10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

Every rose has thorns too, and the same is true for the internet. Though the internet has lots of advantages, it also comes with many disadvantages with a long list. In the sets of 10 lines below, we have discussed the disadvantages of the Internet. You can read them to make you aware and be ready for any competition.

Ten Lines on Disadvantages of Internet in English

Below are given 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Disadvantages of Internet for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also, people who want to know some facts on Disadvantages of Internet in short as well as in less time can read these lines. So, let’s start:

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

1) Hacking is the most common disadvantage of the internet.

2) Personal information in social media is very much vulnerable to hackers.

3) Virus threats on the internet can damage your data and information.

4) Too much addiction to internet leads to time wastage, affecting our productivity and health.

5) Children should use the internet only under parental guidance.

6) Addiction to online games affects health leading to obesity and serious health issues.

7) Phishing is the activity to obtain personal and sensitive information disguising as some trustworthy source.

8) Internet acts as a distraction for the students who spend too much time surfing and playing games.

9) There are many audio and video contents which are not suitable for certain age groups.

10) The pictures and videos posted on social media are always vulnerable.

10 Lines and Sentences on Disadvantages of Internet

1) Spending too much of time on the internet affects your eyes.

2) People using too much internet get disconnected from the real world.

3) Internet is a medium for spreading fake news and rumours.

4) There have been many cyber attacks on banks and corporate sectors through the internet.

5) The loss of server or connectivity brings a huge loss of money and productivity.

6) Every sensitive data on the internet are available for easily hacking and decrypting.

7) People can easily fall prey to phishing activities revealing their credit card number to the fraudster.

8) Ransom ware is the new threat of the internet in which the victim’s data is inaccessible.

9) Increasing virus threats not only steal your sensitive data but also damages your computer.

10) Children are prone to the internet later dealing with stalking, trolling, violence, sensitive audio and video contents.

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

5 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

1) Using internet for a long time is unhealthy.

2) Viruses can affect your system.

3) People can be victims of cybercrimes.

4) On internet, private data can be at risk.

5) Many contents are not suitable for children.

20 Lines on Disadvantages of Internet

1) Internet comes with plenty of information but using it for a long time kills precious time.

2) Internet is a great source for stealing the personal information of the people.

3) Hacking of Bank account of people using the Internet has grown rapidly in the past few years.

4) Social Networking Websites connect us from the world but separate us from our family.

5) A virus may enter your computer through the internet and can damage your important data.

6) Internet is a big source for spreading fake news and pictures worldwide.

7) Internet is quite addictive and may damage your personal and professional life.

8) Your privacy is no more privacy over the Internet.

9) Sometimes, the Internet shows the contents not appropriate for our children or us.

10) The constant use of the Internet may leave us with many disease and pains.

11) Online Shopping is sometimes a waste of money when we tend to buy something that we don’t need.

12) The hackers and Traitors get information about us easily with the use of the Internet.

13) The constant use of the Internet may cause loneliness and depression.

14) The Internet constantly shows sexual contents that are not good for children.

15) We get more spam e-mails than useful emails on the internet.

16) The students, nowadays, don’t want to think over a project and just look over the internet for help.

17) The addiction of internet has made us restless.

18) We have now become completely dependent on the internet and don’t want to work ourselves.

19) Online Gaming is trending among students, and it wastes their study time.

20) Cyber Bullying has become one of the major and most frequent problems for us.

We should never avoid the disadvantages of the internet. Meeting the people in reality and interacting with them is more enjoyable than over the internet. Safeguarding ourselves with the latest antivirus and not opening any unsolicited emails and attachments are the things that everyone should do.

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