10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

Every rose has thrones too and same is true for the internet. Though internet has lots of advantages but it also comes with many disadvantages. Cyber crime, hacking, phishing, virus etc. are few disadvantages of internet but the list is long. Internet is a good slave but definitely a bad master. We are so obsessed with internet that sometimes we tend to forget that it is also a part of machine and can be easily hacked.

Cyber crime, hacking, banking frauds etc have become common nowadays and we need to be cautious enough to not fall prey to these frauds.

Ten Lines on Disadvantages of Internet in English

Below are the 10 lines on Disadvantages on Internet which will help you to understand the concept in detail.

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet - Set 1

1) Hacking is the most common disadvantage of internet where the hackers put malicious contents on the website or steal personal data.

2) Personal information in social media is very much vulnerable to hackers which can be used for blackmailing or sold to third parties.

3) Virus threats on internet can damage your personal data and information.

4) Too much addiction to internet leads to time wastage affecting our productivity and health.

5) Children should be allowed to use internet only under parental guidance so that they do not fall prey to stalkers.

6) Addiction to online games affects health leading to obesity and serious health issues.

7) Phishing is the activity which is used to obtain personal and sensitive information disguising as some trustworthy source leading to data theft.

8) Internet acts as a distraction for the students who spend too much of time surfing the net and playing games.

9) There are many audio and video contents which are not suitable for certain age groups and should be blocked.

10) The pictures and videos posted on social media are always vulnerable and can be easily used in an illicit manner by the criminals.

Here is another set of 10 lines on 'Disadvantages on Internet' for your easiness and help you better understand about the topic. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exam, school assignment or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet - Set 2

1) Spending too much of time on internet affects your eyes and can lead to dry eye syndrome and redness.

2) People using too much of internet get disconnected from the real world.

3) Internet is also a medium for spreading fake news and rumors which had led to many mob lynching in past few months.

4) There have been many cyber attacks on banks and corporate sectors which have led to huge loss of money.

5) We are so dependent on internet that if the server or connectivity goes down there is a huge loss of money and productivity.

6) Though every sensitive data on internet is encrypted but it could be easily hacked and decrypted posing a threat to our privacy.

7) People can easily fall prey to phishing activities revealing their credit card number to the fraudster leading to monetary losses.

8) Ransom ware is the new threat of internet in which the victim’s data is made inaccessible until a ransom is paid to the attacker.

9) Increasing virus threats not only steals your sensitive data but also damages your computer.

10) Children are prone to internet and fall prey to stalking, trolling, violence, sensitive audio and video contents.

The disadvantages of the internet could not be avoided however it could be minimized by not completely relying on internet and interacting with the real people than meeting people on social media. Safeguarding ourselves with latest antivirus and not opening any unsolicited emails and attachments.