10 Lines on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is observed across the globe to express one’s love towards their loved ones. It is celebrated on 14th February every year to mark the remembrance of great Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life on the path of spreading love among people. The day is especially celebrated by the youths by giving flowers, gifts, greeting cards, chocolates, etc to their loved ones to express their love and affection towards them.

The day is also observed as Feast of Saint Valentine in the Anglican Communion and Lutheran Church. There are various legends around the celebration of Valentine’s Day and all mostly focus on love and sacrifice.

Ten Lines on Valentine’s Day in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Valentine’s Day in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will be very helpful in writing Valentine’s Day essay, article on Valentine’s Day or delivering a speech on the topic.

10 Lines on Valentine’s Day

1) Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year as a day of love and affection.

2) It is the day of expressing love and appreciation towards your loved ones.

3) The day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of Saint Valentine who gave up his life on the path of spreading love.

4) Saint Valentine was the bishop of a church in Italy who used to perform weddings of soldiers which was forbidden during that time.

5) He was beheaded by the orders of the emperor for performing weddings which was considered against the law of the kingdom.

6) People started celebrating the day of his sacrifice as Valentine’s Day to commemorate the great saint.

7) Flowers play an important role during Valentine’s Day with each color depicting a special feeling and emotion.

8) Heart-shaped flowers, gifts, chocolates, and greeting cards are the most common ways to express love on Valentine’s Day.

9) The celebration of Valentine’s Day starts a week ahead with ‘Valentine’s Week’ with each day depicting a special event.

10) Valentine’s Day is considered as a soft breeze of love in the world of violence and hatred by spreading love and affection.

10 Lines and Sentences on Valentine’s Day

1) Valentine’s Day is the day that is especially dedicated to love and celebrated on 14th February every year.

2) The celebration starts a week ahead of Valentine’s Day from 07th February as ‘Valentine’s Week’.

3) The first day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Rose Day when people give roses to their loved ones as a token of love.

4) 8th February is the Propose Day when couples propose to the one they love and express their love with chocolates on Chocolate Day on 09th February.

5) Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February when people gift teddy bears to their loved ones expressing their affection.

6) The next day is the Promise Day when couples make promises to keep their love immortal and forever.

7) Hug Day is celebrated on 12th and Kiss Day on 13th to embark on the closeness in a relationship and to make the bond of love last forever.

8) Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe with different customs and celebrations but with the motive of spreading love and affection.

9) Nowadays, with extreme commercialism, the real meaning of Valentine’s Day seems to be lost with more focus on materialistic things than real love.

10) The real meaning of Valentine’s Day is to be respectful to our beloved ones and spreading the feeling of love and affection in society.

5 Lines on Valentine’s Day

1) 14 February is marked as Valentine’s Day.

2) It was first celebrated on 496 AD.

3) This day is dedicated to love and affection.

4) The day is meant to express love.

5) On this day, people offer gifts to their loved ones.

20 Lines on Valentine’s Day

1) Valentine’s Day is a festival of love and romance for couples.

2) It is the most awaited occasion for the people madly in love with someone.

3) Besides the Saint Valentines, the history of the occasion tells us another story of its origin.

4) It was during the Roman Empire when people used to pair off in mid-February.

5) They paired off to increase fertility.

6) It was the end of the 5th century when Pope Gelasius declared 14 February to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

7) There are many other stories famous in different parts of the World.

8) Due to the variance in its origin, people of different nations celebrate it in different ways.

9) On Valentine’s Day, people get their perfect match and carry a long-lasting relationship with them.

10) Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to fill you with a sense of love, care, romance, and respect.

11) Valentine’s Day is to express your love and adore the other’s beauty you love.

12) It is not concerned with some specific religion; people from all around the world celebrate it.

13) Falling in the mid of February, its celebration goes for a whole week.

14) The valentine’s week starts from 7 February and ends with Valentine’s Day on 14 February.

15) Every day of the week has its specific name and tradition to be followed.

16) Mainly the young boys and girls show their interest on Valentine’s Day.

17) In the last few decades, it has become a popular festival for the old age people as well.

18) Valentine’s Day brings two people closer and makes them see the world through their perspective.

19) It is a day to feel inner beauty rather than outer beauty.

20) It should be clear on Valentine’s Day that we can love one only when we can respect him.

Valentine’s Day is the day when one expresses his or her feeling of true love to the beloved person. The 7 days of Valentine’s Week is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spreads the feeling of love in the air. The real celebration of Valentine’s Day can only be achieved by not making it commercialized and staying away from materialistic things of life since Valentine’s Day reiterates and spreads the message that true love is selfless and immortal.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Valentine’s Day

Q.1 What are the famous gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Ans. The famous gifts for Valentine’s Day are chocolates, cards, and flowers, although the gift can vary depending on the relationship and the person.

Q.2 Who was St. Valentine?

Ans. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who was put to death in the year 270.

Q.3 Which country celebrates Valentine’s Day?

Ans. In addition to the United States, Canada, and Australia, countries including Argentina, France, Mexico, and South Korea all observe Valentine’s Day.

Q.4 For how many days Valentine’s Day is celebrated?

Ans. Valentine’s Day is a 7 days celebration, actually celebrated from February 7 to February 14.

Q.5 What is the symbol of Valentine’s Day?

Ans. Cupid is a symbol of Valentine’s Day because he is the Roman god of love, and is often depicted with a bow and arrow.

Q.6 Which color is associated with Valentine’s Day?

Ans. Red color which symbolizes love is associated with Valentine’s Day.

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