10 Lines on Vacation

Vacation is a long holiday or break from the routine work or studies. It is taken to get a break from the daily activities and mostly spent relaxing, enjoying, meeting friends and family members etc. Children in India get a long summer vacation and a shorter winter vacation however their parents take long leaves to accompany them on trips and journey.

Vacation is mostly taken for recreational activities and a way to spend some time with family and friends.

Ten Lines on Vacation in English

We have provided below the 10 lines on Vacation which are in a very easy and simple words and will help you to understand the topic in a compact and crisp way and you can use it to write essay on vacation, speech on vacation or few lines on vacation etc.

10 Lines on Vacation - Set 1

1) Vacation is a long break taken from the routine activities.

2) It is taken to make our mind and body relax after a long hectic schedule of work or academics.

3) Children are given summer vacation so that they can relax and prepare themselves for the next class.

4) People generally prefer to visit new places during their vacation and meet new people.

5) Children like to spend their summer vacation at their maternal uncle’s home most of the time.

6) Many people like to spend their vacation at their home taking up their hobbies like gardening, watching movies, playing music etc.

7) Children prefer to join many camps during the vacations where they undergo many activities and learn new things.

8) Vacation is also a medium of interacting with people and increasing our social interaction.

9) It is also taken for attending certain ceremonies like marriages, child birth etc.

10) Vacations are the best way to fight personal or professional stress and helps in rebooting ourselves for new challenges.

Here is another set of 10 lines on Vacation for your easiness and help you better understand the importance of Vacation in life. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exam, school assignment or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Vacation - Set 2

1) Long holidays taken from the daily hectic schedule of activities are termed as vacation.

2) Vacations are the much needed breaks which help in charging our mind and body.

3) It is the time when we can explore our hobbies and work towards them.

4) A long break from work can help in building more creative mind.

5) Summer vacation is the time when children meet their grandparents, uncles, cousins etc. and learn the importance of relationship and bonding.

6) Researchers say that a long break between work helps in improving the productivity of a person.

7) A proper plan before any vacation is very important for its success.

8) Children like to visit their village during vacations which helps them to understand the village culture and their roots.

9) Visiting hill stations is the best way to spend summer vacation and a way by which we can avoid the scorching heat.

10) Vacation recharges our body and reboots our mind thus making us look live and fresh.

Below we have provided third set of 10 lines on “Vacation”, to improve your knowledge on different vacations in a calendar year. These 10 points have been written in simple language to make it easily understandable and memorable. You can use this set of few special lines during the school closing assembly before the vacations or similar occasions.

10 Lines on Vacation – Set 3

1) Vacation refers to leave or holiday from regular work.

2) Usually a vacation is taken for recreational purposes and tourism.

3) Schools offer two long vacations for the children, one during the summer and another in winter.

4) A vacation can be taken individually or with family for fun and recreational purposes.

5) Different types of vacations are forest vacations, beach vacations, hill station vacations etc.

6) A vacation is also widely referred to as a holiday.

7) Companies have various vacation policies for their employees such as paid and unlimited vacations.

8) Spending vacation however depends on individual preferences and spending capacity.

9) For many, vacation is a time to socialize, make new friends, visit new places and enjoy.

10) Children love summer vacations which last up to one and a half months.

We have provided below yet another set of 10 lines on vacation. The set has been carefully written in a simple language for you to easily grasp the contents and memorize it. You can use these few special lines on the occasions of your school vacation, festival vacation or vacations from office etc.

10 Lines on Vacation – Set 4

1) From the children to working professionals, everyone loves vacations.

2) During the vacations we can pursue our hobbies and personal dreams.

3) Vacations are like a relaxing activity which makes you forget work, office or studies for some time.

4) We should plan our vacation in advance to make optimal use of it.

5) Some employees even remain on call while on vacation.

6) Children should spend their vacations on gaining new skills and imparting knowledge.

7) There are hundreds of places around the world those are popular among tourists on vacation.

8) A vacation could also be enjoyed by staying home, reading books and sleeping aplenty.

9) One can also volunteer in various welfare activities, during the vacations.

10) Visiting your grandparents during the vacations will sure make them happy and content.

Vacations are the best way to fight daily stress and depression. This not only keeps us fresh but also makes us more productive and alive. Doctors also recommend taking a vacation after the hectic work schedule to make us relax and calm our mind and body.