10 Lines on Internet

The Internet can be considered as one of the latest inventions done by human beings that have revolutionized the style of working and living. It has almost reduced the distance and has broken all the man-made barriers and brought the whole world to our fingertips. It has brought information to our doorstep and by the click of a button, we can enter into the world of information. All we need is a computer or a laptop, and a medium of internet. Today internet has become so common that it is readily available in the whole world. Nowadays, we don’t need even a computer or laptop, with the entry of smartphones and 3G as well as 4G technology internet access has become easier and faster.

Ten Lines on Internet in English

We have provided ten lines on internet in English. After reading these lines you can know that what is internet, simple definition of internet, what is the another name of internet and what is ‘www’, what is DARPA, what is ARPANET, when www was started, which things internet provides, what is the use of internet, what is an e-mail etc.

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10 Lines on Internet

1) Internet is a global network which connects lots of computers across the world.

2) Internet is sometimes also called as “the net” and “world wide web” (www) is the biggest platform for informative resources.

3) Internet was started in United States as “US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency” (DARPA).

4) Internet was first connected in October 1969 and was called “Advanced Research Project Agency Network” (ARPANET).

5) World Wide Web was created at CERN research centre in Geneva, Switzerland in 1990 by a British scientist named Tim Berners Lee.

6) Internet is a great electronic gateway which provides quick access to the global news and information.

7) Data, files, documents and other resources are readily available on the internet which contain huge amount of information.

8) Through internet we can send “electronic mail” i.e. “e-mail” or chat online with people sitting in different continent.

9) We can transfer our files either by uploading the document on internet or downloading any document from internet to our computer.

10) We can fill online forms of different schools, colleges, universities, institutions as well as of different competitive exams.

10 Lines and Sentences on Internet

1) Internet is known as the network of networks which is connected via satellite, telephone lines and optical fibre cables.

2) Internet is a global electronic community where millions of computers are connected with each other.

3) The biggest advantage of internet is that it opens the world of information with the click of a button.

4) Internet helps to collect information from the storage space of the servers which are called as websites.

5) We can read books online by visiting libraries which are thousand miles away from us.

6) Through internet we can purchase anything and can also order food items which can be delivered at our home.

7) Via internet we can do all banking and financial transactions, can send and receive money online and do online payments.

8) Internet has disadvantages too; it can also leak data and our personal information through virus and malware programmes.

9) Social media, another use of internet, can create disturbances in society or between nations through a malicious content.

10) Online financial fraud can be done with anybody and illicit pictures and videos can be sent and uploaded on internet evading our privacy.

10 Lines on Internet

5 Lines on Internet

1) We can quickly get information on the internet.

2) It allows us to connect with distant people.

3) Using the internet, can book tickets in a few seconds.

4) We can also shop without going to the market.

5) Internet is now a part of our daily life.

20 Lines on Internet

1) Internet is a set-up that enables the interlinking of several computer networks all over the world.

2) The communication between devices and network is fostered by the Internet Protocol Suite.

3) The concept of the internet initiated from the United States of America in 1960.

4) Internet services were provided to people all over the world in 1990.

5) This system requires the hardware components and software systems to run.

6) Internet service providers facilitate the connectivity of one computer with others.

7) It can be easily accessed by everyone on mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc.

8) Internet has made it easier to transfer money by online net banking.

9) The addiction to the internet might lead to several health issues.

10) The rise of cyber crimes has threatened the security of Internet users.

11) Internet is a miraculous invention that has made our life more interesting and easier.

12) It is easily accessed by more than half of the population of the world nowadays.

13) Internet is the storehouse for getting information related to different fields.

14) There are various educational websites that facilitate students in their learning.

15) Internet has replaced the older time-taking communication methods with new applications.

16) The E-mail application provided by the internet enables us to send messages in seconds.

17) Internet provides the facility of video calling that helps in connecting virtually with any family member or friend living away from us.

18) It has enhanced the social interaction among people via social media, chat rooms, newsgroups, etc.

19) Internet has given rise to several E-commerce websites that enables carrying of businesses online.

20) It has become the necessity of people as it reduces the time and effort for doing any of the work.

Internet is a very useful and a beautiful creation which human being has invented for its use. Through the internet we receive news and information; we can watch videos, movies and listen to songs. We can also communicate by sending e-mails, chat online with friends and there are lots of numerous usages which anybody can imagine.

But the internet has disadvantages also, internet viruses are sent to computers, and hackers can hack the computer system, commit online fraud, send illicit contents over the internet, and can create disturbance in society and the country. Internet is a boon to the people but it should be also used in a manner so that it does not affect our normal living and privacy.

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