10 Lines on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the holidays of summer season given to the students by the schools when temperature rises to highest level. All the educational activities and studies are stopped in the school and children become delighted when it gets started.

They eagerly wait for the summer vacation as they will fulfill their dreams and desires of playing, enjoying and relishing with their friends, neighbours and relatives. Children either visit their native places or they travel to other cities, hill stations, hotels, resorts etc for fun and recreation with their families.

Ten Lines on Summer Vacation in English

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10 Lines on Summer Vacation

1) Summer vacation is the long holiday during summer season given to students.

2) All schools and colleges announce summer vacation due to extreme temperature.

3) It is mostly announced from May to June months.

4) It is also a way of safeguarding children from the scorching heat of summer season.

5) Children feel very happy and delighted throughout the summer vacation.

6) In the summer vacation, most of the children go to their native villages for holiday.

7) They also travel to some famous cities of India and historical places.

8) Many children go to hill stations, resorts and religious places also.

9) In summer vacation, children are fond of eating tasty fruits like mangoes, water melons, coconuts etc.

10) Children pass their time by playing various games and enjoying with their friends and neighbours.

10 Lines and Sentences on Summer Vacation

1) Summer vacation is the moment of summer time fun for the children when schools are closed and there are no studies.

2) Summer vacation is one of the happiest moments for children as they get a long holiday from their studies.

3) Summer vacation is the time to visit native place and other tourist places of India.

4) Many children visit their maternal uncle’s house and enjoy with their cousins by playing games and visiting places.

5) Children also join various courses and extracurricular activities during summer vacation.

6) Children of senior classes prefer to take admission in some training institutes which trains them for various academic activities.

7) Children also take admission in cricket academy, dance and music schools, mountaineering and trekking schools etc.

8) Taking admission in vocational courses, training institute not only does a better utilization of time but it also prepares them for their further studies.

9) School also gives summer vacation assignments to the students that they stay close to their studies.

10) Summer vacation is considered as the best time in the life of students as they get long break from studies after the exam and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

10 Lines on Summer Vacation

5 Lines on Summer Vacation

1) Schools remain closed during summer vacation.

2) It is relaxation from daily studies.

3) Many children visit their grandparent’s homes.

4) Students get time to play.

5) Students love summer vacation.

20 Lines on Summer Vacation

1) Summer vacation is the most solicited long break children await after the one year of rigorous studies in the school.

2) The schools provide around one and half months of summer vacation to the children so as to give them rest after the studies and safeguard them from intense heat.

3) Summer vacation also helps the children to prepare themselves for the higher studies as they get promoted to new class.

4) Children pursue their hobbies during summer vacation and spent the vacation in a better way.

5) Summer vacation also gives a chance to the children to enhance their creativity by joining various vocational courses.

6) Vocational courses like dance, music, paintings etc help the children by making them more creative and learning new things.

7) Children also visit new tourist places during summer vacation and meet new people thereby understanding them and getting new experiences.

8) Visiting home towns during the vacations makes children aware about their roots and culture.

9) Students of higher classes utilize summer vacation by joining coaching classes so that they could perform better in exams.

10) Summer vacation is an opportunity for the children that help them to learn new things, gain new experiences and know their roots.

11) Summer vacations are welcomed with great zeal, excitement and enthusiasm by the children.

12) I generally spend my summer vacation by visiting my maternal uncle’s home with my parents.

13) I love to play with my cousins out there and also share a great bond of friendship with them.

14) They also introduce me to their friends and classmates and we all enjoy the vacation by playing variety of games.

15) We also get a chance to bath in the river which is near to our house with my parents and beat the scorching heat.

16) In the evening, we all enjoy chilled ‘aam panna’ which is a healthy and tasty homemade drink made out of raw mangoes.

17) We often spend the noon in our mango farm under the cool shade of trees and enjoy ripened mangoes there.

18) We also get a chance to sleep on terrace under the open sky at night with cool breeze and twinkling stars which is very rare in city apartments.

19) Visiting my uncle’s village during summer vacation makes us close to nature away from city life surrounded by concrete jungle and pollution.

20) Summer vacation gives us the much needed break to rejuvenate our mind and body and prepare for future challenges.

Summer vacation is just like blessings in disguise for the children as it becomes difficult coming to school in hot weather when the temperature becomes very high. Schools announce a long holiday of two months where children love to play and enjoy every moment of it.

Summer vacation not only provides a relaxation to the students but it also gives them an opportunity to learn new things by joining various vocational courses and training.

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