to common citizens of any country, and many innocent people and innocent children fall prey to it.

6) Terrorism creates a sense of fear among the people and develops a feeling of insecurity among them.

7) Due to terrorism, the foundation of the government of any country becomes weak and the trust of the people on the government is lost.

8) The bad effects of rising terrorism are increasing on today's younger generation, and due to the lack of employment they are compelled to join terrorist organisations.

9) Terrorist attacks not only kill the innocent people but also cause property damage worth millions.

10) To eradicate terrorism, social change will have to be brought by striving to remove all evils including casteism, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy etc.

Terrorism has ruined the lives of many families and it will not be wrong to say that terrorists and terrorism are the enemy of humanity. Terrorists are the insane people with disturbed minds. Terrorists are the people who do not have sympathy and what they want is to fulfil their whims and wishes. They try to influence youths by religious, political and ideological means and ruin their lives just to fulfil their own wishes and desires.

The attacks of 9/11 in America, 26/11 in Mumbai, 16/12 at Army Public School, Peshawar are only few examples of terrorist attacks. The time has come to unite together and fight against terrorism on a global level then only we can stop this crime against humanity.