10 Lines on Career

Career is the occupation or profession we choose to progress through our life. The education, interests and guidance of the parents helps in choosing a career path for ourselves. Students who are interested in healthcare sector tend to become doctors and those who love machines become engineers. Most of us follow their passion and make their hobby as their profession. Whatever be the career path the most important thing is the satisfaction one gets in his career.

Ten Lines on Career in English

Following are the 10 Lines on Career which will help you to understand the topic in detail.

10 Lines on Career - 1

1) The occupation or profession we choose to progress through our life tend to become our career.

2) The career path we choose should be based on our interest and not by force.

3) Choosing career path against our will leads to job dissatisfaction.

4) Always take the guidance of a career counselor, your peers, parents and most important your interest before choosing a career path.

5) If you want to follow your passion then follow it religiously and work hard towards it.

6) Take proper training, acquire relevant skills and make yourself ready before choosing a career path.

7) A good networking always helps in succeeding in life so make a good network of good people.

8) Do a proper research on internet, newspapers, meet with people before taking up any career decision.

9) Your career path should be clear in your mind during your final years of school so that you can decide about your higher education accordingly.

10) Always choose career according to your talent, skills, education and interest else you will fall prey to career boredom.


Here is another set of 10 lines on Career for your easiness and help you better understand about Career. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exam, school assignment, summative assessment, formative assessment or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Career - 2

1) Career is usually described as the occupation or profession one is engaged to progress through his life.

2) Career decision is one of the most important stages in everyone’s life.

3) It is a very critical phase since a wrong move can ruin your professional life.

4) Your interest and caliber are the important factors in deciding your career.

5) Career Assessment is a new methodology which helps in deciding the career paths.

6) Career Assessment is based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies based on scientific calculation which determine the right career for students.

7) Career counselors play a vital role in choosing the right career based on the skill, education and interests of the student.

8) If you are passionate about singing, dancing, acting etc. then you can also opt for professional courses in these areas and excel in these professions.

9) Non- traditional careers like archaeology, physiotherapy, wildlife etc. are also a good career path to excel.

10) Always remember that if you choose your career path based on what you love then definitely you will do well in life.

Career should be decided by will and not by force. Our education system should not only focus on academics but also on some professional courses which could help the students to decide their career option. Opting the non-conventional career based on your passion is the best career option which helps to discover your hidden talents.