Long Essay on Internet Addiction

The Internet has become a reality, difficult to escape in today’s world. Most of the task we perform in our office or home involves the use of the internet in some way or the other.

We search the internet for so many things every day – how to cook a favorite dish, restaurants for a family dine out, weather predictions, send official mails, pay a bill, play games and socialize on social networking sites. Today, we have become dependent on the internet so much so that without it we will be incapacitated, in a way.

Long Essay on Addiction to Internet in English

Below we have provided a long essay on Internet Addiction, in simple language, to let you understand the essay subject better.

In this long essay on Addiction to Internet, you would come to know about what is internet addiction, global statistics on Internet Addiction, symptoms of internet addiction, effects of internet addiction and internet addiction solutions, etc.

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Internet Addiction Long Essay


Internet Addiction is a condition, in which a person spends hours of doing numerous useless or unfruitful activities on the internet. Playing games, socializing or simply surfing through social media sites are all a kind of internet addiction.

Slowly we have fallen into the trap of internet addiction and became its victim, either knowingly or unknowingly. Internet Addiction refers to a situation where we keep on using internet for ‘n’ number of activities for hours at a time, even when it is not required at all. Surfing the internet for hours, without reason or purpose is the most vital sign of Internet Addiction.

What is Internet Addiction?

The term “Internet Addiction” refers to a situation where a person habitually keeps on using the internet without purpose or reason. She/he could be doing anything – playing online games, shopping online or just simply checking social networking sites.

The person uses the internet for a longer duration so that it starts interfering with his/her personal and social life. In scientific language internet addiction is referred to as “Internet Addiction Disorder” or “Compulsive Internet Use (CIU)”.

Internet Addiction can also be ascertained as a kind of technological addiction. Merely surfing through social media, shopping online, and ordering food online doesn’t mean that you have Internet Addiction Disorder.

The problem begins when internet usage starts interfering with your personal life, relations, career, and education, physical and psychological health. If such is the case then you have definitely fallen into the trap and need to act swiftly to get out of it.

Internet Addiction Statistics

According to a study conducted by the Hong Kong University, nearly 420 Million people, the world over, are addicted to the internet. This is the situation when only 56% of the total global population has access to the internet.

It is also estimated that teenagers belonging to the age group of 10 to 18 are more likely to develop internet addiction than their younger counterparts.

The prevalence of Internet Addiction varies from place to place, community to community and also there is no set criterion to describe internet addiction. Different scientists and mental health professionals from across the world have their own parameters and methods for the selection of Internet addiction.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

The symptoms of internet addiction could be broadly classified into two types – emotional symptoms and physical symptoms. Both the emotional and physical symptoms are listed below-

1) Emotional Symptoms

The Emotional symptoms of Internet Addiction are given below-

Sadness or Down Feeling

Usually, the addicted person looks sad on first appearance and she/he is more likely to suffer from depression.

Lying and Cheating

An internet addict tends to lie about his addiction, to his parents or friends, in order to escape their concern and continue uninterrupted with his/her addiction.

Persistent Guilt

Anyone who is addicted to the internet feels continuous guilt, as she/he knows that something is wrong but lack the will to overcome his/her addiction.

Stress and Tiredness

Due to constant exposure to internet devices, an addicted person always feels tired and continuously remains under stress.

Inappropriate Behaviour

An internet addict also presents an unexpected and inappropriate behaviour, usually mood swings and irritation.

2) Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of Internet Addiction are listed below-


Constantly surfing the internet, staring into the device for hours at a stretch; headache is the only next thing waiting to happen.

Body Pain

Lying down with the device in a bad posture or sitting with your neck bent, leads to all kinds of body pains you could ever imagine.

Poor Personal Hygiene and Health

An addicted person seriously compromises his hygiene as she/he doesn’t want to spend time on hygienic activities. Also, lying ideally in one position for long, making they prey too many lifestyle diseases.

Vision Problems

Staring continuously into the device make the eyes dry and lead to other vision problems. Such persons are more likely to suffer from weaker eyesight, eye pains, etc.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a condition identified by pain in the arm due to compression of nerve because of prolonging and repetitive use of hand and wrist.

Effects/Impacts of Internet Addiction

Addiction to the internet has many physical and psychological effects on a person. It might also affect the overall well being of the dependents, associates or relatives of the addict. Some of the most prominent effects of Internet addiction are listed below

1) Relationship Issues

It is often noted that a person addicted to the internet, consequently damages his/her relationship with family members, relatives or friends. The main reason behind a breakdown of relationship is that people have spent most of their time behind the internet. The addicted person usually refrains from talking even to his close relatives and friends and wants to spend more time on the internet.

 2) Physical Problems

A person addicted to the internet, over time develops several health complications. These complications might range from obesity to cardio vascular diseases. Spending more time on the internet means that one spends less time on physical activities. Also, one is more likely to surf the internet by prolong sitting for hours or lying down on bed or sofa. Such a sedentary lifestyle only leads to several physical ailments and lifestyle diseases.

3) Psychological Problems

Any person, who spends more time on the internet, becomes dull and develops shyness. Such a person usually gives a dull response to every question asked and seems to be engrossed in his/her own activity. She/he looks clearly confused and dazed. It is more likely that an addicted person develops low self- esteem over time. She/he will gradually abstain from all public or family gatherings and spend time in isolation.

4) Effects on Career

An internet addict seriously compromises his/her education and career engagements.  She/he studies less and tends to spend more time on the internet, playing games or doing several other things. Marks of such students persistently decline to put a setback on their career and growth. Even working professionals, those who are addicted to the internet, seriously damage their own career prospects.

5) Social Isolation and Withdrawal

An addicted person gradually withdraws from all types of social engagements and leads an isolated and sedentary lifestyle. Even close friends and relatives of such persons, slowly withdraw from interacting with them and leave them alone.

What to do to Get Rid of Internet Addiction/Solutions for Internet Addiction

There are a several things which could be done to solve the problem if internet addiction. Though, there is no full proof method to overcome internet addiction; will power and support from family and friends play a vital role in overcoming the crisis. Some methods to overcome the addiction of internet are listed below-

1) Accept the Truth

The first step to deal with any problem is to accept in the first place that you have a problem. Stop hiding it from your family and friends. Try not to pretend that everything is normal when it is actually not. Don’t hesitate to accept and to take the help of your family, friends, and well- wishers.

2) Don’t Misuse

This means that, try to use the internet only when it’s really needed. Resolve to not use the internet without any purpose. You might find it difficult initially but soon the fruits will show up if you don’t give up on your resolve.

3) Set Your Limit

Even if you want to surf the internet, for a change or to get refreshed; set a time limit for yourself. You can decide to use the internet only for something from 5 to 15 minutes max. Keep looking at the watch and get up immediately when the time is up.

 4) Look for Alternatives

Instead of going online for every trivial issue, try to look for alternatives in the real world. For example, instead of shopping online, visit a nearby market; instead of surfing social networking sites for hours, chat and socialize with your neighbour and friends in real life.

 5) Become Recreational

Take part in recreational activities whenever you have an urge to surf the internet without any purpose or reason. Gather yourself and get out for playing, walking, and swimming. There are actually hundreds of activities you could do instead of just sitting and surfing the internet and harming your mental and physical health.


Internet Addiction is a common problem witnessed throughout the world today. Considering the technological advancements in internet technologies, its usefulness, topped with cheap accessibility and faster speed; the internet is there to stay and will be an integral part of human civilization for years to come.

Therefore, we just can’t shrug it off our shoulders and stop using it right away. However, we can exercise restraint while using the internet, that is, we always have the liberty to decide, when it’s required to use the internet and when it is not needed at all.

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